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August 11, 2011 at 9:45am

MORNING SPEW: Fun with state paycheck numbers, top sci-fi novels, Bacon on HBO and more...

King of the books


This Isn't Necessarily a Bad Thing: Washington state government spending has grown in real terms in the last four decades. (Crosscut)

Let's Look At Paychecks: College coaches make way more than state governors. (News Tribune)

Could Be The Hair: Rick Perry hasn't even announced he's running, but a poll has the Texas governor near the top of the list for the GOP presidential nomination. (CNN)

Precious: Top 100 science fiction and fantasy novels. (NPR)

Watercooler Talk: George Lopez's talk show went bye-bye. (USA Today)

HBO has ordered a comedy script that could star the guy from Footloose. (Hollywood Reporter)

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August 10, 2011 at 9:04am

MORNING SPEW: Anderson The Terrible, 20 greatest dancing GIFs, Print is not dead and more ...


Anderson The Terrible: Tacoma City Council says talking to the former city manager was like talking to the hand. (News Tribune)

War Of The Seven Word Message: Mr. Clear Channel Outdoor, tear down those 190 billboards. (News Tribune)

Recall Election: Republicans hold on to their union-hating majority in Wisconsin. (Seattle Times)

Oh No: Economist thinks China may topple the global financial situation on purpose. And that's how money ruins friendships, as if we were every friends with China. (Reuters)

Gawd We Love Him: Someone forgot to tell Alec Baldwin that print is dead. (Poynter)

Dance Motherfucker: Pop culture's 20 greatest dancing GIFs (Pajiba)

August 8, 2011 at 5:54pm



Today's comment of the day comes from Glenn Melton, in response to Friday's Tacoma Week in Review post that included a segment about congressmen Norm Dicks and Adam Smith splitting on the debt bill.  

Melton writes,

You did the right thing except there should have been revenue increases to make up for the losses to the social safety nets. As far as our drug laws go, we are wasting money fighting what the people very much seem to want. Let's legalize it and tax it!

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July 30, 2011 at 10:45am

A look at the last week in T-Town and Pierce County

Super Best of Tacoma "Best Activist" Justin Leighton


Granted, I'm relatively new to Tacoma and where I grew up we didn't have counties, but before last week I didn't know what the Pierce County Charter. I didn't know the details of why - all of a sudden - it may change.

So, I did a little research, chatted with Super Best of Tacoma "Best Activist" Justin Leighton, and now I have the facts.

Pierce County has what is referred to as "home rule," meaning our County Charter supersedes the rules of state law. Our home rule charter is essentially the County's constitution. Every 10 years citizens are elected to a committee that looks at the charter and recommends amendments. Between reviews the Pierce County Council can, by way of a two-thirds vote, directly send possible amendments to the voters of the County.

Over the past two weeks three possible amendments have been proposed: an amendment to make all County Council seats non-partisan; an amendment to make the County Executive position non-partisan; and an amendment to reduce the County Council from 7 to 5. If approved, all three would be on this November's ballot.

Debate has raged throughout the week about all three issues, with the final voting on all of them as been postponed until the second week of August.

To read up on Laurie Jinkin, TV Tacoma and the rest, click here.

July 22, 2011 at 5:13pm

TACOMA WEEK IN REVIEW: More candidates to mull

North Tacoma attorney and former really fast swimmer Jack Connelly has filed for the 27th District Senate seat.


Corrigan Gommenginger has announced his intention to run for Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer. According to reports in the News Tribune, Gommenginger is only 26 but has been serving on the boards of nonprofits for eight years. He says he works as Director of Finance for a Tacoma nonprofit. According to the News Tribune he has declined to disclose which organization "at his employer's request."

While his "secret employer" seems like a red flag to me, many in the community seem welcoming of Commenginger's candidacy. County Councilmember Tim Farrell is also seeking the office, and it's likely incumbent Dale Washam will too --  if he isn't ousted before then.

North Tacoma attorney Jack Connelly is the first candidate to file for the 27th District Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Debbie Regala. Connelly is a talented attorney, and with 16 months to campaign has plenty of time to introduce himself to the community.

Rumors are swirling in progressive circles that despite running as a Democrat, Connelly is both pro-life and anti-gay marriage. If true, one wonders how such conservative convictions will play in a widely progressive district. 

