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Friday, May 9: The West

The New Frontier Lounge

Heads will bob and hips will roll Friday night at The New Frontier Lounge. Photo credit: Winter Teems

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There was a decent stretch of time, starting from the '80s and working its way through the middle of last decade, when indie rock and dancing may as well have been antithetical concepts. It's hard to pinpoint exactly when artists started striving to reintroduce dance into the language of indie rock, but it wouldn't be unfair to say that LCD Soundsystem were figureheads of the movement. There's a reason why the West's "It Was Disco and It's Over" recalls so strikingly of the majestic drive of LCD's "All My Friends." The West have been working at carving their place in the still-burgeoning indie dance-rock scene since 2011, steadily working to refine their air-tight grooves. There's a jubilance lurking in the back of even their most post-punk indebted compositions that charmingly calls out to guarded hipsters and asks them to crowd the stage.

THE WEST, w/ Death By Stars, Cloud Person, Bandolier, 9 p.m., The New Frontier Lounge, 301 E. 25th St., Tacoma, $5, 253.572.4020

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