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June 17, 2014 at 11:00am

Recent Pacific Lutheran University grad and Army nurse saves life at Applebee's

What started out as a night off from work quickly turned into a life-saving mission when three Army medical professionals prevented a female diner from choking at a restaurant in Radcliff, Ky. June 7.

"We went to Applebee's as a group and we were about to watch the last race of the Triple Crown ... but then during the race we overheard someone say ‘is that person choking' and so we all began to look around," explained 2nd Lt. Jordan Flynn, an Army nurse who recently graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with his commission. Knox is stationed at Fort Knox for the summer to provide medical support for the Leader Development and Assessment Course.

"We saw her husband giving her the Heimlich but he wasn't successful so we ran over to help," he continued.

2nd Lt. Kelby Tidey, another nurse, as well as Col. Brian McGlinch, an Army physician who was at the restaurant separately, joined Flynn.


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February 26, 2014 at 12:37pm

Found on Craigslist: Plagiarism Paul, righteous TV and free romaine lettuce

Can anyone help Plagiarism Paul?

Here at the Weekly Volcano, we love to crack a few cold ones and dig through the weird world of Craigslist. From stripper poles and hobbit feet, to marijuana and awkward walking partners, we've reported our favorite finds.

It's time again for another installation of "Found on Craigslist."

Let's start with the nut that inspired the hunt for more Craigslist gems. (Thanks for the lead, Vince.)

Meet Plagiarism Paul, who lives in Elma and takes selfies while dressed in capris to help solicit some sap to do his college essay. Compensation is "up for discussion." 

Perhaps the best category - freebies! Sifting through the free toilets and other garbage, here are a couple that grabbed our eye:

Free: Righteous wood encased TV from the 80s

"Are you throwing an 80s party and short on decorations? Are you infatuated with wood encased electronics? Are you retro? Do you like to watch old music videos on a TV that would bring back some memories? What about playing your original Nintendo on this bad boy? Are you still hanging on to that old cable box from the 80s with the dial on front of it that will let you watch contraband cable channels through the lines when you hold it between channels or cram some baseball cards in behind the dial? If you're into bringing back old memories and providing yourself with hours of joy, this TV is for you! Help this TV fulfill its final destiny with one last hurrah before it heads off to the appliance recycling pile!"

Kudos for your efforts on a marketing plan, Craigslister, but something tells me you will be taking it to the recycling pile after all.

This one just has a funny headline: Large Collection of Pain used in various projects (Spanaway)

Next: We all know you can buy "greens" on Craigslist these days, but what about this bag? Any takers? Hmm? Beuler? 

February 5, 2013 at 1:34pm

Bob's Java Jive needs your help

BOB'S JAVA JIVE: It's freakin' freezing inside. Help! Photo credit: Steve Dunkelberger


The Weekly Volcano can't count the number of times we have written stories about Bob's Java Jive - the Tacoma legend — needing help to stay alive. We have urged readers to save, honor, pay tribute to, support and celebrate the Jive — either by our pleading, on behalf of Dani Staatz, Bob's daughter, or by request from longtime supporters such as Girl Trouble and Dave Graham. We have even relayed the happenings of the Java Jive Appreciation Society.


We love the Java Jive. Tacoma loves Bob's Java Jive — although apparently not enough. The Weekly Volcano just fielded a call from Jive supporter Joe Thomas asking us to spread the word that the Jive is doomed unless it receives help installing a new heater and new beer compressor, both of which are sitting inside the South Tacoma Way tavern. Thomas is pleading to electricians to help install the units out of the kindness of their hearts. The Jive doesn't have any money.

If you want to help, call 253.535.1019 during the day, or 253.475.9843 at night. If you drop by with your tool belt tonight, you will enjoy karaoke with host Nikki Weatherhead.

January 22, 2012 at 1:39pm

Shout Out: Big Wheel Stunt Show

The Big Wheel Stunt Show at Hell's Kitchen, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012.


The Big Wheel Stunt Show, the Tacoma rock band Weekly Volcano Editor Matt Driscoll interviewed in this week's issue, rocked a medium-sized crowd last night at Hell's Kitchen. If you have seen the band perform before, you no doubt had to elbow your way to the front. The weather came into play at the all-ages show that included my new favorite garage/surf band, Dungeon Science. The only elbow I had to dodge came from the booze monitor in front of the bathroom.

Thankfully the crowd size didn't affect Big Wheel's enthusiasm. While some of us stood, some of us sat, some of us took pictures with a crappy camera and some of us pumped our fists, the band rocked it.

The Big Wheel Stunt show guitarist and frontman Evan Nagle

The Big Wheel Stunt Show drummer Justin Gimse

The Big Wheel Stunt Show bassist Jake Melius

Nagle rocks DJ Darren Selector.

Dungeon Science

December 4, 2010 at 9:32am

Shout out: Last night in pictures


Folks who know tattooing history are more qualified to judge the version of American tattooing presented in last night's screening of Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry at the Blue Mouse Theatre, but for a lay person, it was engrossing as hell. It was cool to see Hawaii before toruism ruined it. I thought it was also very funny - but that could have been the free rum talking.

Luke Larsen, guitarist and singer with Pioneers West, performed solo at The New Frontier Lounge. Racing from the Sailor Jerry Film, I only caught his last couple of strums. The reaction from the crowd hinted of brilliance.

I did catch the entire Basemint set with the packed crowd at The New Frontier. The quartet's approach was as tight as a Velvet Underground-gloved fist. When the foursome throws itself headlong into one of its surf-y garage rock whirls, the experience can be downright exhilarating.

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August 9, 2010 at 12:40pm

SHOUT OUT: Last night's Radio8Ball

Battersea frontman Eric Reidar's future was performed by Jerin Falkner. Photography by Steve Dunkelberger


Some people carry lucky coins or rabbits feet, while others consult tarot cards and psychics. Still others leave their fates to "chance" and "karma."

That is the basis behind the Radio8Ball show, which taped two episodes last night at Speakeasy Arts Cooperative as a first try of what might become a monthly gig for the venue.

Hosted by Andras Jones, who mixes live music and the powers of the universe, the show has a simple premise: Audience members ask the gods of chance and fate a question that weighs on their hearts, flip a coin and let the divination commence. The answers to their questions come randomly "or not so randomly" from songs the live musicians play based on a spin of a wheel or a pick of a card.

Last night's show did not disappoint. The gripping lyrics of singer/songwriter Jerin Falkner brought ponderous thoughts, laughs and a few striking moments.

Guests asked questions that ranged from concerns about trusting their guts, romance and future careers. Each song seemed to lead to an answer. Battersea frontman Eric Reidar, for example, asked if he would be married in five years. The song the fates picked for Falkner to play fluttered with romance.

That can't be a bad sign.

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