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The “Joyful Play” of Film

Meet 25 New Faces Honoree Anahita Ghazvinizadeh This Weekend at The Grand

Anahita Ghazvinizadeh /Courtesy photo

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Don't be misled by the "new" in The Grand Cinema's 25 New Faces film festival (which opens today and runs until August 22nd). Though the word may imply a lack of experience, many of the moviemakers receiving recognition for their freshness and originality have already spent years honing their craft.

Like Anahita Ghazvinizadeh. Only 24, she's attended the world-famous Cannes festival twice - the first time (in 2011) only as a spectator, but her return earlier this year saw something more.

"I had no idea that I [could] attend the festival in two years with my own film as part of the program," says Ghazvinizadeh. Such an inclusion would excite any artist, but her short "Needle" went on to win Best Student Film from the festival's Cinéfondation. She will journey from her home in Chicago to personally show "Needle" and another of her works, "When the Kid Was a Kid," this Saturday at 6 P.M. at The Grand.

Ghazvinizadeh's triumph at Cannes hasn't changed her essentially lighthearted attitude towards what she does. "There is something festive about the process of filmmaking...It should be a joyful play for all of us."

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