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June 9, 2011 at 9:36am

5 Things to Do Today: Mahnhammer, "Journey from Zanskar," Nate Jackson's Super Funny Comedy Show ...

Rock with Mahnhammer tonight at the New Frontier Lounge.

THURSDAY, JUNE 9, 2011 >>>

1. Catch Mahnhammer, Hands of Toil and the Heroine tonight at the New Frontier Lounge in Tacoma. Or, if that's not your ticket, browse the Volcano's extensive South Sound live local music listings here.

2. Drop into the Grand Cinema today when Oscar-nominated writer-director Frederick Marx visits Tacoma with his 2010 documentary Journey from Zanskar, which is about Tibetan monk Geshe Lobsang Yonten, who seeks to help his small, impoverished community of Zanskar survive.

3. Mosey through either the Downtown Tacoma  Broadway Farmers Market, or down south the famous Olympia Farmers Market. Or, if neither option sounds quite right, mosey through the Volcano's comprehensive arts and entertainment calendar here.

4. On Thursdays Nate Jackson busts out his "Super Funny Comedy Show" at Varsity Grill. From what we understand, it's "super funny."

5. Vote for Tacoma's best baristas, politicians, bloggers, bartenders and local businesses in the only 253 "Best Of" issue that matters. The Volcano's annual Best of Tacoma issue publishes July 28, and this year's readers' poll launched last week. Let your vote be heard now! Find all the details here.

June 7, 2011 at 10:04am

5 Things to Do Today: Death By Steamship, TCC choir action, memoir writing, trivia ...

Death By Steamship

TUESDAY, JUNE 7, 2011 >>>

1. Death By Steamship is playing the New Frontier Lounge in Tacoma tonight, a fine chance at some drunken art rock if ever there was one. Of course, you know that if you read Bobble Tiki's column this week.

2.Impressed by amazing voices? Venture out to Tacoma Community College tonight for a choral performance featuring the TCC Voices, TCC Singers and TCC Gospel Choir. The action starts at 7:30 p.m. Or, if that's not your musical cup of tea, check out the Volcano's extensive live local music listings for the South Sound here.

3. Every Tuesday at the State Capital Museum in Olympia writer Delores Nelson leads a memoir writing class. If you've always wanted to get your story on paper, this has the potential to be an invaluable tool. Or, perhaps if you're ambitions aren't as literary, find the Volcano's comprehensive South Sound arts and entertainment calendar here.

4. Tonight is a huge night for trivia around the South Sound. Drinking and question answering can be had at the Swiss, Farelli's in Tacoma and Sumner, Paddy Coyne's, the Hub ... and the list goes on.

5. Vote for Tacoma's best baristas, politicians, bloggers, bartenders and local businesses in the only 253 "Best Of" issue that matters. The Volcano's annual Best of Tacoma issue publishes July 28, and this year's readers' poll launched last week. Let your vote be heard now! Find all the details here.

June 6, 2011 at 10:11am

5 Things to Do Today: Plateau, Rockaraoke, Monday Meditation, Moon Daddy ...

Moon Daddy is at the Swiss tonight.

MONDAY, JUNE 6, 2011 >>>

1. Catch purveyors of pop, Plateau, tonight at Le Voyeur in Olympia. Here's what the Volcano's Adam McKinney had to say about the band.

2. Monday night means one thing on Sixth Avenue in Tacoma - Rockaraoke at Jazzbones! It's the perfect opportunity to get your Jager bomb on! Find details here. Or, if Ed Hardy isn't your scene, peruse the Volcano's extensive South Sound live local music listings here.

3. Drop in on the Monday Meditation Meetup today at The Center in Lakewood. Find more info here. Find the Volcano's comprehensive South Sound arts and events calendar here for more awesome entertainment options.

4. Moon Daddy will rock The Swiss tonight. Just sayin'.

5. Vote for Tacoma's best baristas, politicians, bloggers, bartenders and local businesses in the only 253 "Best Of" issue that matters. The Volcano's annual Best of Tacoma issue publishes July 28, and this year's readers' poll launched last week. Let your vote be heard now! Find all the details here.

January 4, 2011 at 2:34pm

1022 South exposed as awesome in highly regarded, fancy-pants newspaper

1022 South packs them in


Local business owners have made the mistake of giving me their private cell numbers before. Chris Keil of 1022 South is not the first. As soon as I caught wind of 1022 South's epic breakthrough into high-class journalism with The New York Times Magazine's food blog , I gave Keil a jingle to congratulate him.

