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April 2, 2014 at 11:06am

Beer Here: The Copper Door, Odd success, Neo Noir rocks, tasty beer and weekend events

Will The Copper Door swing open tomorrow? I don't know.

The Copper Door, a new Tacoma taproom and beer bottle shop, is set to open Thursday, April 3, in the Stadium District next to Gibson's Frozen Yogurt. I think. Owner Craig Moore planned on opening yesterday, but a pesky sink wouldn't fit in the front bar delaying final inspection. He told me his beautiful copper door won't swing open until tomorrow, when it exposes 1,700 square feet of taproom space and another 866 square feet of store space for 750 bottle refrigerated brews. That is, if Moore passes inspection. I've been hounding him for answers since the weekend, but the busy man who crafted beers in Portland before landing on Tacoma Avenue North has been silent the past few days.


Yesterday, the Emergency Food Network was presented with a $2,550 check generated from sales of Neo Noir, the Black Belgian IPA brewed earlier this year during a group hug by Jeff Carlson of Harmon Brewing Co., Steve Navarro of Pacific Brewing & Malting Co., Beth Carlson and Cressencio Rodriguez of Ram Brewery, Morgan Alexander of Tacoma Brewing Co. and Ken Thorurn of Wingman Brewers.

Neo Noir made its debut during Tacoma Beer Week. A portion of proceeds from Neo Noir sales went to EFN. "This donation will provide for approximately 15,000 meals," said Jeff Klein, development director for EFN, in a news release. On an annual basis, EFN supplies more than 15.6 million pounds of food during 1.4 million visits.

Odd Otter Brewing Company, a new craft microbrewery in Tacoma, has reached 100 percent of its Kickstarter funding goal a week before the campaign concludes. The campaign, which ends Saturday, April 5, sought $15,000 to open a brewery at Seventh and Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma. You can still have your name on their founder wall, nab a T-shirt or join the found mug club if you donate before Saturday.

You might be seeing a bit more of the award-winning Silver City Brewing out of Silverdale and Bremerton. Its Ridgetop Red Ale and Saint Florian IPA are now available in 6-packs of 12-ounce bottles.


I arrived late to Speakeasy Ales & Lagers Draft release party at Pint Defiance March 23. Owner Barry Watson said its Metropolis Lager was the best lager he has ever tasted. It blew in 40 minutes. I arrived in time to taste the San Francisco brewery's Massacre Belgian Stout, an absolutely delicious black wheat wine made with cherries and aged in bourbon barrels.

I dropped by the Crown Bar March 24 for Tournament of Burgers research and to get in on the Scuttlebutt Brewing Co. Beer Night. Dig its Chain Breaker IPA. It's a lemon zinger, with sweet honey and bready wheat malts.  Hello sunshine.


Friday, April 4

Narrows Brewing head brewer Joe Walts hosts Skip Madsen with American Brewing for a brewer's night beginning at 5 p.m. Dark Horse Band kicks it at 8 p.m.

Saturday, April 5

The Harmon Restaurant and Brewery is one of the venues participating in the Gray Sky Blues Music Festival. From noon to 5 p.m., expect to hear Fistful of Dollars, The Mark Riley Trio, Maia Santell and House Blend, Jack Gaffney out of Boulder, Colo., and Nolan Garret. Admission is free.

Too much free time ...

April 2, 2014 at 12:38pm

Judging by the Trailer: "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"

At least someone in D.C. is kicking ass.

I do a lot of indiscriminate bashing of movies (sight unseen, never to be corrected) for this column. It's fun! In the case of movies like the recent, bafflingly shitty God's Not Dead, it's both rewarding and entirely warranted. Other times, I take potshots at movies that might end up being quite good. (The Lego Movie, anyone?) My point is that I'm swinging wildly in the dark, over here. This is the nature of Judging by the Trailer.

Which brings me to the trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I would rather be writing about literally anything else. Watching this trailer, my eyes blurred and a ringing tone sounded in my ears, interrupted only by the obligatory BWOOOMPs that are required of every "dark" superhero trailer, thus decreed Christopher Nolan. Captain America appears to me only as a muscular assembly of blonde-haired pixels.

