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May 22, 2014 at 7:20am

Thursday Morning Joe: Wartime funds bill, Thai army coup, N. Korea fires shot, BAH stall, best bike rides ...

Company E, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, tossed a coffee aboard Range 701 as part of a company squad competition aboard the Combat Center. Original photo by Lance Cpl. Charles Santamaria


Defense bill amendment to restrict wartime funding usage.

Thailand's army chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha took control of the government in a coup saying the army had to restore order and push through reforms. 

North Korean artillery fired at least one shot which landed near a South Korean navy patrol ship south of the two sides' disputed maritime border.

The U.S. has deployed a Predator drone team of 80 military personnel - mostly airmen - to Chad to help find nearly 300 schoolgirls kidnapped in neighboring Nigeria.

UAV platforms begin to mature.

Air Force security failed nuke test.

A U.S. Senate subcommittee has backed the Pentagon's plans to curb military pay raises and housing allowances next year.

Spurred by allegations of mismanagement and scandal at numerous Veterans Affairs facilities, House members overwhelmingly approved a measure giving the department's secretary more power to fire underperforming employees.

Navy chief Adm. Jonathan Greenert says the Navy needs 11 aircraft carriers to meet security demands despite the Pentagon's plan to retire one and bring the count down to 10 to meet caps on defense spending.

The House passed by voice vote an amendment to the 2015 defense authorization bill that takes the Obama administration to task over the deadly 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

The first launch of an anti-ballistic missile from a new shore-based version of the classic Aegis missile system was successfully carried in Hawaii.

This incredible Russian dash cam footage shows a car driving through a forest fire while the drivers wonder if they are going to die or not.

18 places you should ride your bike before you die.

Song premiere: Peter Murphy's "Eliza."

Rolling Stone's new cover story is an interview with Jack White.

Watch the new trailer for the Roger Ebert doc, Life Itself.

Cool creature alert: Video from the Star Wars set.

It's gonna be a beautiful day, Walkie Talkie readers. So take Bert and Zachary Levi's advice: GO OUT AND PLAY.

LINK: Original photo by Lance Cpl. Charles Santamaria

May 21, 2014 at 7:11am

Wednesday Morning Joe: JBLM's Best Warrior, VA probe expands, Senate says, space hug, Scarface mansion for sale ...

386th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron fire a Mark 19 coffee gun at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia. Original Photo by Staff Sgt. Jeremy Bowcock


Spc. William Rogers of Joint Base Lewis-McChord proved he was Army Strong at the U.S. Army Installation Management Command's Best Warrior Competition.

Al Qaeda runs shadow army in Afghanistan; Taliban on verge of surge.

The U.S. House will begin work on nearly 170 amendments to a Pentagon policy bill, including ones that would add funds to weapons accounts, require arms sales to allies, and kill the measure that authorized America's post-9/11 conflicts.

The Inspector General for the Department of Veterans Affairs has expanded its investigation to include 26 facilities around the country accused of mismanagement and hiding long wait times. 

President Obama has summoned Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki and White House deputy chief of staff Rob Nabors for a meeting to discuss their investigation into mismanagement at veterans hospitals across the country.

Sen. Patty Murray says the VA failed to implement legislation she wrote to counter problems with the appointments system.

Why is Shinseki refusing more authority to fire VA employees?

Who broke the Department of Veteran Affairs.

The White House will reportedly comply with a court order to release a secret memorandum describing the legal justification for the 2011 drone strike against three Americans in Yemen.

The Senate Armed Services Committee's 2015 defense policy bill will reject a new round of military base closures.

A U.S. Senate subcommittee approved a measure allowing the Pentagon to spend billions on its most lethal forces while also clearing them to target the Boko Haram organization.

Senate Armed Services Committee members have cobbled together a plan to keep the U.S. Air Force's A-10 attack planes flying for another year.

Australia, Britain, Canada and United States have signed a symbolically important Memorandum of Understanding committing them to "a partnership on combined space operations."

A group of U.S. special operations leaders outlined what capabilities their troops will need in the coming years, focusing mostly on intelligence gathering technologies in places such as Africa and the Arctic.

A subcommittee defied the Army by supporting a panel to study the transfer of Guard attack helicopters to the active component.

The Defense Advanced Research Programs Agency's Information Innovation Office, or I2O, is hosting DARPA Demo Day 2014 in the Pentagon's courtyard today and it has four projects that could be bigger than the Internet.

Roughly 6,000 U.S. troops will take part in this year's "Eager Lion" exercise in Jordan from May 25 to June 8, a Defense Department spokesman said.

