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Art film to screen in Tacoma

Take an international cast, a rolling landscape in Flint, Mich., the thundering music of Red Hex and the twisted, talented mind of Isaac Olsen and you have German expressionist art film, Ich Hunger. "I've always wanted to do something a lot more abstract and experimental," says Olsen, who has also directed the

Grindhouse Theater continues to thrill patrons

  What's better than a gritty classic gore, horror or exploitation movie projected on the big screen in original 35mm film? According to Justin Giallo and his growing number of Grindhouse Theater fans, nothing. "I feel that cinema - in a sense - is dying and becoming careless," says Giallo, who refuses to

How to throw an Oscars party, according to The Grand Cinema

When in Hollywood, the red carpet likes to spend its off hours playing touch machines and smoking cigarettes at bars along Sunset. When in Tacoma, the red carpet likes to be stepped on by high heels and Converse, escalating partygoers into The Grand Cinema's presentation of the Academy Awards. The event,

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