Connelly is currently alone in the field, but won't be for long. 27th District Representative Jeannie Darnielle told the Tribune she expects either herself of Rep Laurie Jinkins will run for the office. Either one of them would likely be the favorite.

To read the full article click here.

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July 1, 2011 at 5:05pm



What better way to celebrate America's independence than with news and rumors about an election that's a year and a half away. This week saw visits from hopeful representatives, declarations of candidacies, and even a heavyweight change his mind. Forget the fact that we have a 2011 election to decide in a few short months - this week it was all about 2012.

To read the full column by Zach Powers click here.

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June 8, 2011 at 5:48pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: Short and sweet


Today's comment comes from Aly J in response to editor Matt Driscoll's questionable online pasting of the most recent Robert "The Traveller" Hill press release, a post that included descriptions of Hill's scent.

Aly J writes,

Two words. Rotten Cinnamon.

June 6, 2011 at 2:23pm

Today in press releases: Robert Hill for Tacoma City Council committee


Making editorially decisions for SPEW isn't always easy. Sometimes, tough ethical and practical situations arise that require careful contemplation.

For instance, sometimes Robert "the Traveller" Hill sends me a press release.

What to do? Post or ignore? Acknowledge or disregard?

The predicament is tricky, and a number of factors weigh into my decision making.

Like ...

1.  I've looked at naked women with Robert Hill, so there are the obvious conflict of interest questions.

2. Since first meeting Hill he's done a few things that legitimately bother me - not the least of which being the time he showed up at the office and bugged the receptionist for over an hour while simultaneously making the whole place reek of BO. And I mean reek. I'm hesitant to encourage him. The man's nuisance capabilities frighten me.

3. If I post anything from Robert Hill, RR Anderson will hype it on social media, thus perpetuating the RR Anderson Boycott Bump we've been riding to record website hits and readership numbers for over a month. Somewhere an angle will get its wings.

4. The picture contained within the Hill press release is really funny.

5. I haven't taken the time to verify ANYTHING contained within the press release in question.

6. But that picture is really quite funny.

After weighing all of it, naturally, I decide to post the press release below, stock up on Febreeze and hope for the best ...

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May 27, 2011 at 4:08pm

TACOMA WEEK IN REVIEW: Legislative session is finally over

In this week's "Tacoma Week in Review" Laurie Jinkins and her Facebook account are also discussed.


Local news this week has been rightfully dominated by the down-to-the-wire state budget passed in Olympia. This week lawmakers worked fast and furious to pass a budget, ending the 30-day overtime in dramatic fashion. However, at the culmination of yet another extra session, most politicians and citizens seem much more relieved than excited about this week's proceedings. The budget itself includes billions in spending reductions and no tax increases. Plenty of public employees and social service programs will see funding decreases, most notably educators.

A particular lowlight of the new budget is a pay cut of 1.9 percent for all teachers and support staff and 3 percent cut for school administrative staff. Earlier this week Tacoma Superintendent Art Jarvis didn't hesitate to blast the cuts in an interview with Debbie Cafazzo of The News Tribune, calling the Legislature's approach "cavalier" and speculating that the cuts will cause even more friction at education labor bargaining tables across the street. Check out Cafazzo's full story with many more comments from Jarvis here.

Another legislative development of local note was the ultimately failed effort to fix the state's medical marijuana law, allowing for dispensaries (or some other legal avenue) for patients to actually obtain the pot their doctors have been able to legally recommend since 1998. Earlier this month Governor Gregoire rejected what appeared to be a very promising bill seeking to legally legitimize dispensaries and protect medical marijuana users.

To read this week's full Tacoma Week in Review column by Zach Powers click here.

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May 20, 2011 at 4:39pm

TACOMA WEEK IN REVIEW: digital billboards, redistricting, our streets rock and commissions mission

Proposed Pierce County district map


It's Friday afternoon, which means it's time for another installent of Zach Powers "Tacoma Week In Review" column. While most spend this slice of the week navigating around those tiny umbrellas lodge in ice cubes, Powers instead opens his diary and provides fodder for tonight's social engagements.

This week, Powers touches on digital billboards, Pierce County redistricting, Complete Streets Design Guidelines and volunteer opoortinities on local commissions. To read Powers' column, click here.

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