Animation teaches you what happened in World War II in 7 minutes.

The science of losing belly fat.

This is a rare view: Five skydivers in wingsuits soar over New York City.

The real mansion from Scarface - the iconic Brian de Palma movie starring Al Pacino as drug lord Tony Montana - has hit the property market.

Seven facts about the X-Men you might not know.

R.E.M.'s complete catalog and many rarities have been remastered for iTunes.

The Horror: Miley Cyruscovered The Smiths. (It's actually not bad!)

List: Best book recommendation services

You need To Know: Here's where Mad Men shot the Burger Chef scenes.

Yikes: There were 1135 Aryas, 241 Khaleesis and 67 Daeneryses born in 2013. And 15 Theons and five Robbs.

Lights out for this cat ...

LINK: Original Photo by Staff Sgt. Jeremy Bowcock

May 17, 2014 at 7:43am

Saturday Morning Joe: Iran hates U.S. Navy, VA turnover, new Army gear, Halo TV show, real Transformer ...

Soldiers of the 545th Military Police Company run through stations at Kraft Coffee Range on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. Original photo by Justin Connaher


A top Iranian naval commander said that he is prepared to order suicide attacks, drone strikes, and missile technology to "destroy the U.S. Navy" in any confrontations.

The Veterans Affairs Department's top health official abruptly resigned amid the exploding scandal over delays in veterans' care.

A week before Memorial Day, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is railing against the Obama administration for its treatment of veterans.

The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote next week on a defense budget that, as it stands now, prizes pork over readiness, an analyst said.

A recently-published book about an Army Green Beret is sparking controversy in military circles about whether veterans are getting proper treatment for mental health.

Why aren't sanctions stopping Putin?

The Air Force is flying manned MC-12W Liberty and unmanned RQ-4 Global Hawk surveillance sorties over Nigeria to assist in locating more than 200 girls kidnapped by militants.

Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh said challenging NATO exercises to National Guard units is key to maintaining the component as the nation's operational reserve.

More than 20 Fort Leonard Wood military police officers tested the regiment's newest body armor vests.

Researchers at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory continue to develop and evaluate methods for navigation and communication that are "hands-free, eyes-free and mind-free" to aid soldiers in the field.

The military power-generating boot isn't quite battlefield ready.

This American Life's "Call for Help" episode includes the parents of two young children who needed to be rescued at sea a few weeks ago.

The Hanson brothers' new beer Mmmhops went on sale this week. They say their Pale Ale "goes down easy and continues to surprise you with toasted richness."

This guy's Transformers costume actually transforms into a mini car.

Steven Spielberg is producing a Halo show scheduled to premiere when the next Halo video game comes out.

Eurovision: "Why?" and "Wait, what?"

The 10-year process it took to build out the World Trade Center Memorial...

LINK: Original photo by Justin Connaher

May 16, 2014 at 7:20am

Friday Morning Joe: VA updates, Godzilla vs. U.S. military, DoD tech advances, military infographics, Mad Men/X-Men parody ...

An Afghan National Army soldier fires a rocket-propelled coffee during a live-fire operational training shoot at Joint Sustainment Academy Southwest, Camp Leatherneck, Helmand province. Original photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Jonathan Chandler


The senior enlisted soldier for 2nd Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment has died from wounds suffered in Afghanistan.

The results of a much-anticipated government investigation into charges of scheduling fraud at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care System will not be out until August.

The House will consider legislation next week to give the Veterans Affairs secretary expanded authority to fire senior executives.

USA Today: VA chief Shinseki has a lot to explain.

There are clear indications that the United States and China are grappling with how to craft a more stable and more intimate set of military to military relationships.

The Pentagon released a report that showed there were nearly 1,400 reported incidents of sexual harassment in 2013.

How the military could kill Godzilla.

Amazing military infographics.

Gen. Keith Alexander: We're at greater risk.

Officials declared that freeing schoolgirls abducted by the radical Islamist group has become a top administration priority.

Recent satellite images show two new North Korean frigates, the largest surface combat ships the nation's navy has constructed in a quarter-century.

The Air Force is a step closer to bedding down its anticipated fleet of KC-46A Pegasus aerial tankers.

Despite a year of workforce furloughs and dwindling budgets, the Defense Department's science and technology enterprise reports advances ranging from a full hypersonic weapon system and high-energy lasers to light-based brain treatments and new core capabilities in cyber warfare.

This footage of the wildfire in San Diego county is absolutely terrifying.

Today's freakout: Fearless daredevils from Eastern Europe.

A new HBO series will showcase the making of the Foo Fighters' next album.

