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December 13, 2014 at 9:32am

Words & Photos: National Guard Birthday Run at Camp Murray

Washington National Guard's Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Bret Daugherty, left, finishes the final bend of a 5K run around Camp Murray with Family Programs Director Lt. Col. Don Brewer to honor the National Guard's 378th birthday. Photo credit: Gary Lott

"It is important to celebrate the birthday of the Army National Guard in order to take a little time to remember that we are part of an enduring, professional organization built on irreplaceable values with a unified purpose," said Lt. Col. Don Brewer, Washington National Guard Family Programs director. "Sometimes, it is easy to take for granted very important things and in the process, forget who we are and where we have come from. Celebrating the birthday of the Army National Guard gives us an opportunity to remember and be grateful."

Then, everyone went on a run.

Dozens of servicemembers and their families braved the high-wind storms and cold morning weather to join together and run the perimeter of Camp Murray for a National Guard Birthday Run Dec. 12. The event had two goals:to honor the many contributions of the National Guard, as well as to provide senior leadership with the opportunity to join their enlisted servicemembers - and their families - to stress the importance of morale, resiliency and fitness.

"These types of events are extremely important because they help build confidence, trust and friendship between people who might not normally spend time together outside of the workplace," said Brewer.

>>> The Washington National Guard's Family Programs Director, Lt. Col. Don Brewer, shares with the crowd of servicemembers the importance of "never forgetting" the accomplishments of those servicemembers that came before. 

>>> Members of the Washington National Guard participated in a Camp Murray Fun Run Dec. 12 to honor and build awareness for the National Guard's 378th birthday, which will take place Dec. 13. Photo credit: Gary Lott

>>> A line of Washington National Guard servicemember runners start their 5k trek around the perimeter of Camp Murray in front of the iconic minuteman statue that sits affront the Washington National Guard headquarters. Photo credit: Gary Lott

National Guard History

Founded in 1630, the Massachusetts Bay Colony - comprised of more than 5,000 European men, women and children - made the long voyage to the New World, or now called United States of America. With the long and uncertain move away from their homeland, the leaders of the New World wanted a ready, willing and able group of citizens that were ready at a moment's notice to protect and serve the new continent. Thus, the National Guard was formed into existence with a direct declaration signed into law on Dec. 13, 1636.

The National Guard is the longest serving military branch, and was in place even before the United States was "officially" a country. These community warriors became the "Always Ready, Always There" force structure that to this day are still protecting the homes of the communities they serve.

Just in the past year, the Washington National Guard became a "savior" for many Washingtonians, by assisting with the plaguing wildfires that hit Eastern and Central Washington, as well as assisting with the devastation caused by the SR 530 landslide.

These two emergencies are perfect examples again of how the National Guard may serve in many of the same capacities that our active-duty military branches do, but in a much different and impactful light.

>>> Sgt. 1st Class Robert Chinneth of the Washington National Guard was running faster than the five miles per hour speed limit sign through the RV Park next to American Lake. Photo credit: Gary Lott

>>> The Assistant Operations NCO of G1, 1st Sgt. Berndt, runs besides the barbed-wire fences along the perimeter of Camp Murray.

National Guard Component

The National Guard may be viewed upon as similar to all the other military branches, and in many ways that statement is correct. The servicemembers deploy, attend basic training, conduct regular physical training and sacrifice their lives for this country. The major difference between the National Guard and other branches, is the majority of guardsmembers were born in, serve in and, one day will die in the same state that they serve. All servicemembers serve this nation, but only one branch gets the opportunity to defend and constantly support the places they have always and may always call home.

National Guard Birthday Run

Joint Services Support Directorate for the Washington National Guard (JSS), Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve (ESGR), Recruiting & Retention Battalion (RRB) and the National Guard Association of Washington (NGAW) held the National Guard Birthday Run to honor the sacrifices of those before and to raise awareness and pride for those serving today.

"Being willing to come out and run on a cold, wet and dreary morning with a handful of other soldiers and airmen portrays a positive message that the Adjutant General of Washington still enjoys the camaraderie that happens when you get out and work hard with your people," said Brewer. "It is a positive message of no leader being above his or her people."

