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Saturday, Dec. 28: Blanco Bronco Record Release Party

Acme Tavern

Blanco Bronco / photo courtesy of Facebook

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Having a difficult time coping with the down time between Xmas and New Year's Eve? Jonesin' for one more holiday of fun before Jan 2 rolls around and you find yourself back at the office thinking, "Damn! A whole 'nother year of the same crap? Really? In which drawer did I put my flask?" Well, the Acme Tavern has something for you called Bronco Buddies Rosie Fanny Day this Saturday. OK, I just made up the title. It makes sense, though. At the root of the Acme's show is Blanco Bronco's record release - their first full-length release, on 12-inch vinyl. The trio from Hilltop Tacoma incorporates punk, new wave and '90s indie rock into their sound. They've been all over this town, from the Top of Tacoma to the bottom of the knoll in Wright Park. Speaking of which, also on this bill at the ... Acme Furry Face Cheex Blanco ExtravaKwanzaa? (OK, maybe not) ... at the show will be the Broncos' bandmates from last summer's Music & Art in Wright Park - the Furry Buddies. Finally, two of the Gritty City Sirens burlesque, Rosie Cheex and Funny Face Fanny, will be performing. See, my titles make sense.

BLANCO BRONCO RECORD RELEASE SHOW, 9 p.m., Acme Tavern, 1310 Tacoma Ave., Tacoma, $5, 253.272.1892

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