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Monday, May 23: Swimsuit



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City Center is one of three Michigan bands currently touring the U.S. together. Sharing a van is not an issue, as Swimsuit and Secret Twins draw from the same pool of tight-knit talent. Dina Bankole plays guitar in both Secret Twins and Swimsuit, and her bandmates are likewise busy: bassist Amber Fellows has a side project with Thomas called Damned Dogs, and Shelley Salant has drummed with Detroit lo-fi act Tyvek. Secret Twins' Tim Thomas rounds out the cross-continental carpool. Fred Thomas has been told that, "Those five people comprise three of the most important bands in town."

Cumulatively, this crew of jammers, DJs, bookers and DIY label-heads are bringing the varicolored sounds of Washtenaw County to America. Along the way, they're playing with some of the country's best underground noise-makers, including Olympia's own Calvin Johnson.

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with Calvin Johnson, City Center, Secret Twins
Monday, May 23, 8 p.m., All Ages,
Northern, 321 Fourth Ave., Olympia

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