The Washington National Guard's Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Bret Daugherty, joined the run to help stress the importance of the National Guard's accomplishments, as well as to emphasize the importance of soldier morale, fitness and resiliency overall.

"The older I get the more I understand how important it is to never forget our history," said Daugherty. "Forgetting the history of our organization can facilitate forgetting our values and our purpose. Conversely, remembering the history of our organization can help us to remember our values and purpose."

It seems apparent that the Washington National Guard will not forget those that have gone before them; those service members who have shed blood, sweat and tears in order to make the organization what it is today.

"Taking a few minutes to remember our history can ultimately produce a renewed sense of pride and gratitude that just might make a difference in the way that we approach our jobs and our families on any given day," added Daugherty.

>>> Sgt. 1st Class Robert Chinneth was the first place male finisher for the Camp Murray National Guard Run Dec. 12. Chinneth finished the 5k-plus run around Camp Murray in just over 20 minutes. Photo credit: Gary Lott

>>> Sgt. 1st Class Hopkins, Staff Sgt. Murray and Spc. Gines finish the final stretch of the Washington National Guard's National Guard Birthday Run. Photo credit: Gary Lott

>>> The Washington National Guard's Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Bret Daugherty, left, receives support from his servicemembers while crossing the finish line of the 5K run around Camp Murray. Daugherty ran alongside the Joint Services Support and Family Programs Director Lt. Col. Don Brewer to honor the National Guard's 378th birthday. Photo credit: Gary Lott

>>> The spouse of a Washington National Guard servicemember shows off the Recruiting and Retention Battalion "Swag Bag" that she received for finishing with the top female time.

>>> The Washington National Guard's Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Bret Daugherty, reiterates the importance of National Guard history and the impacts of the guard throughout the centuries following a National Guard Birthday Run around the perimeter of Camp Murray Dec. 12. Photo by Gary Lott

>>> The youngest attendee of the National Guard Birthday Run, held by the Joint Services Support Directorate Dec. 12, joins the Washington National Guard's Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Bret Daugherty, to conduct the official National Guard 378th birthday cake cutting ceremony. Photo credit: Gary Lott

November 26, 2014 at 11:41am

Words & Photos: Operation: Turkey Drop at JBLM and Camp Murray

Participants of Operation: Turkey Drop unload a dozen birds in front of the 446th Airlift Wing on Joint Base Lewis-McChord Nov. 25. Photo credit: Gary Lott

The Operation: Turkey Drop program, now in its eighth year, helps check off meals from servicemembers' holiday checklists.

Servicemembers from a variety of active and National Guard units began receiving turkeys from the program Nov. 25 across Joint Base Lewis-McChord and Camp Murray, offering relief from the financial burdens of holiday expenses.

"Last year, one brigade had the recipient families' onsite to collect their turkeys," said Carlene Joseph, president of the Captain Meriwether Lewis Chapter for the Association of the United States Army. "It was very heartwarming to meet these families and to see how appreciative they were."

These types of heartwarming memories will only continue to grow.

"This year, we plan to distribute about 745 turkeys, compared to last year's 400," Joseph said. "Due to our fundraising efforts, for the first time, we'll be able to expand our outreach to the Air Force and National Guard in Eastern Washington.

"It's very rewarding to show JBLM and Camp Murray just how appreciative our community is of their work," she added. "Operation: Turkey Drop gives some of our local businesses the opportunity to visit and spread good cheer during the holiday season." 

>>> Once again, the Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse truck was the command center for Operation: Turkey Drop at Joint Base Lewis-McChord and Camp Murray Nov. 25. Photo credit: Gary Lott

>>> Operation: Turkey Drop delivered more than 700 turkeys to servicemembers this year compared to the 400 that were dropped last year. Photo credit: Gary Lott

>>> Operation: Turkey Drop sponsors pose with 446th Airlift Wing staff on JBLM Nov. 25. Photo credit: Gary Lott

>>> Master Sgt. Todd Wivell smiles as he fends of the rain and waits for the 62nd Airlift Wing commander, Col David Kumashiro, to arrive and assist with collecting turkeys for their unit. Photo credit: Gary Lott

