Friday Morning Joe: Photos of Russian force, FBI vs Special Ops, A-10 getting ugly, rare fish seen, Nirvana rocks ...

By Northwest Military News Team on April 11, 2014


NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has urged Russia to pull back its troops from Ukraine's borders and enter a dialogue respecting Ukraine's sovereignty.

NATO provides images of Russian military buildup.

Japan prepares to shoot North Korean missiles out of the sky.

The U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee's top Republican slammed the Air Force's 2015 spending plan, saying it "increases risk to unacceptable levels."

Lawmakers in both the House and Senate are planning legislation to block the Air Force's plans to retire the A-10.

Inside the FBI's secret relationships with the military's special operations.

Forty lawmakers have signed a letter asking the Labor Department to exempt some military morale, welfare and recreation and exchange operations - such as fast food concessions - from wage regulations affecting federal contractors on military bases.

Black female lawmakers are urging Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to reconsider revised Army regulations that ban hairstyles frequently worn by minority women in the military.

Scientists in the United States, Mexico and Switzerland grew reproductive organs and nasal cartilage in labs, and successfully implanted them in patients.

Rare fish: A rare oarfish caught on video on the coast of Baja, Mexico.

Handheld electric jet thrusters make everything from snowboarding to rollerblading infinitely more awesome.

After last night's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, a reunited Nirvana played for 200 people a tiny club in Brooklyn. The video is wonderful; Joan Jett, Kim Gordon, St. Vincent, J Mascis and Deer Tick's John McCauley took turns singing lead.

Here are details on Michael Stipe's Nirvana speech and Nirvana's performance during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Stereogum has some video

Watch The Simpsons' Mad Men-themed promo.

Finally: Famous album covers in reverse.

Finally II: Artist creates an amazing Jackie Chan portrait using 64,000 chopsticks.

Then there's this ...