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February 17, 2013 at 12:48pm


FIRCREST: You're on your own.


This is not how pedestrian signals are suppose to look!

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January 18, 2013 at 1:28pm

NIGHT MOVES: Piko Panda, Champagne Sunday, Nearly Dan, The Good Chills, The Pine Hearts, Elbow Coulee and others ...



Anthem Coffee & Tea Tacoma - Downtown. Piko Panda & Justin Martin of Oh Dear! All Ages. 7 pm. $5.

Backstage Bar & Grill Tacoma - Sixth Avenue. Rockin' Comedy Extravaganza. All Ages. 8 pm. $9.

C.I. Shenanigans Tacoma - Northend. KC Brakes presents pop folk rock night. All Ages. 7-10 pm. NC.

Dawson's Bar and Grill Tacoma - South. Steve Cooley & The Dangerfields. 9 pm.

Forza Coffee Fircrest. Rev. Slim's "Grin & Bear It" Medicine Blues Revival. All Ages. 7 pm. NC.

Harmon Tap Room Tacoma - Stadium District. Champagne Sunday. 8 pm.

Jazzbones Tacoma - Sixth Avenue. Nearly Dan (Steely Dan tribute). 7 pm.

Louie G's Pizzeria Fife. Tyranny Theory, The Lush Tones, In The Between, Stript. All Ages. 8 pm. $5.

Maxwell's Restaurant + Lounge Tacoma - Downtown. Lance Buller Combo. 7 pm.

The New Frontier Lounge Tacoma - Dome District. Elbow Coulee, Trees & Timber. 8 pm.

  • Much has been said (by me, at some times) about how Elbow Coulee sounds like the meeting between pop-punk and dancey synth-rock, but the truth is that the band's range is larger than that. I mean, yeah, lead singer Andrew Tuller's voice does tend to sound pretty similar to that of the dude from the Offspring - but other than that, there are flourishes of lite prog-rock guitar noodling, mixing with dips into '90s emo and tight, spiky, early '00s dance-punk. It's a soup of offbeat rock from throughout the past couple decades, which makes for an intriguing and rather time-traveling listening experience, like flipping around the radio dial and landing on The End, KISW, or college radio, depending on which song (or, even, which verse) you happen to be hearing. - Rev. Adam McKinney

Northern Olympia - Downtown. The Good Chills, Them Dogs, Sick Minds Think Alike. All Ages. 7:30 pm. $5.

The Olympia Ballroom Olympia - Downtown. Fruition String Band, Kendl Winter & The Summer Gold, Science! All Ages. 9 pm. $10.

The Royal Lounge Olympia - Downtown. Dusty 45s. 8 pm. $10.

  • For most Olympians with even a passive interest in attending live shows, Dusty 45s is a known quantity. Truth is, I shouldn't have to tell you about the band's renowned blend of rockabilly, honky tonk, folk and Americana, because you probably already know. You also may already know that it served as famed rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson's backing band on the tour to support her Jack White produced album, or toured with Adele at the height of her rise to fame. The Seattle band has become an institution, and when it returns to Olympia at The Royal Lounge Jan. 18 it is a homecoming of sorts for one of its members. Drummer/backing vocalist Kelly Van Camp is a Thurston County native whom performed in the early '90s power pop group The Noses, which featured John Merrithew of C Average and Tim Brown of the Dirty Birds. For $10, you will not regret catching a band with over a decade on the road, a deep discography and thousands of miles on the odometer; they are a band worth catching time and time again. - Timothy Grisham

Spar Cafe Olympia - Downtown. The Pine Hearts. 8 pm. NC.

Traditions Cafe and World Folk Art Olympia - Downtown. Cosy Sheridan. All Ages. 8 pm. $8-$12.

Washington Center for the Performing Arts Olympia - Downtown. Black Box Cabaret Jazz Series: Steve Luceno & Friends. 8 pm.

LINK: More live music Friday, Jan. 18 in the greater Tacoma and Olympia area

November 22, 2012 at 9:20am

Happy Thanksgiving!

