WHAT'S THE WORD?: Staying strong

"Coogars," J Money the Hitman and Abom the Kid for Rookie of the Year

By Josh Rizeberg on November 9, 2011

There is only one month and some change left in this year and the scene is staying strong. It's not dying down at all. There's still so much local music dropping that I'm once again having a hard time keeping up. So here it goes. ...

Riding the national buzz from his last album, Sonny Bonoho recently released a brand new single, "Coogars." YouTube the song to hear it. It's about older women going after younger men, and it's one of Sonny's more humorous songs. His last video, "I Know" featuring Playboy Tre, was on the serious tip. I guess Sonny can't stay serious forever. He's got to let his funny-guy freak flag fly. Go Sonny!

J Money the Hitman - the man behind The Sound Shop - just dropped a new video with Tak Patron, "Ask About Me." It's on YouTube. The Sound Shop has produced tracks for Bow Wow, E-40, San Quin and J Stalin - just to namedrop a few. "Ask About Me" could be the sleeper best video of the year from our local scene. The beat goes hard and Tak does his thing. It features some amazing shots of Tillicum and South Piece County. Seeing that part of our hood on the screen really showcases how beautifully gritty our landscapes can be.

Abom the Kid stays busy. His grind is damn near unparalleled on the local level. He's dropped at least three full mixtapes this year alone - and each one sounds more mature and sharper than the last. What's particularly impressive about Abom is that this is his first year in the game! Not too many artists come onto the scene with such a quick impact. It's a bit early to declare anything official, but Abom is definitely in the running for rookie of the year. Some might debate the aesthetics of his style or the content of his music, but no one can argue that this man has energy - on the stage and on the grind. He's worked and networked his way right to the top of the scene.

Next week we'll dive into the Tac' Army Radio Compilation and the musical families of Gonzo and Blue-Nose.