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August 20, 2014 at 7:35am

Wednesday Morning Joe: Israelis hit Palestinians, neo-Islam campaign, sequester fears return, Army rival gun, SEALs sub, best albums of decade ...

The 545th Military Police Company, of Pawleys Island, S.C., throws a practice coffee pot at Kraft Coffee Pot Range on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. Original photo by Justin Connaher


Islamic State militants posted a video on Tuesday that purported to show the beheading of American journalist James Foley in revenge for U.S. air strikes against the insurgents in Iraq.

Lawmakers mourned the death of freelance journalist James Foley after video purporting to show his beheading at the hands of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. 

Israeli air strikes killed 11 Palestinians in Gaza, including the wife and infant son of Hamas' military leader, after a ceasefire collapsed. 

The mission for U.S. troops in Iraq to help Kurdish and Iraqi security forces in their fight against Islamic militants remains limited for now, but may expand after Iraqi leaders form a new government.

After a long slumber spent in denial, the UN Security Council has decided to do "something" about the forces of neo-Islam now on the rampage in more than a dozen countries across the globe.

The U.N. refugee agency begins a massive four-day airlift today into Irbil in northern Iraq. It's one of the largest humanitarian aid push the agency has ever undertaken. And it's much needed. Half a million refugees have been displaced as ISIS militants have advanced.

Afghan special forces brace for exit of elite U.S. troops.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has the authority to suspend a program that sends surplus military equipment to local law enforcement agencies.

After month on back burner, sequester fears return.

Federal regulators on Tuesday outlined interim rules for streamlined firing of Veterans Affairs Department senior executives, a new authority backed by Congress in an effort to clean up cultural problems at the embattled department.

In its latest personal attack on a prominent official from a rival country, North Korea called U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry a wolf with a "hideous lantern jaw."

A competing rifle outperformed the Army's favored M4A1 carbine in key firings during a competition last year before the service abruptly called off the tests and stuck with its gun, according to a new confidential report.

The U.S. Navy is hard at work developing new underwater transports for its elite commandos. The SEALs expect the new craft - and improvements to large submarine "motherships" that will carry them - to be ready by the end of the decade.

A squirrel's gonna do what a squirrel's gotta do: Until he's up against a pole greased with Vaseline

Big couch, small car: Add someone who's really bad at physics, and you get this

When koala bears argue: It's adorable.

If there is such thing as a perfect motorcycle accident, this might be it.

Pitchfork names the "100 Best Albums of the Decade So Far."

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul go into business together and this time it's legal ... barely.

Here's a schedule of when every Simpsons episode will air on FXX, starting tomorrow.

Dave Letterman's tribute to Robin Williams will bring tears to your eyes.

First a couple exercises before we begin the day ...

LINK: Original photo by Justin Connaher

August 19, 2014 at 7:33am

Tuesday Morning Joe: US blows up its tanks, Russia in Ukraine, Camp Grayling is bad news, best CGI films ...

The 299th Eng. Co., 463rd Eng. Bn., 411th Eng. Bde., perform the coffee pot throw segment of Mystery Event 1, during the Best Warrior Competition at Fort Devens, Mass. Original photo by Sgt. 1st Class Lyndon Miller


As many as 700 heavily armed Taliban insurgents are battling Afghan security forces in Logar, a key province near the capital Kabul in a test of the Afghan military's strength as foreign forces pull out of the country.

U.S. spends millions to blow up its own tanks.

President Barack Obama promised that while the U.S. would use its formidable air power to help Iraq push back extremist Islamic State fighters from Erbil and other key northern Iraqi cities, Baghdad shouldn't count on the U.S. "being the Iraqi Air Force."

Russia invaded Ukraine early in the spring. They started with the so-called "little green men" - Russian soldiers without insignia on their green uniforms -- then proceeded with uniforms with epaulets and the annexation of Crimea. Russia has been the force behind, and on the ground, with the separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Despite sanctions relief, Iran aids Hamas with missile technology.

