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Friday, May 6: Vacant Fever


Vacant Fever

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The aesthetic side of Seattle duo Vacant Fever is just as well-realized as the sun-baked garage rock sounds heard on the band's recent free-to-download album, Heparin & Saline. Their indelible block-lettered logo sears into the mind - have I seen it all over town, or does it just feel like I have? They maintain a tasteful Tumblr blog and website, and even their scanned, hand-drawn lyric sheets have an ineffable beauty to them. But pretty pictures don't mean jack if you can't back them up, and fortunately the pair's contemporary update of millennial rock bands (your Black Rebel Motorcycle Clubs and Black Angels) - who themselves were updating Nuggets-era sounds - plays wonderfully. Heparin & Saline is well-produced and deliberate, with plenty of detail but no wasted space. It's an aesthete's take on traditionally rowdy music. 

[Northern, with The Celestials, guests, 8 p.m., All Ages, 321 Fourth Ave., Olympia,]

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