I took a hard pass at the opportunity of seeing the first Captain America movie, deciding I'd just catch up when The Avengers came out. As a result, I now find myself faced with your standard gritty sequel, populated with characters about which I couldn't care less, facing a super-villain who - though exhaustively detailed in the trailer - seems to be mostly notable for possessing a "metal arm," as Cap puts it.

Of interest to other folks who don't have an affinity for Captain America, this film is helmed by the Russo Brothers, Anthony and Joe, who directed lots of episodes of Community. That's neat! Maybe, when #SixSeaonsAndAMovie finally reaches fruition, the Russo Brothers can take a break from bathing in $100 bills to take a stab at Community's theatrical debut. Until then, I'll continue my hot streak of never seeing a Captain America movie (except for that truly awful 1990 version that starred J.D. Salinger's kid).

April 3, 2014 at 6:49am

Thursday Morning Joe: Fort Hood shooting, Russians ready, invisible tanks, Superman vs. "Gravity" ...

Emerald Bay Espresso guards the Madrona Pointe Apartments off Center Street. No, really.


A U.S. soldier with mental health issues shot dead three people and injured at least 16 on Wednesday before shooting himself at an army base in Fort Hood, Texas.

Fort Hood's commander said soldier was treated for behavior and mental health "issues."

Wednesday's mass shooting by an Army specialist in Fort Hood, Tex., put the Pentagon on a dreaded, if increasingly familiar, footing as officials grappled to understand how yet another insider threat went undeterred.

Shootings at U.S. military bases over the years.

NATO general: Russians capable of quick strike.

The Senate Intelligence Committee will take a major step forward today toward publicly releasing portions of its massive 6,300-page report on Bush-era interrogation tactics.

Arms control and materials-security initiatives can continue despite political tensions with Russia, Obama administration officials say.

The unfolding crisis in Ukraine has prompted a new and forceful wave of commentary lamenting U.S. passivity in the world

Boeing lobbies Congress to add EA-18 funding.

Soldiers will return to the field to test different camouflage patterns as the Army looks to meet requirements laid out by Congress to find a camouflage pattern that could be used across the military.

Researchers are one step closer to creating shields that could render parked tanks and aircraft virtually invisible.

The Raytheon Co. is challenging the Navy's decision to halt manufacturing of the Tomahawk cruise missile in 2016.

Betrayed military spouses often keep quiet for fear of losing benefits.

Why freezing yourself is a terrible way to achieve immortality.

The daily schedules of the world's greatest geniuses.

What if Superman entered the film Gravity?

In case you haven't seen the Spider-Baby ad ...

Courtney Love says she has reunited with the original members of Hole.

Watch the new trailer for Lucy with Scarlett Johansson.

What will you do at work today?

April 3, 2014 at 7:52am

5 Things To Do Today: KUPS Tacoma Music Showcase, "Ordinary People," Tacoma Runners, crafting event and more ...

Humble Cub will get out of the rain and rock the University of Puget Sound tonight. Photo credit: Pat Snapp

THURSDAY, APRIL 3 2014 >>>

1. For fans of non-commercial, educational radio stations licensed to the Board of Trustees of the University of Puget Sound and operated by the Associated Students of the University of Puget Sound, pledge drive season is the worst. No matter how self-effacingly on-air personalities ask for money, pledge drives still invoke an intense mixture of guilt and boredom to the radio listener, an existential push-and-pull between "Wow, I should really drop a couple bucks on this programming I so enjoy" versus "I haven't had an extra $20 since the seventh grade, when Nanna's money stopped coming in."  KUPS 90.1 FM knows this. The UPS radio station - celebrating its 45th year on air - has been hosting events to raise money since Monday. Today, the station offers a doozy - A Tacoma Music Showcase. At 8 p.m. in the Club Rendezvous, which is next to the Cellar, The Wheelies, Coma Figura and Humble Cub will rock in the name of KUPS. Drop by the Club, shell out a few dollars and celebrate non-commercial, educational radio stations licensed to the Board of Trustees of the University of Puget Sound and operated by the Associated Students of the University of Puget Sound.

