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Saturday, June 29: Korean War Veterans Appreciation Day

First Baptist Church

A convoy of U.S. Army trucks cross the 38th parallel during the Korean War. The parallel marks the dividing line between North and South Korea. photo courtesy of the National Archives and Records Admin.

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The Korean War began June 25, 1950, when eight divisions and an armored brigade of the North Korean People's Army, NKPA, attacked the Republic of Korea across the 38th parallel. The NKPA forces moved rapidly and captured Seoul, South Korea's capital, within days. Five days later, Pres. Harry S. Truman told Army Gen. Douglas MacArthur to use all forces available to him to repel the North Koreans.

Three years later, on July 27, 1953, the armistice was signed. American losses in the war included 33,686 killed and 103,284 wounded. United States Army casualties totaled 27,728 dead and 77,596 wounded. Most of those casualties took place the first year of the war.

Included in the eight divisions the Army deployed to Korea was the 2nd Infantry Division, which was then stationed at Fort Lewis. Other divisions that fought in Korea included the 1st Cavalry Division; the 3rd, 7th, 24th, 25th, 40th and 45th Infantry Divisions; and the 5th, 29th and 187th Regimental Combat Teams. The 2nd annual Korean War Veterans Appreciation Day honoring and recognizing Korean War veterans will be held Saturday afternoon at Tacoma's First Baptist Church. Drop by and pay your respects.

KOREAN WAR VETERANS APPRECIATION DAY, 3 p.m., First Baptist Church, 1328 S. 84th St., Tacoma, 253.535.5803

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