STEPH DEROSA: I bet your phone has been blowing up today with phone calls.

CHRIS KEIL: Yeah, I kinda knew it was coming. I got a bunch of calls this morning and was a little foggy when I first glanced over the column, but I like it.

DEROSA: It's a great article. The writer did a good job encompassing what 1022 South is about. But I can't help but be a little jealous. He HAD to have missed something, right? So, what would you like to add to that New York Times piece?

KEIL: Actually, what I'd like to throw out there is that there is such a sense of community out there when it comes to 1022 South. Just during our last big freeze it was 25 degrees in the bar and I had loyal customers all bundled up, drinking gin and tonics and playing cribbage.  It really means a lot to me that we're allowed to do this.

DEROSA: Now that you're a celebrity, does this mean you are going to move to LA and start wearing sunglasses all the time?

KEIL: Ha-ha! No, I won't - but people have approached me about moving up to Seattle and doing something like 1022 South up there. Although it would be easier for a place like this to do well up in Seattle, I wouldn't be anywhere else but Tacoma. I come from a working-class family, this is where I'm from, so this is where I'm happy.

DEROSA: Awww, Chris, you are so sweet - you are going to make me tear up.

KEIL: Well, that being said, if I were to receive any New York job offers, that might be something I would entertain.

DEROSA: Before New York steals you, can I get your autograph?

KEIL: Ha-ha!

DEROSA: No, really, can I?



1022 South

1022 South J St., Tacoma

LINK: 1022 South also told us how to drink better

November 15, 2010 at 3:52pm

EXTREME BREAKING NEWS: You already know Buzzard's is moving!

Marty Campbell: Man of Action


Look, Marty Campbell doesn't mess around. When dude aims to get something done - he gets that shit done. He's like Nebraska's offense with Tommy Frazier at the helm.

Today Campbell was getting the word out.

Campbell's Buzzard's Discs (voted Best Independent Record Store in the Volcano's 2010 Best of Tacoma) is moving back to its original location - which just so happens to be Campbell's other iconic Tacoma business, Stadium Video (voted Best Place to Rent a Movie in Best of Tacoma 2010). You've probably heard by now. There was a press release. There was Exit 133 breaking the story this morning. There were the carrier pigeons Campbell dispatched. And then there was the TNT's follow up blog post, which went a little more "in-depth", revealing economics were a strong factor in the move.

The word is officially out. Buzzards and Stadium Video - as of Jan. 1, 2011 merged as one yet again. Local movie rental and local record shop in one stop ... Does this mean the roof gets fixed? Only time will tell.

Here are a few pictures:

Tacoma Weekly Senior Editor John Larson, or a man who looks suspiciously like him, was either on his Tacoma video store beat today or looking for a copy of the Washington State Cougars 1997 season highlights video.

DVDs from Buzzard's Discs will end up on this wall, which is to the left of the counter after you walk in.

Open space for CDs

Ignore the media types behind the curtain.

Will this mural change in January? Find out in the next round of news stories.

August 5, 2010 at 7:00am

ARTS BEAT: New gallery coming to Tacoma, Spaceworks, "Step Up 3D" and more ...

SPACEWORKS: The "Ackawacko Meeting" exhibit in the Woolworth Windows was created by the group meadow starts with p, aka Andrew Peterson and his two kids Angel Brain and Snake Puddin'.

August 4, 2010 at 6:55am

Best of Tacoma 2010 is now online

Rick King, owner of Guitar Maniacs, was named Best Tacoman of 2010.


Hey folks, our yearly Best of Tacoma issue, in which your humble and helpful Weekly Volcano staffers – and readers – show some love for all the things that make the City of Destiny and surrounding Pierce County cities so nifty – is now online. And it's still in spectacular 3-D!

We appreciate all the voting participation, as well as the suggestions of new categories for next year. Keep those ideas coming – we're ready to mix it up big time in 2011.

Thanks for voting, and thanks for reading. Without further ado, click here. 

July 29, 2010 at 11:15am

PHOTOS: Best of Tacoma 2010 Premiere Party at Masa

The 253 packed Masa last night.


In addition to the 2,375 awards handed out at last night's Weekly Volcano Best of Tacoma 2010 Premiere Party, there was one award we had to save for this morning.

Best Hangover. I win.

Or, rather, tequila wins ... again. You would honestly think I'd know better by now.