>>> The 62nd Airlift Wing Commander Col. David Kumashiro and Chief Master Sgt. Gordon Drake show off their birds, after receiving more than a dozen holiday meal turkeys for the 62nd AW. Photo credit: Gary Lott

This program continues to grow with the help of its many sponsors. For example, DaVita has sponsored the program for several years now, and this year it more than doubled its contribution. Also, Northwest Harley-Davidson and Brothers in Arms have hosted a Freedom Ride for five consecutive years.  The amount raised from this year's event was twice what was raised in previous years. Lastly, the Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse has purchased 100 turkeys each year of the program and has provided a "now infamous" box truck that can be seen transporting and delivering the turkeys across JBLM and Camp Murray to various units.  

"The Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse recently won a statewide community service award, and one of the deciding factors included their role in Operation: Turkey Drop," Joseph said.

>>> The staff of the Joint Services Support Directorate of the Washington National Guard prepared accompanying holiday meals for the turkeys that were provided by Operation: Turkey Drop. Photo credit: Gary Lott

>>> Deborah Discolo, Washington National Guard's Family Assistance Center coordinator, gives candy to the daughter of Sgt. Phillips during Operation: Turkey Drop on Camp Murray, Nov. 25. Photo credit: Gary Lott

Along with the listed sponsors and dozens more listed below, the various business partners of the Pierce Military and Business Alliance have been incredibly generous by purchasing turkeys for the Washington National Guard and their families.  

This year, Operation: Turkey Drop will also deliver more than 250 turkeys to Fairchild Air Force Base outside of Spokane for the first time in the program's history.

"The AUSA Minuteman subchapter will be coordinating those efforts and will be working with the Washington National Guard's Family Programs Directorate to identify the families," Joseph said. 

Joseph, who volunteers for the program, also works for Harborstone Credit Union, which has been a strong supporter of Operation: Turkey Drop since day one. It also strongly supports both the Air Force Association and the Association of the United States Army.

"Harborstone Credit Union has been with us since day one and has allowed me to coordinate the program since its inception," said Joseph. "Again, with all of these generous supporters, we were able to nearly double our turkey purchases compared to last year."

The program's success has relied upon recurring sponsors, but continues to evolve.

"We have been fortunate enough to have recurring sponsors who seek us out before we can begin the planning process," Joseph said.

If you miss out on the Thanksgiving campaign, the program also conducts Operation: Ham Grenade for the Christmastime season. That holiday meal program is scheduled for Dec. 18.

"It truly is an honor to have you all here doing such a wonderful thing for our service members," said 62nd Airlift Wing Commander Col. David Kumashiro. "This is a good thing, and we are lucky to have all your support throughout the year, and especially during the holidays."

>>> Command Sgt. Maj. Matt Barnes, former CSM for Joint Base Lewis-McChord, smiles in front of 700-plus turkeys. Photo credit: Gary Lott

>>> This little soldier, dressed like his dad, picked up their complimentary holiday turkey as part of the ongoing program, Operation: Turkey Drop. Photo credit: Gary Lott


DaVita; Northwest Harley-Davidson; Harborstone Credit Union; Brothers in Arms; Caliber Home Loans (formerly known as Cobalt Mortgage); AUSA-Captain Meriwether Lewis Chapter; SGT Audie Murphy Club; Navy Federal Credit Union; Auburn Volkswagen; Fixit Auto Body of Gig Harbor; Support America's Armed Forces; and the Hawks Prairie Rotary Club. 


Harborstone Credit Union; The Boeing Company C-17 Program; Support America's Armed Forces; GEICO Local Office; Tactical Tailor; American Lake Credit Union; Cargill and Associates; Lakewood Chamber of Commerce; Pet Brigade; Northwest Airlifter/The Ranger; Lemay-Pierce County Refuse; Patriot's Landing; Cannon Construction Inc.; Saint Martin's University; Northwest Harley-Davidson; Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel; Caliber Home Loans (formerly known as Cobalt Mortgage); RE/MAX; Auburn Volkswagen; Little Caesar's Pizza; American Red Cross-Mount Rainier Chapter; US Family Health Plan; Sumner RV; The Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse; Olympic Eagle Distributing; Best Western Premier Plaza Hotel & Conference Center.

