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2013 Tacoma Film Festival: "Bible Quiz" by Director Nicole Teeny

Hands clasped, heads bowed, clusters of the faithful have gathered in a small room to pray. Then comes the Scripture, torrents of it flying from the mouths of the young people present. They recite such long passages at such ludicrous speeds; it almost resembles speaking in tongues. I'd call this

Celluloid worlds

Independent cinema serves as a refuge for many, a means of expression for those marginalized groups that otherwise wouldn't have a voice (or willing listeners for that matter). Mainstream media cannot hope to cover all viewpoints of an issue; sometimes the only way the rest of us even know a

Doug Stapleton shoots thriller in Tacoma

  It looks like any office lobby in any corporate high-rise - a receptionist's desk with computer and keyboard, a few chairs for visitors to wait in while leafing through generic coffee table books. But Doug Stapleton has sinister plans for this place, oh yes. Last weekend it transformed into the

Tacoma Film Festival: Local eyes

One of cinema's main attractions involves its promise to carry us off and into worlds beyond our everyday living and imagining. Much of the eclectic lineup scheduled for this year's Tacoma Film Festival (Oct. 7-14) takes place in different states, on different continents, and a few emerge purely from their

Take a peek

No one likes it when a party has to end. Cinegeek that I am, every year when the Tacoma Film Festival wraps I want it to start all over again, not only to replay the movies I did see, but to catch what I missed the first time. In a way

The Grand Cinema: 15 years of movie memories

My birthday, January 2008: Laughing nervously as a crazed Daniel Day-Lewis delivers his now-classic line, "I ... drink ... your ... MILKSHAKE!" in the finale of There Will Be Blood. Summer 2007: Marveling at the sheer scope of Danny Boyle's sci-fi spectacle Sunshine. Fall 2005: (Over)acting all over the UWT campus in

Three tales from the Tacoma Film Festival

How about a magic trick? Most films perform one; they conceal as much as they reveal. They have us so mesmerized by the world flashing onscreen that we barely tune in to that other world just beyond the frame, that of the film's creators. They cover up their own tracks

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