The U.S. Navy destroyed the "most dangerous chemicals in Syria's declared stockpile," aboard a ship in the Mediterranean.

Will the U.S. defend Japan? More of a definite maybe.

First Time: It was one small button push for man and one giant catapult launch for the Navy's unmanned air combat program Sunday as the X-47B flew its first takeoffs and landings with F/A-18s on the aircraft carrier Roosevelt.

The Defense Department awarded 78 contracts potentially worth $5.6 billion in the week ending Aug. 15.

A backpack able to lower its wearer down the side of a building could become must-have gear for troops in urban combat.

A Michigan National Guard investigation produced allegations of widespread theft, moonlighting, destruction of government property and nepotism at an equipment maintenance facility at the Camp Grayling military training base.

Report: Army Olympian cited for hunting deer at car dealership.

Interesting: This neat short film explains the evolution of film opening titles throughout history.

The 10 most visually striking movies that are filled with CGI.

Here's a recipe for fun: Go up to the 48th floor of a skyscraper in London. Enjoy a beer at the rooftop bar. Change into your base jumping gear in the restroom. Make a beeline for the balcony and jump into the heart of London.

This is sad: Saturday Night Live announcer Don Pardo died. He was 96.

How Would They Know?: Children reenact Emmy-nominated shows like Game of Thrones, House of Cards and True Detective.

Tom Hanks' typewriter app is a hit.

Legendary American singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks invites fashion designers and stylists across the world to design a show-stopping shawl inspired by her mystical visual style and symbolic lyrics.

Max-imize your day ...

LINK: Original photo by Sgt. 1st Class Lyndon Miller

August 18, 2014 at 7:55am

Monday Morning Joe: Kurds retake dam, National Guard in Ferguson, evolving Obama doctrine, hipster Luke Skywalker ...

The 545th Military Police Company refresh their skills with employing practice coffee pots in various scenarios at multiple simulated targets before throwing live ones at Kraft Hand Grenade Range on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. Original photo


Kurdish fighters and Iraq security forces say they have retaken Mosul Dam, a key piece of infrastructure that Islamic extremists might have used to cause chaos in the country.

The U.S. military ramped up its air campaign on Sunday against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighters in Iraq.

The numbers are murky, but up to several thousand foreign fighters from the West, including as many as 100 from the United States, have joined jihadist fronts in Syria and Iraq. Some will be killed in the ongoing violence. Some will choose to remain in Syria and Iraq. Some will become disillusioned.

Ukraine accused pro-Russian rebels today of hitting a refugee convoy of buses with rocket fire near the eastern city of Luhansk, killing people trapped in the burning vehicles, but the separatists denied responsibility.

It's time to wonder whether Israel and Palestine will ever be able to move out of the moral abyss into which they've plunged themselves, and address the threat of peace.

North Korea warned Sunday of a possible "merciless" pre-emptive strike as it blasted an upcoming joint U.S.-South Korean military exercise as a rehearsal for nuclear war.

China's use of swarming tactics with fishing vessels to project and protect Beijing's territorial claims in the South China Sea appears unstoppable.

The Evolving Obama Doctrine: Limited bombing raids, stronger partnerships.

Missouri's governor today ordered the National Guard to a St. Louis suburb convulsed by protests over the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen, after a night in which police used tear gas to clear protesters off the streets well ahead of a curfew.

The Army has extended the investigation into former Afghanistan prisoner of war Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for at least three more weeks.

Turkey's foreign minister said the German ambassador was summoned to "discuss" reports that Germany's foreign intelligence agency had listened in on conversations between U.S. and Turkish officials.

The number of backlogged veterans' health care applications grew despite an online program the Veterans Administration introduced in 2010 and touted as a quick, easy way for veterans to apply for benefits, according to a newspaper report.

Army investigators are warning about a scam by which phony soldiers use tales of war to steal cash from unsuspecting civilians.

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter program hits its stride.

Life after Iraq: Refugee begins career in uniform.

How cities sleep, visualized.

Does indie film have a future?

