Rockwell Powers and DJ Phinisey release video on how to throw a kickass album launch party in Tacoma

By Ron Swarner on May 21, 2014

Last October, Rockwell Powers and DJ Phinisey released the album, Build. It received rave reviews, and was accompanied by a kickass release party at Grit City GrindHouse in Tacoma.

"It's clear that this is an album that strives to be more than just another album of blustering and posturing," wrote Weekly Volcano music critic Rev. Adam McKinney, in a feature story that graced the Volcano's cover. "Accompanied by the reading of a poem by Jesse Ann Fouts, opening track "BuildxPoem1" explores the compellingly picturesque idea of a city built of bones and flesh, flanked by seas of fear and longing.

"It's an entrancing image with which to open one's album, and Powers follows through on this promise, delivering an album that splits its time between melancholy ruminations about insecurity and spellbinding indictments of the state of music, arts and city. All of these themes are played out over a bed of tastefully restrained beats and washes of electronics."

The momentum for Build continues. A music video centered around the album's release has been, er, released.

"Directed by Portland-based filmmaker Yusuf Word, this video offers a look inside our preparation and execution of last fall's album release show at Grit City Grindhouse in downtown Tacoma," says Powers.

Check it out. ...

Powers and Phinisey will release two more videos this summer, directed by Tacoma's Laura Marshall and Peter Berkley, respectively.

Happy Wednesday! Enjoy!