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March 21, 2012 at 7:19am

MORNING SPEW: Eatonville evil, bridge or fancy coffee?, jump rope cam ...

TACOMA NARROWS BRIDGE: Nice knowing ya, Gig Harbor.


Who Will Play Mayor Ray Harper In The Movie Version?: Eatonville Police are freakin' going nuts with the ticket books. (News Tribune)

Pierce County Council To Dale Washam: "Pretty please ... with sugar on top." (News Tribune)

Tacoma City Council: The Sales tax to fund mental health programs is a go. (News Tribune)

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Toll: Cross it, or buy a venti mocha with two pumps of caramel and whip? (News Tribune)

Mitt Meter: Mitt Romney scored a decisive win in the Illinois primary, running ahead of Rick Santorum by double-digits. (CNN)

Generic va. Brand-name Drug?: Lawsuits aimed at generic drugs are being thrown out across the country in the wake of a 2011 Supreme Court decision. (The New York Times)

Improbable research: The highs and lows of the musical eyebrow. (The Guardian)

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: See who's going in. (Rolling Stone)

Odd Couple: Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson have recorded a cover of Carly Simon's "You're So Vain." (MTV)

Mad Men Hype: Watch a Q&A session with the cast. (The New York Times)

Do You Need To Throw Up?: You will after watching a short film shot from a jump rope's dizzying perspective. (Geekologie)

One Tiny Hand: Why is it funny? It is funny. (Dangerous Minds)

March 20, 2012 at 7:40am

MORNING SPEW: Arts tax, Pugnetti Park plea, Slactivism and more ...

WENDY'S: It dethroned the King.


Tacoma City Council: It's expected to impose a 5 percent tax on admissions to some of Tacoma's largest nonprofit museums, theaters and performing arts groups tonight - a long-term sustainable solution for Tacoma's arts programs, but not popular with the large arts organizations. (News Tribune)

Lacey Shooting: The gunman is still on the loose. (News Tribune)

Pugnetti Park: Jerry Pugnetti says the park named after his father should be saved. (News Tribune)

GOP Presidential Primary: The pressure is on Mitt Romney in Illinois today. (CNN)

Justice Department: It's investigating the fatal shooting of an unarmed 17-year-old boy by a crime watch volunteer last month in Florida. (The New York Times)

Housing For The Homeless: 14 smart and sensitive solutions. (Web Urbanist)

Daniel Radcliffe: One of his first post-Hogwarts roles will be Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. (Slash Film)

Burger Battle: Wendy's unseats Burger King as country's second biggest hamburger chain. (Huffington Post)

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations behind-the-scenes TV crew videos. (Laughing Squid)

Yes!: 29 of fashion's mysteries solved. (Refinery 29)

When Critics Mattered: Kael, Ebert and '70s film. (Boston Review)

Is Slactivism Better Than Doing Nothing at All?: Watch to find out. (Mother Jones)

March 17, 2012 at 3:13pm

State Senate Bid: Cool cars, green beer and inspiring speeches

JACK CONNELLY: He told a huge crowd of green beer drinkers he wants them to work together.


Thursday night 500 people, some dressed in green, slowly strolled up the wide concrete floor of the new LeMay America's Car Museum as Irish melodies from band Mooncoyne filled the enormous space. A bit of dodging was in order as many stopped to gander at the 1930 Duesenberg, the 1961 Chrysler and some 30 other cars parked inside. An impressive buffet and green Coors fueled the conversations, which all centered on attorney Jack Connelly, the North End Tacoma Democrat throwing the shindig.

This past summer Connelly, who grew up in Lakewood and has been practicing law in Tacoma for 30 years, announced he would run for the seat in the state Senate opening up with Debbie Regala's retirement this year. Since his announcement for the 2012 state Senate seat in 27th District, Rep. Jeannie Darneille has announced her intention to seek the same seat, with Regala's seal of approval.

I've known Connelly since the mid-'70s, when he would yell at me, push me in the pool and work my ass hard. He was my swim coach. A damn good one, too. Connelly was also an accomplished swimmer, nabbing Lakes High School's first All American title, and later a collegiate All American swimmer for Stanford.

It wasn't a shock when Tacoma attorney Dan Hannula took the podium first during Connelly's 2012 campaign kick-off event Thursday night. Hannula, a six-time NCAA All American swimmer, was Connelly's swim mate/rival, which began at the Tacoma Swim Club. Hannula praise Connelly's strength and courage to stand up to bullies by representing those who have no voice. 

