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Grocery Stories signs off

GOODBYES ARE ALWAYS SO HARD ... UNLESS THERE'S CHEESE >>> My dear friends, it is with great regret that I tell you this will be my last Grocery Story.  But don't be sad, for this is not a bad thing. After a lovely evening involving a few tasty cocktails, Pappi Swarner

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Men's Room Original Red mania

GET YOURS WHILE YOU CAN >>> It's very rare in the grocery world when something so hot takes over. Backroom receivers are at odds with how to keep their shelves stocked. The trickle down theory ensues and customers bitch at storeowners, storeowners bitch at vendors and vendors bitch at suppliers.

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You'll find it at Freddy's

DEALS AT THE FRED MEYER AT 19TH AND STEVENS >>>We all have that grocery store which is our constant. It may not be our favorite store, but it’s the one we usually shop at on a regular basis. Most likely that store is the closest to your home or work.

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