May 31, 2014 at 1:17pm

Seahawks' "Heroes of 12" tour stops at Camp Murray for a tailgate party

>>> Seagal Christian and Seagal Taylor give thumbs down after a Washington National Guard Philadelphia Eagles fan sneaks in and shows off his Eagles shirt during the “Seahawks” Vince Lombardi Trophy event on Camp Murray May 29. Photo credit: Gary Lott

The Vince Lombardi Trophy has always signified a city's - and a community's - worldly accomplishment, but it doesn't always represent an entire state like it did May 29 when the trophy came to Camp Murray as part of the Seattle Seahawks' "Heroes of 12" trophy tour.

"This was a well put together event to help build the morale of our service members as well as to strengthen our community outreach efforts with the Seahawks organization," said Assistant Adjutant General for the Washington National Guard, Brig. Gen. Wallace Turner. "It was a pleasure not only seeing the trophy, but also seeing hundreds of servicemembers and their families connecting with one another throughout the day."

The Super Bowl 48-winning team's Vince Lombardi Trophy took a two-day "Heroes of 12"trip May 28 and 29, first visiting active duty servicemembers on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, followed by a trip across the I-5 highway the following day to the Washington National Guard Headquarters on Camp Murray.

>>> The Vince Lombard Trophy appearance at the Washington National Guard's Arsenal Museum brought in hundreds of servicemembers, including family members, to pose with the trophy. Photo credit: Gary Lott

>>> Seagal Taylor adds her signature to the hundreds of other servicemember's signatures on the same 12th Man Flag that flew on the Camp Murray flagpole during the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl playoff run. Every servicemember that posed with the Vince Lombardi Trophy added their signature to the 12th Man Flag. Photo credit: Gary Lott

The Seahawks and the "12" community that so proudly supports it, whether here at home or in the camps in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq, have a big impact on the service members that serve Washington state.

Those unfamiliar with the National Guard may not be familiar with the fact that these citizen-soldiers are exactly that: soldiers and citizens of Washington state. Many were born here, raised here and will most likely, one day be buried here.

Encountering servicemembers who weren't Seahawks fans may have been a surprise to some, but those who truly know the family bonds that these citizen-soldiers hold wouldn't find a single reason why another city's fan, a different state's fan even, would be at an event where family members, friends and fellow servicemembers joined together as a community to have a good time.

>>> The Washington National Guard's Assistant Adjutant General, Brig. Gen. Wallace Turner presents Seahawks Fan Development Assistant Director Armando Mejia and the Seahawks organization with a certificate of appreciation for their support of the Washington National Guard. Photo credit: Gary Lott

The Camp Murray trophy event even managed to raise more than $1,100 for the Minuteman Emergency Assistance Fund, the Washington National Guard Arsenal Museum and National Guard Association of Washington Education Scholarship, which most frequently benefits the families of service members serving Washington state.

Along with more than 450 people at the JBLM event the day prior, more than 500 people showed up to the Camp Murray event.

But this event wasn't just about the trophy: Seagals Christian and Taylor accompanied the trophy, posed with servicemembers and took time to mingle while enjoying the "tailgating" event area set up by the Joint Services Support Directorate outside of the Arsenal Museum.

The "tailgating" event was comprised of various games - supervised by the Washington National Guard's Recruiting & Retention Battalion - a hot dog lunch and a National Guard Association and American Lake Credit Union-conducted raffle, with the main draw item a Richard Sherman-signed football.

>>> Spec. Samson Anderson (Washington National Guard Recruiting & Retention Battalion takes a selfie with Seagal Christian during the Camp Murray Vince Lombardi Trophy Tailgate event. The tailgate event was set up outside of the Arsenal Museum, where servicemembers could pose with the Seahawks Super Bowl trophy. Photo credit: Gary Lott

>>> Lt. Col. Thomas Wargo, Deputy G3, Mobilization and Readiness, enjoys a game of Spike Ball with guard youth during the tailgating portion of the Camp Murray Vince Lombardi Trophy event at Camp Murray May 29. Photo credit: Gary Lott

"Today's ‘Heroes of 12' tour at Camp Murray provided another opportunity to rally soldiers, families and friends of the Washington National Guard team to celebrate the winning culture of the Seattle Seahawks championship team," said Joint Services Support Director Lt. Col. Don Brewer.

