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Wednesday, May 25: Mad Rad

Hell's Kitchen

Mad Rad

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Seattle's Mad Rad don't know when to quit. Between the end of their monstrous West Coast tour with Mash Hall and their new Mountain State Tour with State of the Artist, they took exactly two days off. And given how hard these dudes supposedly party, that's even more of a Scanners-worthy head-'sploding revelation. But hey, more power to them, especially since they're partnering with Volcano contributor and local hip-hop heavy-hitter Rockwell Powers for this Hell's Kitchen gig. Posters for both tours have featured titanic, freakish threats: a brontosaurian sea monster with a maiden in its jaws and a pterodactyl chomping on its throat, a Kong-esque gorilla giant fending off a pack of bloodthirsty lions, another maiden firmly in its grasp. Though they might not be monsters themselves, I'm starting to think P Smoov, Terry Radjaw, Buffalo Madonna and DJ Darwin might be some kind of mutants, blessed with supernatural inexhaustibility and powers of rhyme. 

[Hell's Kitchen, with S.O.T.A, Rockwell Powers, Friday Knights, Q Dot, 9 p.m., $5, 928 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, 253.759.6003]

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