Chad Smith and Will Ferrell talk about their upcoming drum battle.

Morrissey has joined Twitter.

The 16 most badass monsters from the Godzilla movies.

The Flaming Lips' latest project: a cover of the complete Sgt. Pepper album.

Did you catch Blondie on The Daily Show?

Finally: Mad Men/X-Men parody.

Trippy cool ...

LINK: Original photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Jonathan Chandler

May 13, 2014 at 7:38am

Tuesday Morning Joe: U.S. vs China, 2-2 SBCT anniversary, military maternity leave, R&R bump, Twitter mute button ...

An Afghan National Army Special Forces member fires a rocket propelled coffee on a range during training in Washer district, Helmand province, Afghanistan. Original photo by Sgt. Benjamin Tuck


U.S., China spar again on South China Sea dispute.

The VA health care system has so many perverse incentives that it may have actually given rewards to those who treated veterans the worst.

Iran's purported reverse-engineered copies of the Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel unmanned aircraft are nothing but cheap mockups, industry sources told USNI News.

Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wants to rebalance the use of military power.

A small group of U.S. Special Forces troops will arrive in Nigeria later this month to advise on combating Boko Haram.

Former Sgt. Kyle White will receive the Medal of Honor for valor today at the White House.

The Navy's cost-saving plan to lay up 11 cruisers is being met with skepticism on Capitol Hill.

Combat veterans of the 2nd Infantry Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team, will mark the 10th anniversary of the U.S. Army's historic first operational deployment from South Korea, this August.

Legislation introduced by Reps. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) and Kristi Noem (R-S.D.) would extend maternity leave for women serving in the military.

The Defense Department has reinstated two-week rest and recuperation leave in nine countries for troops who deploy before June 1.

Reda Hicks, an Army wife and attorney who works to improve the lives of military families, was recognized Friday as Army Spouse of the Year.

U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command recently developed a "We Care" app that can be used by victims of sexual assault, someone who witnesses sexual harassment or assault, and those in need of suicide prevention help.

The Cold War is over, but the risk of atomic miscalculation is not.

600-day trip around the world makes us dizzy.

A home in Brentwood, New Hampshire, exploded live on TV as an ABC News helicopter was flying over the area, filming as it was burning.

West Antarctic Ice Sheet had begun its inevitable, unstoppable collapse.

Twitter quietly debuted a handy "mute" feature to silence users without having to unfollow them.

Strange: Casey Kasem's whereabouts are unknown.

Strange:  A Kenny G song is hugely popular in China.

Morrissey has released the first single off his new album, due July 15.

A is for the A-Team, B is for the Brady Bunch and so on.

LINK: Original photo by Sgt. Benjamin Tuck

May 12, 2014 at 7:32am

Monday Morning Joe: DoD wants BRAC, Taliban spring offensive, military transgender ban, Navy NeRD, Tarantino Star Wars ...

Anti-Tank Platoon, 2nd Tank Battalion, 2nd Marine Division throws at Fort Pickett, Va. Original photo by Lance Cpl. Joey Mendez


Ukraine rebels claim victory.

Militants carried out a deadly attack on a government building in eastern Afghanistan and fired rockets near Kabul's main airport today as the Taliban began their annual spring offensive.

The Defense Department is calling on Congress to authorize another round of base realignments and closures because of excess capacity that is cutting into funding for troop readiness and other higher priority needs.

U.S. Air Force faces more tough choices in 2016.

Japan to take major step toward collective self-defense.

Cold War 2.0 at Sea.

Brad R. Carson is the Army's new undersecretary.

Slowing the growth of military pay and housing allowances, reducing commissary subsidies and adjusting TRICARE costs will save $31 billion over the next five years and enable readiness to be maintained, said Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno.

House lawmakers shot down most of the Pentagon's proposals to cut costs.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says Fort Bragg will need to make adjustments as the military prepares for downsizing.

Hagel: Military should review transgender ban.

Debate grows over proposal for CIA to turn over drones to Pentagon.

Tomorrow's submarines could sink America's Navy.

Sailors drive potent new riverine boat in Persian Gulf.

Army designing next-generation protective mask.

"Arlington at 150" is the theme for sesquicentennial celebrations at Arlington National Cemetery, slated to run from tomorrow to June 16.

Service academy nominations often withheld from public.

The Navy has an e-reader for submarines: The NeRD.

A high-speed robot arm that snatches objects out of mid-air.

Why settle for snake skin boots when you can have the entire snake?

Cool: Jack White and Neil Young are appearing together on The Tonight Show tonight.

Yep: NBC canceled Community.

Parks and Recreation will end next year.

