593rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command hosts first annual triathlon

By J.M. Simpson on May 11, 2014

Training for and competing in a triathlon can become habitual.

And a lot of fun.

Just listen to what one person had to say about Brig. Gen. Kurt Ryan, commander of the 593rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), understanding of such events.

"He likes to push people to be their best," commented Maj. Virginia Supanick as she prepared.

"It's a habit with him; he wants the best for the individual soldier and for the team."

The 593rd provides deployable mission command to support joint forces, coalition forces and civil authorities; supports sustainment, theater opening, and opportunities to enable freedom of action in the Pacific Command's area of operations in support of land operations.

The unit's motto is "Rest Assured."

Combat readiness based on mentally and physically prepared soldiers - to say nothing of a sense of teamwork and high morale - is key to the success of the 593rd.

To that end, the unit hosted it first annual "Rest Assured Challenge" triathlon at Soldiers Field House yesterday. More than 120 individuals and 44 teams participated.

>>> Sgt. 1st Class Francis Famlarcano, 47th Combat Support Hospital, gets ready for a 500-meter swim, 90-kilometer bike ride and 3 mile run. Photo credit: J.M. Simspon

>>> Two participants in the "Rest Assured Challenge" 593rd Triathlon compete in the 500-meter swim. Photo credit: J.M. Simpson

"This is a great message about physical fitness and teamwork," said Maj. Gen. Ken Dahl, I Corps' deputy commander, moments before beginning the challenge.

"For some of us it got us out of bed," he added with a hearty laugh.

"I've done bicycle rides and runs before, but the swim is new to me," he added.

"I plan to finish by Tuesday," commented 1st Sgt. Scott Taub, 42nd Military Police Brigade, to more laughter.

"Seriously though, we're out here to set an example, to show what we can do."

>>> Maj. Margarita Dunlap, 593rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command, laces on her bike riding shoes.  "I will meet the challenge to do all three events," she commented. Photo credit: J.M. Simspon

>>> One of the over 300 participants in the "Rest Assured Challenge" 593rd Triathlon heads out for a 90 kilometer bike ride.  He had already swum 500 meters and would run 3 miles to complete the event. Photo credit: J.M. Simpson

A 500-meter swim, a 90-kilometer bicycle ride and a 3-mile run comprised the challenge. The order and distance of the three events were deliberately chosen to mirror the numbers "593."

For many of the soldiers participating, the event represented their first attempt at competing in a triathlon.

"I have an interest in this challenge," said Capt. Chad Peabody, 42nd Military Police Brigade as he pinned his number to his shirt.

"This is my first one, and I am anxious to see how I do."

For one soldier, the challenge represented a good warm-up for other triathlons he hopes to compete in.

"I've been doing triathlons for the past six or seven years," Master Sgt. Kris Rick, Task Force Raider, said.

"I'll use the swim as a warm-up, the bike ride as a work out, and the run as a cool down," he said with a smile.

Here is the list of the individual and team winners:
Top Male and Fastest Male Officer - Maj. Eric Reid
Top Female and Fastest Female Officer - Cpt. Allison Anderson
Fastest Male NCO - 1st. Sgt. Kristopher Rick
Fastest Female NCO - Sgt. Brittany Dufour
Fastest Male Soldier - Spc. Ryan Mitchell
Fastest Officer Team - Lt. Katie Whitmore, Maj. Jason Critzer, Cpt. Floyd White
Fastest Enlisted Team - Sgt. 1st Class Robert Edwards, Spc. Corey Sigmund