10 stunning writing studios

This video shows a Rubik's Cube being solved around the world.

Mark Hamill is rockin' a beard for Star Wars.

Joe Strummer's Thunderbird is on eBay.

Finally: A roundup of popular soundtracks that never hit No. 1.

Then there's this ...

LINK: Original photo by Justin Connaher

August 16, 2014 at 9:11am

Museum of Glass sets up Hot Shop at Joint Base Lewis-McChord's Warrior Transition Battalion

Spc. Jans Ruiz and Staff Sgt. Jose Munoz work on a piece of glass art as part of the Hot Shop Heroes: Healing with Fire program put on by the Museum of Glass. Photo credit: J.M. Simpson

Working with 4,500 degrees of blue flame can be therapeutic.

"This is a great program," explained Lt. Col. Jeff Mosso, commander, Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB). "We are the only WTB in the country to have this type of therapy, and this program continues to grow along with our partnership with the Museum of Glass."

Welcome to the Hot Shop Heroes: Healing with Fire program presented by the Museum of Glass.

Last week, the Tacoma-based museum brought for the first time its Mobile Hot Shop to Joint Base Lewis-McChord's Warrior Transition Battalion and set up a portable shop in the unit's courtyard.

Soldiers and their families had the opportunity to watch demonstrations and work with flame and glass in the pursuit of art and healing.

>>> The Museum of Glass' glassblowing program offers JBLM's Wounded Warriors an opportunity for hands-on glassblowing and life skills for transitioning to civilian life. Photo credit: J.M. Simpson

"Who would've thought glass is so malleable," said Sgt. 1st Class James Wolfe as he shaped a glass bead. "I'm looking forward to more classes!"

Unique to the event, several children will be selected to take part in the Museum's Kids Design Glass and watch their drawings be transformed into three dimensional glass sculptures.

The Museum's affiliation with JBLM began about a year ago when artist Dale Chihuly initiated contact through his sponsorship of Military Day at the Museum.

Since then, more than 1,500 soldiers and their families have enjoyed hands-on activities, glassblowing demonstrations and gallery experiences.

"These soldiers are the fastest learning students we've met," said Greg Owen, Hot Shop Heroes program coordinator. "Their focus and direction is very impressive."

The glassblowing program offers soldiers a number of benefits to include improved dexterity, fine motor coordination and core strength.

"The activity here is one of mindfulness and teamwork," explained Erin Carpenter, a recreational therapist with the WTB.

"The soldiers have to focus on one thing at a time, as they work together, much like they do in the military, to create something. They also leave with a sense of accomplishment."

As Carpenter talked, Spc. Jans Ruiz and Staff Sgt. Jose Munoz worked together to shape a piece of molten glass into a Popsicle.

As they turned and sniped away at the glass, they received encouragement from one of the museum's instructors.

"You guys are doing a great job," commented Rich Langley. "This is starting to look really good."

Nearby on a table, Ja'Dirah and Jo'Siah Howard drew pictures with the hope of seeing their drawings becoming pieces of art.

"This is a wonderful program for them and for me," commented their father, Master Sgt. Marvin Howard, a wounded warrior. "Just great."

>>> As Master Sgt. Marvin Howard watches, his children Ja'Dirah and Jo'Siah Howard draw pictures that may be created into glass art as part of the Museum of Glass' Hot Shop Heroes: Healing With Fire program. Photo credit: J.M. Simpson

August 16, 2014 at 8:23am

Saturday Morning Joe: Yazidi massacre, Puget Sound VA report, Army robotics, greatest military strategists ...

Headquarters Company, 178th Infantry, engage a target at the coffee pot training area on Forward Operating Base Patriot, Fort Bragg, NC. Original photo by Sgt. James Sims


Islamic State insurgents "massacred" some 80 members of Iraq's Yazidi minority in a village in the country's north.

Airstrikes pounded the area around Iraq's largest dam today in an effort to drive out militants who captured it earlier this month, as reports emerged of the massacre of some 80 members of the Yazidi religious minority by Islamic extremists.

