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Meet Tacoma's new poet laureate - Josie Emmons Turner

THURSDAY READING AT BELLABALLS STUDIO >>> Not as much a romantic as she is a realist, there's a palpable pragmatism to Tacoma's new poet laureate, Josie Emmons Turner.   If you expect the usual june-moon-spoon doggerel from this poet, you won't find it. There are no cute, rhyming monosyllabics in her writing. Emmons

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In Their Words: Tammy Robacker on indie lit chick lessons

TACOMA'S POET LAUREATE HAS A WORKSHOP FOR YOU >>> Not to be morbid, but I always wanted to write book before I died. So I did. The year before I turned 40, I committed to write poetry for a year straight until I had enough poems to make up a manuscript. Then, last

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