2. Today marks the opening of a new exhibition from Portland-based photographer Robbie McClaran at Gallerie Fotoland on the first floor of the Daniel J. Evans Library at The Evergreen State College. "Ordinary People" is an ongoing series is of portraits that highlight the lives of "regular" people from varying walks of life and from all over the country. His images are captioned with details of the subject's story - often revealing a dark past and a history of struggle and grief. An artist reception will be held 4:30-6:30 p.m.

3. The Tacoma Runner will tour Hilltop Tacoma, launching from the Eleven Eleven at 6:30 p.m., making five, right-hand turns and back to the Hilltop sandwich and beer joint to discuss the 3-mile tour. The most difficult situation of the night won't be the run, but rather packing this fun-loving group into the Eleven Eleven.

4. Is knitting still big? For some people, it's never been small, nor has crocheting, quilting, weaving or any of the fiber arts. At 7 p.m., new and veteran craft enthusiasts can get their fiberful fill during author Blair Stocker's take and make event. She invites everyone to craft an original creation using materials she has on hand. Stocker shares ideas and projects from her book, Wise Craft: Turning Thrift Store Finds, Fabric Scraps, and Natural Objects into Stuff You Love, at the University Place Library. She's best known for quilt making, and also creates through painting, crocheting and knitting.

5. Skull & The Dullards, Gag, Noping The Band and Lube will rock Le Voyeur beginning at 10 p.m.

LINK: Thursday, April 3 arts and entertainment events in the greater Tacoma and Olympia area

April 3, 2014 at 8:21am

Tournament of Burgers Day 15: We're down to eight!

Mmmm ... mmmmm ... mmmm


The Great Eight is fully fleshed out: Eastside Big Tom, Maxwell's Restaurant, Westside Tavern, Tatanka, Lefty's Burger Shack, Crown Bar, The Spar and Shake Shake Shake. Eight establishments that - according to our readers' poll - serve the best burgers in the South Sound.

It's all come down to eight. All the signs in the restaurants, the mass emailings to customers and friends, the burger phone trees have paid off for these eight patty slingers. It's now crunch(y) onion time for the burger royalty.

On to today's Tournament of Burgers action and yesterday's results.

Yesterday's Results

Game 1: Lefty's Burger Shack vs. The Forum

I feel bad for the kids on this one ... especially the 20-something partiers. But something tells me they'll survive, and they'll do so in tasty style with The Forum that they have quickly come to adore. Unfortunately for The Forum and their fancy stuffed burgers and lively bar, the task yesterday of taking down Lefty's Burger shack was simply too much - and the votes told the story. When all was said and done, Lefty's moves on with 73 percent of the vote.

Game 2: Lunchbox Laboratory vs. Crown Bar

Despite an early lead from the heralded Lunchbox Laboratory, the Crown Bar and its large, devoted Sixth Avenue strolling fans proved too powerful in yesterday's action, catapulting into the Great Eight with the closest victory margin of the day - 53 percent. Lunchbox Laboratory will survive. The new kid in Gig Harbor has been drawing large crowds with its inventive food.

Game 3: The Spar vs. Herfy's

The oldest tavern in Tacoma, The Spar, was simply too much for the fast-food joint in the Lakewood Towne Center. The Spar moves on with 69 percent of the vote and a spot in the Great Eight.

Game 4: Shake Shake Shake vs. Little Jerry's

Shake Shake Shake, the heavy favorite to win Region 4 after perceived contenders such as Mikie Burgers and Best Burgers were dismissed in earlier rounds, cruised to an easy win over Tacoma's Fern Hill darling, Little Jerry's. The Seinfeld jokes and physical comedy filled the café all day. But, it wasn't enough. Shake Shake Shake pushed its Steak and Bacon Burger hard, tossing in their Real Hot Hot Dog periodically (ballsy). Shake Shake Shake grabs 56 percent of the vote and moves into the Great Eight to take on the bison boss, Tatanka Takeout.

Let's weed through the condiments. The following are advancing to the Great Eight:

  • Lefty's Burger Shack
  • Crown Bar
  • The Spar
  • Shake Shake Shake

The daily burger battles on Walkie Talkie are sponsored by Ricky J's Restaurant and Lounge in Puyallup.

OK, let's dive into today's Great Eight burger battles. Vote for one burger joint per game. Voting for today's burger battles ends at 11:45 p.m. 