An attack in the very early hours of Friday morning on two Pakistani air bases was thwarted largely due to improved security measures that show the military has learned lessons from previous attacks.

The head of Russia's defense ministry told U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel that no Russian troops were involved with hundreds of trucks meant to deliver humanitarian supplies into eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists fought skirmishes near the Russian border today but there was no sign of the conflict widening after Kiev said it partially destroyed an armored column that had crossed the border from Russia.

Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) told President Obama he should send more defensive weapons to Ukraine and share intelligence.

Israel lauds new capabilities in Gaza: Cities fully networked air-land-sea force

The Palestinian Interior Ministry in Gaza accused Israel on Friday of a cross-border shooting in violation of a truce that has largely held since getting off to a shaky start on Thursday.

Despite its growing operations in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, America's pivot to Asia still seems to be led by the Department of Defense and military.

Buffeted by international instability, the president stresses that there are limits to American power, and that the chief executive is not omnipotent.

No systemic misconduct at Puget Sound VA, local director says.

Even the Army's crowd control rulebook says Ferguson police tactics are dumb.

The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee intends to review a Pentagon program that transfers surplus military equipment to police agencies, following the use of controversial police tactics in Ferguson, Mo.

Iowa Senate nominee Joni Ernst (R), a member of the Army National Guard, says she was sexually harassed while on duty and if elected will work across the aisle to make sure others avoid the same fate.

The four-star chief of U.S. Transportation Command has ordered survey teams into the field to verify the location of every service member's vehicle that is in transit in an effort to restore confidence in the government's shipping process for privately-owned vehicles.

The Army is working with industry partners to develop a standard architecture which will enable us to incorporate future (robotics) capabilities rapidly, keeping pace with dramatic commercial improvements.

The Army is focused on being a good steward of resources to enhance energy security and protect the mission.

Army gets the most service switchers.

The five greatest military strategists of all time.

A lot of people turn their noses up at trailer parks. That's unfair, and David Waldorf's photo essay about the Brookside Trailer Park in Sonoma, California show us that there's beauty everywhere, trailer parks included.

Just a little UFO story to brighten your Saturday morning (though must of you probably already know this one).

This fall, IKEA is launching the new catalogue with a Time Travel Experiment where IKEA customers are given the chance to experience their future.

Ryan Adams' video for Gimme Something Good incluces Elvira, of all people. What beautiful, dark magic they make.

Rich Aucoin's video for Yelling in Sleep is awesome, from Joel MacKenzie's cool animation to Aucoin's killer, jump-outta-your-seat sonic skills.

Arcade Fire is pulling out all the stops on tour, covering everything from the Back to the Future and Beverly Hills Cop themes to Neil Young, Jane's Addiction and Dead Kennedys, including an awesome take on Loverboy's Working for the Weekend.

This is why we don't like to go shopping ...

LINK: Original photo by Sgt. James Sims

August 15, 2014 at 7:34am

Friday Morning Joe: Russia crossed border, Pentagon's mysterious slush fund, Asia still on, Army intel contest, 1,000 robots ...

The 545th Military Police Company refresh their skills with employing practice coffee pots in various scenarios at multiple simulated targets before throwing them live at Kraft Hand Grenade Range on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. Original photo


Israel secured supplies of ammunition from the Pentagon last month without the approval of the White House or the State Department.

Op-ed: Time to rein in the Pentagon's mysterious slush fund.

Late Thursday night armored vehicles and military trucks from Russia crossed the border into Ukraine near Donetsk.

U.S. President Barack Obama declared Thursday that U.S. airstrikes had broken the siege of an Iraqi mountain sheltering civilian refugees and that troops conducting reconnaissance there would be withdrawn.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said he has agreed to leave office and clear the way for his designated successor to take over.

The Obama administration's Iraq policy seems premised on the idea that the terrorist Islamic State is so toxic that it will be self-limiting and ultimately self-defeating. But that's not the view of senior U.S. intelligence officials.

Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby said that troops would continue to monitor and assess  "human suffering" throughout the country, even as he acknowledged that the situation of thousands of members of an Iraqi religious sect who had been marooned on a mountaintop in Iraq is much better than first thought.

The United States will supply Lebanon's army with additional munitions and ordnance in a bid to bolster the force after clashes with jihadists, the US ambassador to Beirut said Thursday.

The Defense Department's spokesman on Thursday said military leaders remain committed to carrying out President Obama's pivot to Asia, despite ongoing unrest in other parts of the world.

In just the past year, the Pentagon sprinkled $500 million worth of military equipment to local law enforcement.

Groups on the left and right are uniting behind calls to end what they say is the rise of a "militarized" police force in the United States.

The most senior U.S. military officer to visit Vietnam for decades held talks with Communist Party officials in Hanoi on Thursday, in the latest boost to ties between the former wartime foes.

The U.S. Army plans to hold a competition in fiscal 2016 to develop the next phase of its controversial battlefield intelligence system.

Deaf and hearing impaired people say a bill opening up the Air Force to them is a call they do hear.

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. Mark A. Welsh III has issued a call to all Airmen, to help create the 2015 CSAF Professional Reading Program.

Consumer agency: "Fee scam" cheated troops of $5 on financing contracts.

A plush-disguised camera lets drivers keep an eye on back-seat infants.

Here's a clever way to rid your home of unsightly cables: just hide them in plain sight.

A thousand tiny robots swarming into shapes like intelligent insects.

Here's the winning game board from the National Scrabble Championship.

Tom Hanks' new app turns mobile devices into typewriters.

Enjoy a prog-rock playlist curated by the Flaming Lips.

Finally: Fourteen Things You Don't Know About Back to the Future.

Of course someone has made an eight-bit version of the Twin Peaks intro. ...

LINK: Original photo by Justin Connaher

August 14, 2014 at 7:36am

Thursday Morning Joe: Hellfire hold, ISIS grows, Bergdahl movie, David Lynch direct Duran Duran ...

The 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit, Battalion Landing Team, Alpha Company 1/4, throw coffee pots during a live fire and movement coffee pot training exercise at Arta Range, Djibouti. Original photo by Staff Sgt. Staci Miller


An Israeli request for a transfer of Hellfire missiles from the United States was put on hold after the White House and State Department learned they were kept in the dark concerning ammunition transfers to Israel in July.

The Pentagon announced Wednesday it had landed a team of less than 20 troops on Mt. Sinjar in northern Iraq to assess the situation for thousands of Yazidis, an Iraqi minority group that fled there after being targeted by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria fighters. 

The governor of Iraq's Sunni heartland Anbar Province said he has asked for and secured U.S. support in the battle against Islamic State militants because opponents of the group may not have the stamina for a long fight.

The Obama administration is grappling with how to bridge the gap between its increasingly dire assessment of the threat posed by the Islamic State group and the limited, defensive air campaign it has so far undertaken.

Hundreds of hardline extremists in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim-majority country, have begun to openly pledge allegiance to ISIS.

Artillery shells hit close to the center of Ukraine's separatist-held city of Donetsk for the first time today, killing at least one person, as a large Russian aid convoy rumbled toward the border.

As the key battle looms, a report from Ukraine's front lines.

Six former platoon mates of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who spent nearly five years as a Taliban captive in Afghanistan, are shopping proposals for a book and movie that is sharply critical of him.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter test fleet will be able to fly six hours between engine inspections for weapon test and refueling missions, as restrictions on the fifth-generation fighter continue to ease.

Army solider Paul Ieti performed One Direction's "You & I" on last night's live broadcast.

Seven books that teach our troops how to win wars.

Use a remote-controlled robot to tour a closed museum.

What do you do when you log onto Twitter and find out your honey's unfollowed you? Or you try to friend her on Facebook but she never accepts? What if you're also a teen and you just got braces? You fire up this ballad and you double tap, baby.

