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January 5, 2012 at 7:42am

MORNING SPEW: Same-sex marriage, Clay Huntington Way, Rapper spelling bee ...

These will invade your neighborhood soon.


Gov. Gregoire: She supports same-sex marriage. (The Olympian)

New Puyallup City Council: It has a different agenda. (New Tribune)

Clay Huntington Way: It could be what you take to get to Cheney Stadium. (Tacoma Daily Index)

Final Chapter: Tacoma band Girl Trouble wins lawsuits against Ohio-based Gorilla Productions. (Weekly Volcano)

Iraq: Attackers killed at least 60 Shiites in strikes that renewed fears of sectarian violence. (CNN)

America's Classified X-37B Spaceplane: It's probably pointed at China. (BBC)

Stephen Colbert: How many are there? (The New York Times)

Nooooooo!: The Martha Stewart Show will be axed. (New York Post)

Oh Hell Yes This List Exists: TV's best mullets. (Huffington Post)

It Will Be Knocking On Your Door: New Girl Scout cookie. (Huffington Post)

Slideshow: A day in the life of Conan O'Brien. (Team Coco)

Supercut: Rapper spelling bee. (Slacktory)

A Milestone In Television History

December 22, 2011 at 7:35am

MORNING SPEW: Straight dope on Tacoma's impending crime wave, alarm clock app ...

Lava spews into the air, higher than the treetops, near the Kamoamoa fissures between Napau Crater and the Pu`u `O `o crater on Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, on March 7, 2011. Photo credit: USGS


Ring The Alarm: Straight dope on Tacoma's impending crime wave. (Weekly Volcano)

Wheelz Comes To Screeching Halt: The Fircrest roller rink closed. (News Tribune)

Lakewood Rules: At least according to its city manager. (News Tribune)

Gingrich To Gay Man: Vote for Obama. (CNN)

Wow: The year in volcanic activity. (The Atlantic)

Nikki Sixx: Vegas residency is start of biggest years of Crue's career. (Rolling Stone)

David Letterman: Apologizes to Jay Leno. (Split Sider)

Nog Me Up, Scotty: Enterprise Xmas lights display. (Geekologie)

Alarm Clock App: Features fake wake-up calls from Jimmy Fallon. (Laughing Squid)

Time To Trim The Tree

November 28, 2011 at 7:54pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: The "NO" always lose in the end


Today's comment of the day comes from Justin D. Leighton in response to Zach Poweras' feature story on Marriage Equality ... or more specifially, in response to commenter Kelly.

Leighton writes,


You don't think straight people do all those crazy things you mentioned? In fact only 10% (estimated) of the population is LGBT, the other 90% is straight. We are not worried about their crazy acts happening which is clearly at much higher frequency. BTW you sure know those names well, just saying.

On a side note, you didn't give me or my fellow LGBT citizens everything but marriage and its apparent you didn't vote for Ref 71 but guess what? 54% of Washington citizens gave that right to us.

The great thing about civil rights, is no matter how long the NO hold out, the No always looses in the end. You can fight but no matter what you will not win on this.

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