Barring any new Movember drunken people donning mustaches photos, the Weekly Volcano is going to use the holiday as an excuse to take a rare day off. So, please people, for our sake, dig out that ol' music box that plays "Born Free," open a new doughnut shop or start your own Pacific Avenue Streetscape Project.

And we totally want photos of your family's fight to the death over who has the damn Tupperware. The Weekly Volcano knows every year someone brings Tupperware to collect leftovers and every effing year it disappears.

We'll all see you back here tomorrow for 5 Things To Do, The Weekend Hustle and other glorious posts.

Remember: baste often.

LINK: Movies

November 9, 2012 at 5:03pm

NIGHT MOVES: Amocat Live, Barleywine Revue, Hillstomp, Kashmir, Babysitter and others ...



Amocat Cafe Tacoma - Triangle District. Amocat Live! with Emilie Kaye Peine, Micaela Cooley, Francis Kang, Chuck Wayne, Mitchell James. All Ages. 7 pm.

Backstage Bar & Grill Tacoma - Sixth Avenue. The Brew Birthday Bash, with In The Between, Just Dirt. 8 pm.

C.I. Shenanigans Tacoma - Northend. KC Brakes presents pop folk rock night. All Ages. 7-10 pm. NC.

Cork! A Wine Bar Tacoma - Sixth Avenue. Cork's First Annual Storytellers Series, featuring Dave Hannon. 8 pm.

Forza Coffee Company DuPont. Erik Thomas. All Ages. 7 pm.

Forza Coffee Company Fircrest. John Leonard. All Ages. 7 pm.

Jazzbones Tacoma - Sixth Avenue. Kim Archer Band. 7:30 pm. $7-$10.

Le Voyeur Café and Lounge Olympia - Downtown. Babysitter, Happy Noose. 9 pm.

The Lochs Tacoma - Downtown. Afrodisiacs. 7 pm. $8.

Louie G's Pizzeria Fife. Black Beat Blue. All Ages. 8 pm.

Maxwell's Restaurant + Lounge Tacoma - Downtown. Lance Buller Combo. 7 pm.

The New Frontier Lounge Tacoma - Dome District. Barleywine Revue Album Release Party, with Cottonwood Cutups. 9 pm.

  • Barleywine Revue credits itself simply as a bluegrass band, but to hear it, the band somehow transforms that format into something more. Depending on whose lead vocals you get (in a very egalitarian move, the members trade off lead vocal duty), you'll either find yourself in a jumping jam like "Sunshine in Tacoma," a Fleet Foxes-esque reverie like "Burb on the Rocks" or the stately sway of "Ghost Woman Blues." You might even find yourself in the murky politics of "Aliens," which takes a (hopefully) tongue-in-cheek look at the issue of immigration and, specifically, those who obsess over ending it. Regardless of which Barleywine Revue you encounter, you're guaranteed to find flawless harmonies and impeccable musicianship. Barleywine Revue will celebrate the release of its new album with fellow bluegrass mavericks, the Cottonwood Cutups. — Rev. Adam McKinney

The Olympia Ballroom Olympia - Downtown. Hillstomp, The Oly Mountain Boys. All Ages. 9 pm. $5-$10.

  • Armed with washboards, spoons, buckets and banjos, slide and stomp, the junkbox blues duo Henry Christian, guitar, and John Johnson, buckets - bring an assault of high-energy backwoods punk. How the hell does a person yell harmonious twang without sounding a like drunken hillbilly? Maybe the duo do sound like drunken hillbillies. For this talented twosome, it's charming. Rumor has it Hillstomp will play new songs. "They're a lot of fun," says promoter Andy Geertson. "Hillstomp has missed their fans and are excited to get playing again." Local draw Oly Mountain Boys will perform its bluegrass flair. — Nikki McCoy

Spar Cafe Olympia - Downtown. Paul Mauer. 8 pm. NC.

The Swiss Tacoma - Downtown. Space Band. 9 pm.

Uncle Sam's American Bar & Grill Spanaway. Kashmir (Led Zeppelin tribute). 9 pm.