Larry Wilmore will take Stephen Colbert's slot on Comedy Central.

Finally: Eleven Comic-Book Superpowers the World Could Do Without.

Awesome: Mother's Day Game Show.

How Star Wars would be if it were a Tarantino film.

LINK: Original photo by Lance Cpl. Joey Mendez

May 9, 2014 at 7:31am

Friday Morning Joe: Taliban spring offensive, Army aviation shift, N. Korea is a jerk, Medal of Honor karaoke, tiny hungry hamster is back ...

Australian army Sgt. Lisa Tucker throws a coffee into a field at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan. Original photo by Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Peavy


The Taliban have announced their 2014 "spring offensive" will begin imminently.

Putin marks victory in Crimea, more bloodshed in Ukraine.

CIA, U.S. military at odds over Afghanistan pullback plan.

House Republicans rammed through a measure opening a new investigation of the deadly assault in Benghazi, Libya.

U.S. commandos head to Baltics, Europe for training.

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki ordered a nationwide health care access review as frustration continued to mount over VA's response to allegations of care delays leading to patient deaths.

New manual to shift Army aviation focus to air-guard.

The Future Vertical Lift will be Army aviation's golden egg.

Army's testing of foreign mine boots yields valuable data.

Female British soldiers could soon be allowed to fight on the frontline.

Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sgt. Ty Carter's digs karaoke.

Dick Move: North Korea unleashes racist slurs against Obama.

Army National Guard kept sponsoring NASCAR for a decade without looking into why active branches found it ineffective.

No matter how fast you're driving, no matter the weather conditions, if someone fires a Brimstone missile from a MQ-9 Reaper drone and you're the target, you're dead.

A pretty and rather unusual selfie of an F-16 pilot as he was diving and spinning perpendicular to the ground.

Prepare for the onslaught of tiny hamsters eating tiny everything.

How to fight a bear and win.

List: A good roundup of all the TV marathons and specials airing this weekend.

Rolling Stone rounds up 20 good comedy podcasts.

There's talk of a Morrissey biopic ...

David Lynch cooks quinoa in a weird, surrealist video...

LINK: Original photo by Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Peavy

May 8, 2014 at 7:13am

Thursday Morning Joe: House Armed Services Committee says so, recruiting fraud, Army's best tanks, space vacation ...

Company B, 615th Aviation Support Brigade, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division try to qualify from a foxhole position at an M-203 coffee launcher range. Original photo by 1st Lt. Alun Thomas, 1st ACB, 1st Cav. Div. PAO


The House Armed Services Committee unanimously approved a measure that would authorize just over $600 billion in 2015 U.S. defense spending and block plans to retire the A-10 attack plane.

House panel pulls BRAC from budget.

Powerful factions in Congress are moving to set up an independent commission that would examine the sweeping force structure changes the active duty Army says are necessary.

The U.S. House Armed Services Committee called on U.S. national security officials to report back on the threat posed by Russian satellite monitoring stations.

A U.S. House panel approved provisions restricting the Air Force's ability to retire its E-3 warning aircraft, encouraging the Navy to build two F/A-18E/F Super Hornets each month, and ordering the Pentagon to hand over reams of information.

The House Armed Services Committee approved legislation that prevents the Defense Department from retiring a nuclear aircraft carrier.

The House Armed Services Committee added language to prohibit the department from enforcing the new hair rules.

The House Armed Services panel rejected the Army's plan to transfer the National Guard's Apache attack helicopters to the active side

Three crashed drones were launched from North Korea for spying purposes and had been programmed to fly over South Korea.

U.S. Army sends its best tanks to European war game.

Five Chinese weapons of war the U.S. should fear.

Recruiting fraud is "pervasive" across Army, Guard according to a vocal Guard advocacy group.

Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki said he would not resign amid charges that the department attempted to hide long wait times for appointments at VA health clinics.

Inside the Army's growing Artic Circle mission.

Researchers just published findings from the first ultra-realistic simulation of our universe's growth. And it covers 13 billion years.

Inside the Boeing capsule that could take you on a space vacation.

Climatologist, author, and former NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer offers ten good skeptical arguments against global warming.

Five crowdsourcing projects that defy all logic and reason.

Fox has canceled three comedies: Dads, Enlisted and Surviving Jack.

Big news, Sweathogs: Welcome Back, Kotter: The Complete Series is coming to DVD.

WTF?: Tommy Lee will play drums on the next Smashing Pumpkins album.

Finally: A chart of the most overrated and underrated movies of all time.

It's finals week at the U.S. Naval Academy. ...