The Seahawks' winning culture is one that the Washington National Guard is continuously working hard to establish and maintain.

"The soldiers, airmen and families of the Washington National Guard benefit greatly from the generous contributions of our community partners, like the Seattle Seahawks," Brewer said. "The level of commitment and care that these partners hold for those who have served our State and Nation is something that will always astound me."


Washington National Guard played big role in Seahawks' Super Bowl Championship parade

April 15, 2014 at 9:24am

Washington Guard asks you to Purple Up today for the Month of the Military Child

Members of the Washington National Guard's Joint Services Support Directorate proudly sport their purple in front of the Minuteman statue on Camp Murray to build awareness for Purple Up Day.

Showing your support for the dedication and sacrifices of our military children is all too easy with a little touch of color. Making a fashion statement to build awareness is nothing new for this generation, but part of that statement is being able to positively build awareness and inform others about the importance of a specific issue.

April marks the Month of the Military Child, and the Joint Services Support Directorate of the Washington National Guard is encouraging everyone to wear purple Tuesday, April 15 to recognize and acknowledge the sacrifices and dedications that military youth provide for this nation.

"Military children make daily contributions of strength and courage and should be commended," said Washington Air & Army National Guard Youth Lead Program Coordinator Robbin Seeberger. "The Washington National Guard Child & Youth Program works diligently to provide programs and seek out local opportunities of support for the youth across our state."

For the second year in a row, Governor Jay Inslee made sure that all of Washington state knew the importance of this very special day.


March 14, 2014 at 5:17pm

Words & Photos: Washington National Guard St. Patrick's Day 5K Fun Run/Walk at Camp Murray

The Camp Murray streets were full of wet and crazy Washington National Guard runners the morning of March 14. Photo credit; Gary Lott

It was a wet, green morning at Camp Murray.

And I'm not talking about Mother Nature ... unless she wore green and ran with the Washington National Guard during the second annual St. Patrick's Day 5K Fun Run/Walk.

Yes, it was wet this morning at 7:30 a.m., but spirits were high.

"In the Guard, we don't have as many opportunities to conduct physical training collectively, so it was important to us to facilitate an event that would impact the morale of our guardsmen in a positive way," said the G1's 1st Sgt. Michael Berndt.  "Additionally, every penny raised during the event is donated to the Minuteman Emergency Assistance Fund (MEAF), which directly helps our soldiers and airmen experiencing financial hardships," he added.

The event was once again held to "pay it forward" by the G1 Directorate, who is responsible for National Guard human resources information.

"Most of the G1 staff is involved, in one way or another, because they know the event will benefit Soldiers and Airmen for months to come," said Berndt. "Both the support staff and participants will play an active role in building our professional relationships and strengthening our community."

>>> 1st Sgt. Michael Berndt kept the Minutemen Emergency Assistance Fund silent auction running smooth. It raised $1,022. Photo credit: Gary Lott

>>> Col. Jeffrey Sabatine thanks the National Guard Association of Washington in front of members of the Washington National Guard before the start of the Camp Murray St. Patrick's Day 5K Fun Run/Walk. Photo credit: Gary Lott

>>> Maj. Gen. Bret Daugherty, Washington National Guard adjutant general, lists the priorities of the Guard and thanks all of the attendees for supporting the Minutemen Emergency Assistance Fund. Photo credit: Gary Lott

These types of events are important because teamwork and soldier care are at the core of Guard's values. This event covers both.

"The 5K event promotes physical fitness and strengthens our team building skills," said Berndt. "By supporting the Minuteman Emergency Assistance Fund and supporting one another, collectively, we are building resilience in a number of different ways."

>>> The iconic "Fred" The Minuteman statue kept a close on on the craziness. Photo credit: Gary Lott

The Joint Services Support Directorate (JSS) even had their Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness and Resiliency (CSF) class participate in the run.