"Come One, Come all. This is exactly what this campaign is about. Coming together to make each other stronger," said Dr. Kelly Goodsell, who works regionally in education management, reiterating one of Connelly's campaign platforms - bringing the community together as one with fairness, equality and respect for every person. "Jack Connelly is a leader who acknowledges and celebrates our differences," she said with emphasis.

Connelly ended the short program explaining his campaign would be about "We" not "I." His desire is to start making works as it's designed to work. "Having people work together, we the people working together for the state of Washington," said Connelly. He explained his desire to improve education, provide more family wage jobs and to promote small business opportunities.

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March 15, 2012 at 8:31am

MORNING SPEW: South Sound slimeballs, Rolling Stones tour, Woolly Mammoth ...

"Portlandia": It will feel it all around for a third season.


Madame Slimball: Jacqueline Nicole Carr is in the Pierce County Jail after allowing awo 15-year-old girls to prostitute themselves in the home she shares with her two young sons. (News Tribune)

Mister Slimeball: Lakewood police are chasing a man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman at gunpoint inside her apartment. (News Tribune)

Afghan President To U.S.: Get the hell out. (CNN)

Senate Democrats Are Pissed: The Violence Against Women Act once enjoyed broad bipartisan support but now faces fierce opposition from Republicans. (The New York Times)

Business Advice: Twenty-two executives share the best advice they ever received. (Business Insider)

Circus Boost: Scientists plan to clone the Woolly Mammoth. (Time)

Incest?: Whitney Houston's daughter likely doing it with Whitney Houston's adopted son. (Gawker)

Out Of Luck: HBO has canceled Luck. (Yahoo)

Better Luck: Portlandia will return for a third season. (LaughSpin)

This Report Brought To You By Geritol: Rolling Stones push back its 50th Anniversary Tour to 2013. (Rolling Stone)

Need Sleep?: Christopher Walken reads Where the Wild Things Are. (boingboing)

Put Some Clothes On Girls

March 14, 2012 at 7:51am

MORNING SPEW: Tacoma Council's new plan, new "Star Wars" film, today's French cat video ...

Burger King: It's tapping into its inner Irish.


Scandal County: Pierce County Council crosses its fingers and rubs rabbit feet in hopes Assessor-Treasure Dale Washam resigns. (News Tribune)

While You Were Watching MythBusters: Tacoma City Council came up with a plan to pay for mental health and substance-abuse programs. (News Tribune)

GOP Presidential Race: Rick Santorum owns the Alabama and Mississippi. (CNN)

Today In Resigning Financial Leaders: Executive Director Greg Smith probably won't have his picture hanging on the walls of Goldman Sachs. (The New York Times)

New Star Wars film: Topher Grace edits Stars Wars Episodes I through III into one film. (Slashfilm)

The Shins' New Album: You can stream Port of Morrow on iTunes. (Paste Magazine)

Speaking Of Streaming: Jack White has a new song. (Twenty Four Bit)

Green King: Burger King to offer free fries and green ketsup on St. Patrick's Day. (Huffington Post)

Helpful Tip Of The Day: What to do when the elevator starts a free-fall. (The New York Times)

Today's French Cat Video

March 13, 2012 at 7:51am

MORNING SPEW: It's snowing, Washam wave, Kiss mini-golf, pork donuts ...

Kiss: The band's windmills will get you.


Weather: It's still messed up. (News Tribune)

Foothills: Your morning arithmetic quiz has been canceled due to snow. (News Tribune)

Dale Washam Update: The Pierce County Council wants him gone. (News Tribune)

6th Congressional Contention: State legislators Jan Angel and Jim Hargrove have bowed out of contention as successors to U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks. (News Tribune)

Afghanistan: The Obama administration is discussing a speedier pullout. (The New York Times)

Syria: Many women and children are among those killed in a year of attacks by the government, a U.N. official says. (CNN)

Jack Kerouac: Too bad he's not alive to see his only play staged for the first time. (Yahoo)

Kiss Mini-Golf Course: It's opening in Las Vegas this week. (NME)

Pork Donuts: Dunkin' Donuts will serve them in China. (Laughing Squid)

Background Music: Enjoy the '70s during your busy work today. (Network Awesome)

Grandpa Joe Gets Harshed

March 7, 2012 at 7:15am

MORNING SPEW: Russell Building woes, Super Morrissey Bros., Twitter vs. Lady Gaga

LADY GAGA: She rules the 140 character world.