Tomorrow's Burger Battles: The Final Four

Eight South Sound burger joints go at it today for slots in the Final Four. Jump on Walkie Talkie tomorrow to vote on the Final Four games.

Championship Vote/Party: 6 p.m., Monday, April 7 at Meconi's Tacoma Pub & Eatery in downtown Tacoma.

Confused? Read our Tournament of Burgers introduction here.

LINK: Hot Damn! Yes, I want the South Sound Happy Hour App!

April 3, 2014 at 12:57pm

Operation Cookie Drop a success at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Service members, military spouses, and USONW volunteers take cases of Girl Scout cookies from pallets to be placed in waiting cars. Photo credit: USO Northwest

Karma is complicated. Especially when you apply it to cookies. Baking cookies for neighbors? Good karma. Buying cookies for yourself? Maybe not-so-good karma. Buying other people cookies? Probably pretty-good karma. Throwing cookies at your enemies?  Bad karma. Donating 129,210 boxes of cookies, valued at $574,472 to the men and women at Joint Base Lewis-McChord? Excellent karma.

Girl Scouts of Western Washington has excellent karma right now.

The USO Northwest Shali Center on JBLM was humming with activity Tuesday. While volunteers served those participating in a large military exercise, said 129,210 boxes cookies from the Girl Scouts of Western Washington needed to be unloaded. The event is large enough to be fondly known as Operation Cookie Drop.

USONW has an excellent partnership with Girl Scouts of Western Washington, and it was evident Tuesday as representatives from JBLM, both military and spouses, arrived at the USONW Shali Center early in the morning to load their cars with cases of cookies for their units. More than 2,600 cases were packed into waiting cars.

For the full scoop, read excerpts from the Operation Cookie Drop news release below.


April 4, 2014 at 7:17am

Friday Morning Joe: Fort Hood heroism, military wish list, Army in Europe, drone war, Muppet man ...

Paesan Kitchen and Bar serves espresso via the Slayer, a powerful, slick industrial-quality machine.


Army mourning loss of soldiers at Fort Hood.

One of the three soldiers killed in the shooting rampage at Fort Hood died while trying to hold a door shut that would have led the gunman to a room packed with military personnel.

The U.S. military services have sent Congress wish lists that include $36 billion in priority items that were not included in the Pentagon's 2015 budget proposal. But actual passage of the lists seems unlikely.

Without the benefit of a full defense review covering force levels to support national needs, Hagel has left civilian support for the Pentagon largely untouched.

Budget cuts threaten military readiness, officials said.

Hagel said sending another permanent Army brigade to Europe could be a possibility.

The Senate Intelligence Committee voted to declassify parts of the panel's controversial 6,200-page report that is harshly critical of the CIA's Bush-era interrogation program.

Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh and Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James on defended plans to scrap the A-10 fleet and retire roughly 40 C-130s.

Army's part in the so-called Pacific Pivot remains in the concept phase.

A new kind of drone war: UCAV vs. UCLASS

Latest Army Virtual Battle Space release adds realism to scenarios, avatars.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord Arrowhead soldiers play a part in Operation Alaska Shield.

Nine ingenious urban hacks to make the city smarter.

The best part of Letterman's retirement announcement is that it was revealed by R.E.M.'s Mike Mills.

Bill Murray explains his bucket list on Letterman.

Surreal reversed footage of a man walking backward in Tokyo.

Watch the first seven minutes of FX's Fargo.

The Big Bang Theory will have a special Star Wars Day episode ...

What the Internet looks like as a subway map.


April 4, 2014 at 7:59am

5 Things To Do Today: America's Music, Jordan World Circus, Lee Oskar, Lindquistpalooza and more ...

A healthy dose of Delta blues will fill Olympia's Washington Center tonight.

FRIDAY, APRIL 4 2014 >>>

1. Some say that size doesn't matter. Tell that to the Washington Center for the Performing Arts, which is hosting a six-week-long program series with an insanely-lengthy title, "America's Music: A Film History of Our Popular Music from Blues to Bluegrass to Broadway." Each week, the AM:AFHoOPMfBtBtB (which, by the way, is pronounced AM-AFF-HOOP-EM-fuh-BEAT-BEAT-BEEEE! and should be immediately declared a musical genre unto itself) will seek to enlighten audiences by highlighting uniquely American forms of music through film. The first installment goes down at 6:30 p.m. and covers blues and gospel music and features excerpts from the almost-as-lengthily-titled documentary Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues, Episode 1: Feel Like Going Home, and cinéma vérité classic Say Amen, Somebody. Andrew "Drew" Buchman, Expressive Arts (read: Music) faculty member at The Evergreen State College, will be on hand to introduce the film portion of the evening, and lead a discussion afterward.

