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CRITICS' PICKS: Not From Brooklyn, Violent Vickie, Goldteeth, The Never Never

Live music in the South Sound: July 22-26

The Never Never / Photo credit: Facebook

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>>> Friday, July 22

What if I were to tell you that there's a show featuring bands performing in the middle of a goddamn skating rink? Yes, you are totally allowed (nay, encouraged!) to put on some rentals and skate backward in a full 360 degree rotation around a rock band while they wail in the middle. The show, known as Rock & Roller, will feature local favorites Oh Dear!, Blanco Bronco, Rooftop Warrior and the quickly up-and-coming indie rockers Not From Brooklyn. Incorporating hip-hop beats and some electronic instrumentation into an indie rock mold, Not From Brooklyn have swiftly found an untapped sound in Tacoma, helping them to stand out from the largely punk/garage/metal-leaning bands in town. - Rev Adam McKinney

[Wheelz Skate Arena, with Blanco Bronco, Oh Dear!, Rooftop Warrior, Friday, July 22, 8 p.m., $7 door, $3 skates, 2101 Mildred St. W., Fircrest, 253.460.7655]


>>> Friday, July 22

The Bay Area's Violent Vickie - a two-piece - is a self-described electro-punk act inspired by the Riot Grrrl movement and blasting up to the Northwest as part of their Ultra Violent Summer Tour. Created and led by the fittingly named Vickie, Violent Vickie ropes in all the senses with its art, mashing electronic creativity with punk rock ethos and then adding to the equation through slide projections or digital imagery displayed behind the band. It's a site to see, hear and behold. Past Violent Vickie shows have incorporated imagery of "creepy kittens" and dildos, according to Facebook. It's hard to envision Violent Vickie not being well received when they hit Oly Friday. - Matt Driscoll

[Le Voyeur, with Lizzy Pitch, Crude Thought, Pitted Youth, 10 p.m., no cover, 404 Fourth Ave. E., Olympia, 360.943.5710] 


>>> Saturday, July 23

Goldteeth are fairly unfuckwithable in these parts. Their music is supernaturally muscular punk rock, imbued with the kind of intensity that may be overwhelming with a three-piece, let alone stretched out to the expanded lineup they possess - which can reach about seven members. Because they play infrequently, they tend to draw pretty large crowds whenever they appear, which - combined with the super-psyched feeling their band normally has - has the ability to result in a packed and volatile section at the foot of the stage. Their upcoming New Frontier show, which celebrates the birthday of Goldteeth's own Dave Takata, also features equally intense local favorites CFA and Mahnhammer. It is going to be insane. If you come, you will likely find me huddled in fear against the back of the room. - Rev. AM

[The New Frontier Lounge, with CFA, Mahnhammer, 9 p.m., cover TBA, 301 E. 25th St., Tacoma, 253.572.4020]


>>> Tuesday, July 26

Am I a sucker for getting a little gooey inside every time boy and girl vocals meet over a bed of guitars? It's like catnip to me. Something about the way the intrinsic differences between guys and girls become naked and clear when they begin to sing. The Never Never have this dynamic down pat, and when they combine the sweet harmonies with a classic alternative rock sensibility that tends toward a celebration of the guitar, there's very little in the way of resistance that I can summon in the face of such a knockout combo. I guess there are just some things, musically and otherwise, that really have the ability to reach out and turn one's key. The Never Never do that for me. - Rev. AM

[The New Frontier Lounge, with Fifty Up North, 8 p.m., cover TBA, 301 E. 25th St., Tacoma, 253.572. 4020]

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jLO said on Jul. 21, 2011 at 6:42am

Not only is Dave Takata in Gold Teeth but CFA and Mahnhammer as well. Roasting Takata will happen, beer will be spilled and the show is free! Thanks New Frontier for hosting this raucous event!

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