Here's an amusing PSA about character actors.

Dreams do come true: David Lynch is going to direct a Duran Duran concert.

It's time: Metal album covers featuring sharks

Finally: The height of heroes in the Marvel universe

Robots have all ready taken over the world ...

LINK: Original photo by Staff Sgt. Staci Miller

August 13, 2014 at 11:51am

Phantom Squadron 3-38th Cavalry held family "Spur Ride" at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

3-38th Cavalry Squadron's family "Spur Ride" included a close zodiac boats race at American Lake. Photo credit: Capt. Patrick McGiniss

Weapons training, obstacle courses, and zodiac boat races are not typically the domain of Army spouses, but the families of Phantom Squadron 3-38th Cavalry are not your typical families. Aug. 1 the 3-38th Cavalry Squadron held a family "Spur Ride" to let families get a taste of what their Troopers do as Cavalrymen. Family members of all ages participated in an obstacle course, treat a casualty lane, individual movement lane, weapons practice at a simulator, a radio communications exercise, and a zodiac boat race on American lake. A "Spur Ride" is a cavalry tradition dating back to the original American Cavalry units where new Soldiers proved their worth as Cavalrymen by completing a series of grueling tasks. In addition to challenging the family members, the event provided an excellent opportunity for families to strengthen relationships in the unit, build trust through shared experiences, and for the squadron leadership to disseminate command information pertinent to family members.

>>> Christian Gomez climbs while his mother, Yaelmine, steadies the rope ladder during the 3-38th Cavalry Squadron family "Spur Ride." Photo crdedit: Patrick McGinniss

At the obstacle course, spouses helped each other over a high wall while children giddily and effortlessly crawled under simulated barbed wire and navigated rope ladders. Once they were through, the families conducted an individual movement lane using Nerf guns and water balloons. Jammed weapons stressed the participants and simulated real world conditions while Lt. Col. Bruce Vitor, the squadron commander, was known to stand in as a target for the simulated hand grenade throw.  After being given a chance to throw a water balloon at the squadron commander, participants evaluated and treated a casualty before pulling them to safety using a foldable plastic litter.

The "turkey shoot" at the marksmanship lane was a hit, no pun intended, where families were familiarized on the M4 carbine before shooting enemy fowl that appear on screen. Like a modern Army version of Duck Hunt the simulator uses compressed air to cycle the weapons and lasers to determine where the families were shooting. When the participants hit the turkeys they were rewarded with gratuitous Hollywood-like explosions on screen.

A short bus trip took families to American Lake where they were showed how to talk on the radio and practiced with soldiers on the other end. After a short safety demonstration families raced each other in zodiac inflatable boats and saw firsthand how important teamwork and communication is when conducting waterborne operations.

After the event concluded everyone returned to the squadron headquarters for a barbeque and awards ceremony. Marie Meyer, wife of Sgt. Michael Meyer from B Troop, was chosen as the "Spouse of the Quarter" and presented with a certificate of appreciation from Vitor. He and Command Sgt. Maj. Eric Alfieri, then congratulated all the participants and handed out commemorative gifts while posing for pictures to capture the special day. The families might have been covered in sweat, mud, and camouflage face paint but all you could see were smiles from the newest Spur Holders of the Phantom Squadron.

Capt. Patrick McGinniss is the 3-38th Cavalry Squadron Fire Support officer.

August 13, 2014 at 8:07am

Wednesday Morning Joe: Inside ISIS, Ukrainians killed, Army buys helicopters, military dreadlocks cool, State Fair Fried Dough ice cream ...

The 554th MP Company, from Panzer Barracks, Boeblingen, Germany, practice throwing dummy coffee pots in the Panzer Local Training Area, Boeblingen. Original photo by Eric Steen


There is no groundswell from U.S. lawmakers demanding President Barack Obama seek their approval for new airstrikes in Iraq, a sharp contrast from his flirtation with strikes in Syria.