"We are always glad to see our Fit and Resilient classes coincide with the many fun runs that take place on Camp Murray," said the CSF program manager, 1st Lt. Kyereme Blanding. "It's great to show our class participants the importance of team building, building morale and motivating one another to become more resilient, especially with the cold weather."

Several of the Washington National Guard's Major Subordinate Commands, to include the 81st Brigade Combat Team, 96th Troop Command, 66th Aviation, 205th Training Regiment, JSS and Joint Force Headquarters, spent their own money and donated a variety of themed baskets and other items to help raise money for the event. The National Guard Association of Washington donated all of the food.

"It was awesome to have more than 150 people show up and raise more than $1,000 ($1022 exactly) for the MEAF," said event POC Staff Sgt. Susie Lopez. "We were worried the rain would affect the amount of attendees, but obviously we still had lots of green on Camp Murray today."

>>> Washington National Guard G1 singed the St. Patrick's Day Fun Run banner. Photo credit: Gary Lott

>>> Joint Services Support Directorate's Fit and Resilient class was in the house. Photo credit: Gary Lott

February 6, 2014 at 5:18pm

Sunday is a day of noise at Camp Murray

Last Sunday Camp Murray erupted in cheer as the Seattle Seahawks played a scrimmage team from Denver, Colo.

This Sunday, Feb. 9, Camp Murray will erupt with cannons. No, forces from Silcox Island won't be returning volleys, but rather the Washington Army National Guard will fire a cannon salute at approximately 1 p.m. at the north end of Camp Murray on the parade field. The cannon salute, according to a news release, is part of a change of command ceremony. The duration of the ceremonial cannon firing is estimated to be less than 20 seconds, but will be audible in Tillicum, on Camp Murray and on parts of Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

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January 29, 2014 at 6:58pm

Military training would qualify for civilian license requirements under Sen. Steve O’Ban bill

This just in ...

Today the state Senate voted unanimously to approve Senate Bill 5970, a measure to allow military men and women to qualify for civilian licenses if they meet certain requirements. The bill's sponsor, Sen. Steve O'Ban, R-University Place, says he proposed the idea because too many soldiers with outstanding skills and abilities must start at square one after reentering the civilian workforce.


January 16, 2014 at 3:01pm

Washington National Guard IS the 12th Man

It seems the Washington National Guard wants the Seahawks to beat the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game Sunday. Photo courtesy of Gary Lott

Here is what we know about the National Guard:

The National Guard was formed in the 17th century as the militia of the colonists in North America.

National Guard soldiers have fought in every U.S. war since 1637.

Other reserve groups have no affiliation with the National Guard, such as the Army Reserve.

Each U.S. state and Washington D.C. has its own National Guard.

The National Guard takes an oath to perform state or federal missions and can be deployed for either. A governor can call up troops to assist in national disasters or the president can order troops to foreign nations on federal missions.

In times of peace, the National Guard trains one weekend a month and two weeks during the year.

The National Guard, well at least the Washington National Guard, are huge Seahawks fans, and are not shy, according to another batch of photos out of Camp Murray.

(If the Seahawks beat the 49ers Sunday, we suspect the Washington National Guard will send us 49 photos of them cheering on the Hawks. These people are crazy fans.)

January 8, 2014 at 1:48pm

Washington National Guard cheers on the Seahawks

12th man spirit rides high today at Camp Murray. Photo credit: Gary Lott

The Washington National Guard showed its 12th Man support of the Seattle Seahawks today on top a M1A1 Chaffee in front of the Washington National Guard Museum at Camp Murray.

Go Hawks!

December 23, 2013 at 4:13pm

South Sound Military & Communities Partnership continues its mission

Representatives from 14 South Sound county and city organizations met Dec. 20 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord to renew the SSMCP partnership. Photo courtesy of Facebook

Representatives from 14 South Sound county and city organizations met Friday to sign the Memorandum of Agreement, agreeing to increase their financial support to the South Sound Military & Communities Partnership.

With federal government support shifting from the SSMCP's general fund to focus more on specific projects, the city and private organizations from Pierce and Thurston counties agreed to kick in more money.

Since SSMCP's inception in May 2011, its support has been predominately from federal funds - 90 percent federal and 10 percent local.


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