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Tour of horrors

STEPH DEROSA: SOUTH SOUND HAUNTED HOUSES >>> I'll be brutally honest here: I have yet to find a haunted house in the South Puget Sound that will make me poop my pants like the huge ones down in Texas did. Even back in the '80s we'd drop a cool $20

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Dive with a heart

STEPH DEROSA: BAR EXAM >>> Bad carpeting, excessive beer signage, and simply being located in Parkland made me want to categorize All Seasons Sports Tavern as a dive bar. But the warm feeling of Christmas parties, potlucks, and adopting a local family for Christmas made me re-think my initial dive

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Toilet Tales: Doyle's

DOYLE'S SECOND ANNIVERSARY >>>  As our super fantastic Saturday night of running into assholes had ended, my group and I mutually agreed that the comfort of Doyle's Public House was in order. It was like a sigh of relief as we entered. People bustled about, the smell of warm food wafted through

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Toilet Tales: Bumpy's

HAT MAKES ME HAPPY >>> Bumpy's bathroom is what I'm all about. Nothing says "Steph DeRosa" like a little bit of trashiness mixed in with some faded pink porcelain. It warmed my heart experiencing this ultimate toilet. It spoke to me, it made me actually feel happy in this cold winter-ish-almost-spring-time.

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Toilet Tales: Babblin' Babs Bistro

One of my favorite, FAVORITE places to fill my tummy, stroke my taste buds, and drain my bladder is Babblin' Babs Bistro in the Proctor District. And Babblin' built beautiful potties, too. Great food and great potties. The two go hand-in-hand. Speaking of two and speaking of potties, Babblin' Babs has two

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