Russell Building: Will it be bought at a discount and cheapen downtown Tacoma? (News Tribune)

Pierce County Council: Its still in charge of its salaries. (News Tribune)

Syd's Boot: Pacific Avenue's giant boot has walked off. (News Tribune)

Holy Rosary School Students: They're not talking. (King5)

Super Tuesday: Romney can't light his cigar with burning thousand dollar bills yet. (CNN)

We Have No Idea What This Means, But Exciting!: US scientists report seeing tentative evidence of the Higgs boson, at a mass similar to the hints seen at the Large Hadron Collider. (BBC)

Twitter: Lady Gaga wins! (Yahoo)

Young Anakin Skywalker: Not a happy Jedi. (Black Book)

Bill & Ted 3: Dude! (Den Of Geek)

Super Morrissey Bros.: The Smiths meet Nintendo (but does Super Mario roll around on the ground?) (Rolling Stone)

There Goes The Neighborhood: It is the Lollipop House, the Lollipop House, the Lollipop House. (Fubiz)

Could You Use A Little Of This Today?

March 5, 2012 at 7:28am

MORNING SPEW: Tacoma vs. kidnappers, Pierce County vs. water, "Game of Thrones" vs. "The Simpsons" ...

White Bread: Over the past 100 years, few foods have been as revered and reviled.


Tomorrow Morning: The commute will suck. (News Tribune)

Tacoma Vs. Kidnappers: The Tacoma Police will have a special team and a special plan. (News Tribune)

Something To Think About On This Rainy Morning: A report says Pierce County river levees and flood control structures are not good. (News Tribune)

Putin, Um, Wins?: Foul play reported as Vladimir Putin looks set to return to the Russian presidency four years after he was forced out by term limits. (CNN)

Super Tuesday: Looks as if the Republican Party will rally around Mitt Romney. (The New York Times)

Syria: Syrians fleeing Homs accuse security forces of committing atrocities, including summary executions. (BBC)

What Would Great-Grandma Eat?: White Bread: A Social History of the Store-Bought Loaf. (The Chronicle)

Playing With Infinity of Rikers Island: Math reduces pretty things like the moon to ugly things like orbital periods. Yet a concise equation can reveal the magic of pure thought. (Prospect)

Ballboy's Worst Nightmare: A gallery filled with bouncing tennis balls. (Flavorwire)

Game Of Thrones Vs. The Simpsons: An awesome opening parody. (Laughing Squid)

Lindsay Lohan on SNL: What the critics are saying. (Hollywood Reporter)

And Finally: Pop culture icons who are also occasional nudists. (Flavorwire)

February 29, 2012 at 10:44am

Putting the "mock" in democracy

Capitol Steps: The group obviously subscribes to the theory that politicians and diapers have one thing in common ??" they should be changed regularly.


Almost exactly a year ago the Washington D.C. comedy troupe Capitol Steps descended on Olympia and the Washington Center for the Performing Arts, bringing with it a full bag of political humor and clever song parodies about things that rhyme with Scalia.

Major laughs ensued.

Thursday, March 8, the Steps return to our state capital, no doubt full of new material thanks to a whole year of new inspirations - from the seemingly endless Republican presidential candidate debates to the many sweater vests of Rick Santorum.

Last year the Capitol Steps' press secretary, Bill Hurd, told the Volcano, "The thing that rubs off on you here is that you're not supposed to take it as seriously as some people do. It's a very nice thing."

A year later that's likely still as true for the folks who make the Steps tick as it is the audience.

[Washington Center for the Performing Arts, Thursday, March 8, 7:30 p.m., $11-$42, 512 Washington St. SE, Olympia, 360.753.8586]

February 28, 2012 at 7:44am

MORNING SPEW: Snow, goodbye postmarked Tacoma, your phone owns you ...

New "Mad Men" season debuts with a two-hour episode March 25.


Snow: It's possible. (News Tribune)

Stamped: Plan to shift Tacoma postal operations is official, cutting 139 jobs. (Bellingham Herald)

School Shootings: Why is U.S. No. 1. (CNN)

Your Phone: Why are they becoming uncontrollable monsters. (CNN)

Presidential Primary: A defeat today for Mitt Romney could send the nominating fight onto an unpredictable path and reset the Republican race. (The New York Times)

Sean Young Back In the News: The weird chick was arrested in post-Oscar fight. (USA Today)

Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah: Here comes the Griswolds and a National Lampoon's Vacation remake. (Den of Geek)

Mad Men: It's oh so close. (Coming Soon)

Drew Barrymore Wine: Her Pinot Grigio is crispy and fresh, so they say. (Huffington Post)

Cook Like Batgirl: Geektastic superhero aprons. (Geeks Are Sexy)

Fake Happy Faces: Giant set of gifs created from Oscar loser reaction shots. (Four Four)

Awesome Chemistry Experiment Of The Day

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