First Peek: K Records remodels, invites public to record

By Nikki McCoy on April 2, 2014

Have you checked out K Records lately? Nearly 25 years old, the indie record label has been housed in its current location - a well-loved, historic synagogue building next to the post office in downtown Oly - since 2004.

Now, K founder Calvin Johnson and crew have re-arranged the building, bringing the basement studio upstairs to the former sanctuary and opening its front doors to the public.

"I'm really excited about the new space because it's this huge open space with these really high ceilings," says Sam Gray, studio manager. "From an engineering standpoint, that's way better. You get a way better sound so you can do more creative things with the space, but also it just feels really amazing in there - the energy is really good. There's lots of light. It's really like night and day from being in the basement."

Mariella Luz, K records general manager shares Gray's sentiment and explains more about the change.

"Previously, only K Record bands recorded in the space, and now that the label has shifted focus and has emphasis on the studio - to have it open to the public and rentable - they thought they'd make upstairs more accessible," says Luz.

The upstairs was previously filled with warehouse materials and shelving that blocked the windows. Now, inventory has been scaled down and moved to the basement. It was quite the undertaking to switch everything she says, but well worth it.

"Calvin takes the ownership of this building very seriously," says Luz. "He wants to keep it as a positive place ... and seeing the space now is quite beautiful."

An open house is set for 5:30-8:30 p.m. Friday, April 25, during the Olympia Spring Arts Walk, with live music by The Lowest Pair at 7 p.m.

K Records is at 802 Jefferson SE. For more information, visit


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