But the important thing is I had a really good time, and (though I'm a bit biased) I get the feeling Tacoma did too. The showing was nothing short of amazing. I've taken to saying the Best of Tacoma 2010 Issue (In Spectacular 3-D!) is the finest slice of Tacoma ever put to print, and I believe the Premiere Party at Masa last night held up its end of the bargain: the finest slice of Tacoma ever packed inside Masa to down Tecate tall-boys and bask in the sun and glory of the 253.  It was pretty awesome.

Here are a few photos of the Best of Tacoma 20120 Premiere Party taken by Volcano photographer J.M. Simpson (click here to see the rest). I'm especially fond of his capturing of the pushup contest between Tacoma's Most Sexy Local Business Owner Melanie Manista-Rushforth and the ultra-ripped Masa door guy, and also the photo of emcee Doug Mackey prodding Best Local Actor Joe Rosati (tied with actor Matt Shimkus) into reading the Masa menu in thespian fashion - while EvergreenOne (in the Sonics jersey) tweets in the background about how "cracking" the party is, or how the greeter (accidentally, I hope) gave him a butt-sweat handshake. (Seriously, if you're not following EvergreenOne on Twitter you're missing out.)

A big thanks to everyone who voted in this year's Best of Tacoma readers' poll, everyone who came out to Masa last night to celebrate with us, and all the winners for making the 253 so damn awesome.

LINK: More photos in our Photo Hot Spot

July 28, 2010 at 7:04am

5 Things To Do: Best of Tacoma 2010 Premiere Party, and some other stuff ...

Everyone will be at Masa tonight for the Weekly Volcano's Best of Tacoma 2010 Premiere Party. Photo by Paul Schrag

WEDNESDAY, JULY 28, 2010 >>>

1. The Weekly Volcano's Best of Tacoma 2010 issue – in amazing 3-D - hits the streets tomorrow. To celebrate, we'll be throwing a massive Best of Tacoma 2010 Premiere Party tonight at 6 p.m. inside Masa (on the deck, too!). The shindig includes $1,800 in door prizes, free Weekly Volcano T-shirts, DJ Darren Selector, emcees Doug Mackey and Kris "Save Our Sonics" Brennon, games, Steph DeRosa's 3 Drink Minimum live (!), plus your first chance to pick up the Best of Tacoma 2010 issue – a day before it's on the streets. Also, editor Matt Driscoll will probably have too many margaritas and say something embarrassing.

2. The Summer Business Expo loaded with opportunities to network will run from 5-8 p.m. inside the Soccer Center in Tacoma - without any opportunity to watch Steph DeRosa perform "3 Drink Minimum" live as she will at the Best of Tacoma 2010 Party at Masa.

3. The Food For Thought Book Club will meet at 6:30 p.m. inside the Garfield Book Company to discuss cookbooks, recipes, watch cooking demonstration and daydream about being at the Best of Tacoma 2010 Party at Masa where they could drink discounted Hurricane drinks.

4. Danny Vernon's Illusions Of Elvis show will be staged outdoors at 6:30 p.m. in Steilacoom's Pioneer Park. You will not hear music by South Sound bands as you will at the Best of Tacoma 2010 Party at Masa.

5. Hell's Kitchen hosts the Puget Sound Mixtape Vol. 1 Release party at 9 p.m. featuring live performances by Rockwell Powers, Josh Rizeberg, MC Gigahertz, J.Bre, Darxiide, $krilla, Greg Double, Whikid, The Realest, AKA, Adonis Delirious, Golden Brown Ent., Mac Wayne, Dru Filthy, Uncle Moo, AR Mastermind, Gamble and D.Rocc - but certainly no free Weekly Volcano T-shirts, which we'll be giving away at the Best of Tacoma 2010 Party at Masa.

LINK: Did you hear there's a party tonight?

June 15, 2010 at 2:41pm

Best place to avoid a hipster


A true hipster has a deep concern for how they are viewed by their constituents. For this reason, golf is out of the question. While showing off their new tattoo and talking loudly about who they slept with that week, you might notice that the black painted fingernails digging into the can of PBR are never covered by a golfing glove. Personally, I have yet to make the turn onto 10 and look back and see a couple of dude's sashaying up to the 9th pin in uber-tight black jeans talking about how they're not hipsters.
[Allenmore Public Golf Course, 2125 S Cedar St, Tacoma, 253.627.7211]


Once again, the Volcano's readers' poll will be the engine that drives our Best of Tacoma 2010 issue, which hits the streets July 29. Here is a sample of the questions in this year's poll:

Best Karaoke Bar?

Best Local Hero?

Best Bike Lane?

Best Tacoma Celebrity?

Click here to vote now. You could win a fabulous prize, too.

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