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Thursday, Oct. 3: Salty's Clam Boil

Salty's at Redondo

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Writing in her 1891 compilation, Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cookbook, Mrs. D.A. Lincoln describes a clam boil as follows: "An impromptu clambake may be had at any time at low tide along the coast where clams are found. If you wish to have genuine fun, and to know what an appetite one can have for the bivalves, make up a pleasant party and dig for the clams yourselves." Thankfully, attendees of Satly's Clam Boil can forgo that last bit about digging the clams themselves, since the Redondo Beach restaurant will have people to do it for them. That leaves 'boilgoers with the lighter task of enjoying Manila and savory clams (plucked from local waters) with prawns, fresh sweet corn, potatoes and spicy sausage. From 5:30-7 p.m. anyone who comes to the Clam Boil dressed as a clam - silver from head to toe - wins a prize, in addition to the fun of washing silver face paint off all night.

SALTY'S CLAM BOIL, 5:30 p.m., Salty's at Redondo Beach, 28201 Redondo Beach Dr. S., Des Moines, $29.95 per person, 253.946.0636

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