LINK: Original photo by 1st Lt. Alun Thomas, 1st ACB, 1st Cav. Div. PAO

May 7, 2014 at 7:30am

Wednesday Morning Joe: Russia is overhead, jungle training, drones o'plenty, Gen. Odierno's future Army, Storm Trooper sigh ...

The 81st Troop Command fires an M203 coffee launcher at Camp Atterbury, Ind. Original photo by Sgt. John Crosby


NATO turns to airlift following increased convoy attacks in Pakistan.

Vietnam and China face off in South China Sea.

The commander of U.S. air forces in the Pacific is reporting a significant increase in activities by Russian planes and ships in the region.

Every country will have armed drones in 10 years.

The military's top leaders tried to sell Congress on the pay and benefits changes they proposed in the 2015 defense budget.

A quartet of powerful U.S. senators are warning that anything less than keeping the A-10 fully active in the Air Force is unacceptable.

White House to give senators access to drone assassination memo.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno talks about the future of the Army and the threats posed by an unstable world.

Pentagon funding for space programs is projected to fall 37 percent over the next four years.

The House Armed Services Committee is opening the door ever so slightly to the possibility of another Base Closure and Realignment Commission.

Bomber-plane budget by U.S. Air Force projected to double.

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III: After 23 years of high-tempo operations, the Air Force is in a precarious position.

Army's vice chief of staff Gen. John F. Campbell: Army aviation needs its innovators to stay, despite the fact that funding is down to bare bones.

The Federal Aviation Administration has determined a U-2 spy plane did not cause computers at Los Angles International Airport's control center to crash.

The Army is reclaiming the lost art of jungle warfare, and soldiers who make it through the new 21-day school can earn a tab and big bragging rights.

Picatinny engineers have devised improvements to the packaging of 60 mm smoke and illumination mortars.

Raytheon is making a bold move: it's dumping the proprietary operating system Solaris in favor of Linux for the control systems of its U.S. military drones.

Too Much Free Time: This guy collected 75,000 McDonald's items over 50 years.

Man foils attempted arrest by knowing his rights better than cops.

There's a new Tori Amos song.

Charles Grodin talks about his weirdo doctor role on Louie.

It wasn't all war, war, war in the Galactic Empire, as Malaysian photographer Zahir Batin reminds us with these curious images of Star Wars miniature figures going about their everyday lives.

Finally: Man makes giant 27.5-foot-long space station with 282,000 matchsticks.

Don't forget the tickets ...

LINK: Original photo by Sgt. John Crosby

May 6, 2014 at 8:03am

Tuesday Morning Joe: JBLM SecArmy Awards, House defense budget, Iranian threat, Super Army soldier, cruising with Wes Anderson ...

Bridge Company, 8th Engineer Support Battalion, 2nd Marine Logistics Group fires an M-32 Multiple Launcher during a coffee training exercise aboard Camp Lejeune, N.C. Original photo by Lance Cpl. Sullivan Laramie


Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldier, civilian earn 2014 Secretary of the Army Awards.

House lawmakers released a $521 billion blueprint for the 2015 defense budget that rejects most of the Pentagon's cost-saving proposals.

The U.S. House Armed Services Committee wants to shift billions of dollars from things such as service contracts and museums to Pentagon weapon programs.

House Bill calls for $100 million slash to the annual commissary operating budget, which is two-thirds, over three years.

Iran will target American aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf should a war between the two countries ever break out.

The chairman of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee has drafted legislation that would require the Defense Department to re-write a major military strategy review that was sent to Congress in March.

U.S. signs new lease to keep strategic military installation in the Horn of Africa.

Pentagon pressured to show progress on assaults.

Report: LAX control center's computers crashed while tracking U-2 - the plane, not the band.

The American Legion is demanding the immediate resignation of Veteran Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki and two other top VA leaders.

King Stallion: Newest Marine helicopter gets a royal rollout.

In July, the U.S. Army will make its first big decision on how to proceed with the ambitious, decades-long developmental project to replace up to 4,000 Apache and Black Hawk helicopters by the mid-2030s.

DARPA's Warrior Web project may provide super-human enhancements.

A small study that has shown results using the drug MDMA and conventional therapy to treat PTSD could be of significant value.

Cool: A video that clearly explains the dimensions of the Moon in relation to other things.

It's hard to believe these paintings are not 3D images.

Preview Arcade Fire's new video which stars Andrew Garfield.

Weird:Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig sings the theme for a new Seinfeld-themed video game.

Take a cruise with Wes Anderson, Jason Schwartzman and Tilda Swinton.

Finally: Weird sketches they cut from SNL.

LINK: Original photo by Lance Cpl. Sullivan Laramie

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