2. You might think swinging and flipping over high bars and prancing on two-inch-wide beams are skills only Olympic athletes such as Jordyn Wiebercan pull off with any degree of grace. But the performers of the Jordan World Circus have mastered those gymnastic feats, and much more. Their show is full of extremely flexible performers who could wow even the most jaded Olympian. The circus's troupe includes acrobats, jugglers, and contortionists between the ages of 11 and 50. Where else can you watch men your dad's age twist their bodies into pretzel shapes?  Marvel at the exotic animals, gasp in awe at the death-defying aerial acts, and be deeply, deeply frightened by the clowns at 4 and 7 p.m. at the Washington State Fairgrounds.

3. Lee Oskar founded the band WAR with Eric Burden. His harmonica can be heard on classics such as "Low Rider," "The Cisco Kid," and others. Most recently, his playing was sampled on the pop song "Timber" by Pitbull and Ke$ha. Oskar is known for his improvisational skill on the harmonica and animated stage presence. Oskar will hold a harmonic clinic and autograph session at 6 p.m. in Ted Brown Music.

4. At 6 p.m. in the Landmark Temple Theatre, Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist will kick off his bid for re-election with what we can only be described as a star-studded "kick off party" - which in the business of politics, is code for warm and fuzzy fundraising event. Lindquist promises the event will feature Peter Buck of R.E.M., actress and singer Molly Ringwald, The Beatniks, as well as speakers Gov. Jay Inslee, Sheriff Paul Pastor, Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland, and Detective Ed Troyer, executive director of Crime Stoppers.

5. "Eldridge Gravy and the Court Supreme are as fun a funk dance party as I can imagine," says Daniel Landin, booker and Weekly Volcano reader-voted Best Music Scenester in its Best of Olympia issue. Thirteen strong on stage, Eldridge Gravy's incredible soul vocals blend with three back-up singers, pour over a four-piece horn section, and all this bakes to groove perfection with a relentless full rhythm section. Catch the band with DBST at 9 p.m. in The Olympia Ballroom.

LINK: Friday, April 4 arts and entertainment events in the greater Tacoma and Olympia area

April 4, 2014 at 8:19am

Tournament of Burgers Day 16: Final Four - vote now

It's the Final Four baby!


The South Sound loves burgers - at least according to the thousands that have voted in our Tournament of Burgers. Yesterday's burger voting action doubled the previous highest vote count for a single day. And local favorites fell. They fell hard. Every winner yesterday won by capturing 59 to 65 percent of the vote.

What four patty-slinging joints will move onto today's Final Four?

The drum roll please ...

Thanks to your votes, we've narrowed down the Tournament of Burgers to these four burger joints: Eastside Big Tom, Maxwell's Restaurant, Westside Tavern and Tatanka Takeout.

Let's remember that every burger that made it into the tourney is worth a nosh. Still, someone's gotta win. We started with 64 of the South Sound's best burgers. Now, these four boss burgers face off for the ultimate glory - patty to patty battles to determine the best burger in the South Sound. Which burger joint has the moxie to nail down the championship? Whose burger will win it all?

Today's Final Four match-ups are:

GAME 1: Eastside Big Tom vs. Maxwell's Restaurant

GAME 2: Westside Tavern vs. Tatanka Takeout

The daily burger battles on Walkie Talkie are sponsored by Ricky J's Restaurant and Lounge in Puyallup.

OK, let's dive into today's Final Four burger battles. Vote for one burger joint per game. Voting for today's burger battles ends at 11:45 p.m. 

After today's voting, there will be two South Sound burger joints left in the Tournament of Burgers, unless something goes terribly wrong. Jump on Walkie Talkie tomorrow to find out which two burger joints will be battling it out Monday, April 7.