LINK: More live music and DJs tonight in the greater Tacoma and Olympia area

April 23, 2012 at 7:50am

MORNING SPEW: Fircrest fisticuffs, Baywatch Tacoma, cats vs. dogs answer ...

CATS VS. DOGS: The age-old question finally has an answer.


How Many Tacoma Fire Department Personnel Does It Take To Rescue Two Dumbass Beachcombers?: Two engines, three ladder companies, tech-rescue rig and five staff members, as well as two medic brigs. (New Tribune)

What Happens If You Pull A Gun On a Fircrest Police Officer?: You'll get shot. (News Tribune)

Fircrest Vs. University Place: It's all fun and games until you want to improve the roads until you try to charge traffic impact fees for developments. (News Tribune)

Find The Stolen Guns Game: Although the game involves crimes. (News Tribune)

George Zimmerman: He's been released on bond. (CNN)

Obama Power Play: With Republicans blocking his agenda, the president has been using executive powers to enact measures on the environment, education, drug shortages and recess appointments. (The New York Times)

Cats Vs. Dogs: Finally, an answer on which is better. (Buzz Feed)

Old Spice: It's trying to make "smellf" happen. (Time)

Handy Guide: 12 things being sold on eBay because they kind of look like Jesus. (The Awl)

Finally, The Answer: Why do we say "Ye Olde" something-or-other when we want to sound Old English? (Neatorama)

It's Official! The gays prefer Adele to Lady Gaga according to a very scientific Gaydar poll. (The Sun)

China Knuckles: It's for the girl who wants to be chic and eco-friendly while still being conscious of self defense. (Who Killed Bambi)

April 16, 2012 at 11:33am

Sexy Issue 2012 voting is open

SEXY ISSUE 2011 COVER: Marguerite Giguere was named Sexiest Real Estate Agent. Who will be on the cover this year? Photo credit: Jason Ganwich Photography


Once again, the Weekly Volcano is unleashing The Sexy Issue, giving one and all the chance to gaze at the sexiest people in the South Sound - as voted on by all of you, our dear readers. The great thing about the Volcano's annual Sexy Issue, if we do say so ourselves, is how it manages to prove, year after year, that you don't have to be on a Kia Super Bowl ad to be smoking hot. Our annual Sexy Issue is the Weekly Volcano's way of showcasing the South Sound's sexiest denizens - and by denizens we don't mean celebrities; we're talking about regular dudes and dudettes who just happen to look sexy as hell when taking us on test drives, trimming our meat or brewing our beer. These folks can be just as hot - and a hell of a lot more accessible, theoretically - as anyone you typically see on TV and in magazines. 

This year, we are asking you to nominate the person who makes you all hot and bothered in the following categories: Actor/Actress, Artist, Brewer, Karaoke Host, Lead singer, Lawyer, Butcher, Car Salesperson, Blogger and Personal Trainer.

On Thursday, June 7, the Weekly Volcano will publish The Sexy Issue, immortalizing the sexy, chosen few forever.

Help us find them.

Voting ends May 11 at 5 p.m. - so help the Weekly Volcano find the South Sound's hottest citizens. Vote today!

Vote for the South Sound's sexiest people

March 15, 2012 at 7:38am

Tournament of Breakfast: First Round Battles

BABBLIN' BABS BISTRO: They've been known to serve French toast stuffed with mascarpone cheese and pumpkin purée with rum soaked raisins, spiced egg custard and grilled to a golden orange brown.


Two years ago, the Weekly Volcano challenged 64 taco slingers to enter tournament-style culinary combat, shell versus shell, with Moctezuma's crowned best taco. Last year, pizza took center-stage in our quest for gustatory greatness, with Katie Downs pie reigning supreme. This year, the tradition continues.

It's breakfast time, baby!

Beginning today, 64 well-buttered competitors (for the most part) will tip off and do battle - working their way through the tediously constructed bracket and toward ultimate supremacy.

We speak, of course, of the Weekly Volcano's Tournament of Breakfast, which kicks off this morning right here on Spew. Sixty-four area breakfast joints were selected and seeded by readers throughout February, and now the time has come to see who's best. Only one can be crowned king - so vote early, and DAILY here on Spew. Use the bracket attached to his post to guide you through the daily matchups.

