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Friday, June 3: NWCZ 2nd Anniversary Party

Firwood Rock Lounge

Perry Acker will perform at the NWCZ 2nd Anniversary Party Friday night. Photo courtesy of Facebook

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Northwest Convergent Zone Radio (or NWCZ, for short) is a staunchly local, pro-Tacoma/South Sound online station broadcasting 24 hours a day at Despite having been disillusioned by years of toiling for stations on the corporate side of the dial, founder Darrell Fortune maintains a love of radio and underground music. It's an enthusiasm that's permeated his loyal crew of on-air talent. "NWCZ provides a platform for musicians of all genres to be heard, and for fans of any genre to find a Northwest band that they just love," sums up DJ Sherrie Voxxy. It's a commendable mission, and Fortune and crew are now two years deep into their project. Unsurprisingly, this free celebratory concert features a bevy of local talent, any one of whom could be your new favorite band. Maybe. If not, there's always the airwaves. 

[Firwood Rock Lounge, with Perry Acker, High Noon Horizon, the Hardcount, Quickie, 9 p.m., 734 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, 253.212.9717]

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