Championship Vote/Party: 6 p.m., Monday, April 7 at Meconi's Tacoma Pub & Eatery in downtown Tacoma.

Confused? Read our Tournament of Burgers introduction here.

LINK: Hot Damn! Yes, I want the South Sound Happy Hour App!

April 4, 2014 at 8:57am

Beer Weekend: The Copper Door opens plus events

The Copper Door owner Craig Moore announces his starting lineup. Photo courtesy of Facebook

This afternoon when The Copper Door taproom and beer store opens in Tacoma's Stadium District you may toss back pints of 7 Seas Cascadian Dark Ale, Narrows Brewing IPA, Fremont Brewing Company bourbon barrel aged Dark Star, NoLi Empire No. 8 Session IPA and Chuckanut Brewery's Dunkel Lager.

If you're the kind of person who absolutely needs to be the first person to tweet about a new place - or you're a beer geek, or you're just looking for the absolute coolest way to end the work week (unless you have plans to test-drive a Ferrari or play with live monkeys) - The Copper Door will have its soft opening today.

That's right, Tacoma. When you stand in front of Gibson's Frozen Yogurt, you will have to make a life decision. Just to its right sits 1,700 square feet of taproom space, 866 square feet of store space for 750 bottles of refrigerated brews, and the local brews listed above.

Meet owner Craig Moore.

"I lived in Portland for about 10 years and did home brewing only. It is where I learned to appreciate craft beer and its impact on the community. I feel like that is where my palette was challenged and where I formed a love for all the different styles and complexity of American beer," Moore says.

Why Tacoma?

"Having lived in this area, I was able to see the impact and development that craft beer had on Portland and Seattle. My friend started a small business in Tacoma recently and has been supported by the community both economically and his ideals. He helped me realized that Tacoma was a pearl in the Pacific Northwest and with the lower costs of starting a business there with the potential support of the residents there it was a pretty easy decision," he explains.

It's a Door for all reasons - a store to purchase a wide variety of bottled and canned beers, filling a growler of a special run or kicking back and chatting over draft brews.

I imagine Moore has seen the 253 stickers. Certainly living in Portland he knows the importance of community.

"We want to showcase all the local talent around us and have been in conversation with multiple local breweries," he says. "We are focusing on the West Coast and surrounding areas primarily. A lot of that has to do with the ability to get special runs and one offs as well. We look at the entire nation for good beer and are not limited."

The official opening will happen in a week, but he'll discover Tacoma doesn't wait. A grand opening party is in the works.

"We do have a barrel room set up and hope to have yearly release parties for the beers we age. We will be working with breweries on this idea and hopefully they will be involved in the release parties as well."

He'll discover the tight local beer community. He'll also discover how Tacoma likes its beer.

Here are the beers on tap when the copper door swings open:

1. Deschutes (nitro) - Obsidian Stout
2. Ace Cider
3. Ninkasi - Spring Reign American Pale Ale
4. No-li - Empire No. 8 Session IPA
5. Narrows Brewing - Giant Pacific Octopus IPA
6. Coronado Brewing - Islander IPA
7. Sound Brewing - Quad Pro Quo
8. Speakeasy - Betrayal Imperial Red
9. 7 Seas - Cascadian Dark Ale
10. Avery - Ellie's Brown Ale
11. Full Sail - Recipe no. 6 - Black Bock
12. Sierra Nevada Brewing - Narwhal Imperial Stout
13. Green Flash - Palette Wrecker Imperial IPA
14. Stone - Go to IPA
15. Chuckanut Brewery - Dunkel Lager
16. Fremont Brewing - Dark Star Imperial Stout

THE COPPER DOOR, 12 N. Tacoma Ave., Tacoma, 253.212.3708, thecopperdoor.net


Friday, April 4

Narrows Brewing head brewer Joe Walts hosts Skip Madsen with American Brewing for a brewer's night beginning at 5 p.m. Dark Horse Band kicks it at 8 p.m.

Saturday, April 5

The Harmon Restaurant and Brewery is one of the venues participating in the Gray Sky Blues Music Festival. From noon to 5 p.m., expect to hear Fistful of Dollars, The Mark Riley Trio, Maia Santell and House Blend, Jack Gaffney out of Boulder, Colo., and Nolan Garret. Admission is free.

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