The military has sent 130 advisers to northern Iraq to plan for the evacuation of refugees under siege by Islamic militants

Nuri al-Maliki stuck to his guns and refused to accept his removal as Iraq's prime minister today, but his hold on power was tenuous as Iran's supreme leader, a long-time Maliki ally, publicly backed his replacement.

Reporter Medyan Dairieh gained unprecedented access to the terrorist group, spending three weeks embedded with militants across Iraq and Syria.

Crowdsource name?: Although the president has authorized the deployment of about 905 U.S. troops to Iraq, and the military is now conducting airstrikes and airdrops there, the operations still have no official name.

The threat of renewed war in Gaza loomed today as the clock ticked toward the end of a three-day ceasefire with no sign of a breakthrough in indirect talks in Cairo between Israel and the Palestinians.

Twelve Ukrainian nationalist fighters, battling a pro-Russian insurgency in eastern Ukraine, were killed early today and an unknown number taken captive when rebels ambushed their bus.

Officials in Washington are increasingly worried that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk said that the Russian humanitarian aid convoy to Ukraine would not be allowed in, denouncing the effort as an act of Russian "cynicism." 

Endangered Democrat's new ad says he kept the venerable A-10 "Warthog" fleet flying.

The Obama administration is not likely to make major changes to the U.S. Defense Department's ballistic missile defense programs and will focus efforts over the next two years on implementing current plans.

The Pentagon needs to fundamentally change the way it buys satellites in an effort to lower costs as U.S. defense spending contracts.

Less than two weeks after announcing that it was pushing back the initial selection of the technology demonstrator phase of the Joint Multi-Role helicopter program and working to forge a closer relationship with industry, the U.S. Army awarded two development contracts for the effort on Tuesday.

The U.S. Military's ultimate fear: Are aircraft carriers too big to fail.

The Pentagon's Special Operations Command will conduct a social research program in Colombia to help shape future propaganda efforts, newly released military records show.

Dreadlocks, cornrows, twisted braids and other hairstyles popular among African American women will be more accepted across the military after a forcewide review of hairstyle policies prompted several changes.

The Army has implemented changes to how it considers, selects and slates command sergeants major and sergeants major for the privilege of serving in Command Select List positions.

Security major: Even as the U.S. Air Force Academy has reduced the number of majors it offers recently, it has instituted a new program aimed at helping the Air Force fly, fight and win in cyberspace.

Shock waves from battlefield explosions are invisible threats for U.S. Soldiers and their top-of-the-line combat helmets, but with new studies in synthetic human physiology, researchers are learning how to lessen blast wave effects on the brain.

Watching these guys do their job makes our stomach clench.

"YMCA" music-less video makes the Village People look even more ridiculous.

This video essay highlights some of Robin Williams' most notable roles.

More politicians could certainly learn from The Dude.

Baskin-Robbins has some unusual flavors in stores this summer - like "State Fair Fried Dough"!

Welcome to Whip Wednesday ...

LINK: Original photo by Eric Steen

August 12, 2014 at 3:24pm

17th Field Artillery Brigade and AUSA host Thunder Rumble 5K/10K in Tumwater

Capt. Tania Donovan of the 17th Field Artillery Brigade takes a few moments from her Thunder Rumble training to spread the word. ...

JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. - This year's 2nd Annual Thunder Rumble 5k/10k run will take place August 16, in Tumwater, Wash.

More than 200 participants, military and military supporters, hit the road last August to participate in the first Thunder Rumble 5k. 

The event is a partnership project between the 17th Field Artillery Brigade from Joint Base Lewis McChord and the Tumwater-Olympia Association of the United Stated Army Sub-Chapter. The run brings the community and our Soldiers together for a fun time in our hosting cities of Tumwater and Olympia. 

More than 350 participants are expected at this year's race which has been upgraded to a 5k and a 10k run. Both organizations look forward to the relationships built between the military community and both cities as a result of this event.

For more information about this year's Thunder Rumble 5k/10k please go to https://www.facebook.com/#!/ThunderRumbleRun where Soldiers, family and friends can register to participate in this year's event.

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