Then, on April 2, join us at the Meconi's Pub in downtown Tacoma for the Official Tournament of Breakfast Party - our winner will be announced during halftime of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game.

The daily breakfast battles here on Spew are sponsored by Shakabrah Java on Tacoma's Sixth Avenue.

OK, let's check out today's First Round breakfast battles. Vote for one breakfast joint per battle. Voting for today's breakfast battles ends at 11:45 p.m.

Tomorrow's First Round Breakfast Battles in the South Region

Game 1: Norma's Burgers (7210 Martin Way E., Olympia) vs. Eastside Big Tom (2023 Fourth Ave. E., Olympia)

Game 2: Sage's Brunch House (903 Rogers St. NW, Olympia) vs. Budd Bay Cafe (525 Columbia St. NW, Olympia) 

Game 3: River's Edge (4611 Tumwater Valley Dr. SW, Olympia) vs. Hawk's Prairie Restaurant (8306 Quinault Dr. NE, Lacey)

Game 4: Black Bear Diner (955 Black Lake Blvd. SW, Olympia) vs. Red Wind Casino (12819 Yelm Hwy., Lacey)

LINK: Hot Damn! Yes, I want the Weekly Volcano newsletter!

March 8, 2012 at 7:23am

Tournament of Breakfast voting begins March 15

TOURNAMENT OF BREAKFAST: Pancakes vs. waffles? You get to decide.


It's March ... meaning Madness is once again in the air. Soon, 64 early risers will tip off and do battle in part of an annual South Sound tradition - working their way through a tediously-constructed bracket and toward ultimate supremacy.

We speak, of course, of the Weekly Volcano's Tournament of Breakfast, which kicks off March 15 right here on Spew. This year's Tournament of Breakfast marks the continuation of an epic winning streak that began in 2010 with the Volcano's Tournament of Tacos, and continued in 2011 with the Tournament of Pizza.

This year, the Volcano has the South Sound's best breakfast in its crosshairs, and it's up to readers to decide who walks away the winner.

Through the end of March, and keeping pace with the national excitement on the college basketball courts (though far more tasty), 64 area breakfast joints will compete in the Volcano's 2012 Tournament of Breakfast. These pancake-serving and egg-frying establishments were selected and seeded by readers throughout February, and now the time has come to see who's best. Marcia's Silver Spoon, Shakabrah or Old Milwaukee Cafe in Tacoma? Carrs or Burs? Darby's or the New Moon Cafe down south?

Only one can be crowned king - so vote early, often and DAILY on this blog. Use the bracket inside the print version of the Weekly Volcano to guide you through the matchups.

Then, on April 2, join us at the Meconi's Tacoma Pub & Eatery for the Official Tournament of Breakfast Party - our winner will be announced during halftime of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game.

See you back here Thursday, March 15.

Sponsored by ...

January 30, 2012 at 10:34am

Vote for the best breakfast in the South Sound


In March, the Weekly Volcano will host the South Sound Tournament of Breakfast. Chosen through the nomination process below, the top 64 vote getters - the cream of the griddle - will compete daily on our blog - weeklyvolcanospew.com - March 15-April 2. Through online voting, readers will pick daily winners until the Best Breakfast in the South Sound is crowned. It's just like March Madness, only with way more syrup. The Tournament of Breakfast grand champion will be announced at our Tournament of Breakfast Party at 6 p.m. April 2 (details soon).

First, we need you to help select the 64 restaurants that should be included in the tournament. Who has the best breakfast in the South Sound? Vote for your favorite below.

January 16, 2012 at 8:58am

AccuWeather News: "Substantial Snow" headed our way


AccuWeather just dropped this on the Weekly Volcano World Headquarters:

January 16, 2012 – State College, PA – After a modest round of wintry weather over the weekend, more snow, including a potentially historic winter storm will target the Pacific Northwest this week, with heavy accumulations expected, even in Seattle.

In the Cascades of Washington and Oregon, snow will be measured in feet and along some western-facing slopes, it could take multiple yard sticks to total up the powder!


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