Tournament of Burgers Day 3: Friday's winners and four new burger battles

By Ron Swarner on March 22, 2014


Even in this era of kohlrabi salads, Haute Mexicanand Chinese-Peruvian, the hamburger remains America's favorite food, and burger fans - of which you are undoubtedly one - are insanely opinionated about what the consummate burger should look and taste like. Tear into the Tournament of Burgers, make a mess and dribble 'til the cows come home.

Yesterday's Results

Game 1: Duke's Chowder House vs. Chalk Talk Bistro

Duke's Chowder House has fancy newsletters, kick ass chowder and a gorgeous view of Commencement Bay. Chalk Talk Bistro has chalk ... oh, and delicious burgers. Formerly Mary's Burger Bistro, the sportsified Chalk Talk put the dispsy-doo double-a-roo on Duke's, and grabbed 56 percent of the votes from way at the end of the grill, BANG!

Game 2: Pick-Quick Drive-In vs. The Schooner Pub & Galley

The Schooner Pub is a dark place. It's truly one of the darker watering holes in the South Sound. Obviously, there are advantages to drinking in dimly lit joints. For one, squinting isn't attractive. Anyway, yesterday was the Lakewood bar's worst possible cave scenario. We haven't had many sunny days since early autumn. The Schooner's competitor, Pick-Quick Drive-in, offers a nice park-like outdoor eating area (albeit, with a view of I-5). The walk-up burger joint was packed with questionable open shirts and giddiness. Sunshine grabbed 75 percent of the votes and Pick-Quick moves into the next round to take on Chalk Talk Bistro March 28.

Game 3: Loose Wheel Bar & Grill vs. The Westside Tavern

If there's one thing our food tournaments has seen over the years; you don't mess with West Olympia. The community huddles around their own - more often than not with sleeves rolled up and a chew in place. The Westside Tavern grabbed a respectable 62 percent of the votes yesterday in its win over the tough Loose Wheel Bar & Grill. That's impressive. That's the Westside.

Game 4: Pacific Grill vs. South Bay Pub & Eatery

If there's a trend developing it's that elegance or unique toppings don't wow Tournament of Burgers voters. Sure, a fancy burger can get you somewhere in the Tournament of Burgers, but it doesn't guarantee anything - your burger foundation has to be sound before voters will get behind some of the fancier stuff. While Pacific Grill gushes sophistication and class, it had a tough day on the burger court. It beat Olympia's scrappy South Bay Pub & Eatery by one vote. One. Pacific Grill will need to reanalyze its game plan, as it will take on another scrappy Olympia burger flipper in the Second Round - Westside Tavern.

Let's weed through the condiments. The following are advancing to the Second Round:

The daily burger battles on Walkie Talkie are sponsored by Ricky J's Restaurant and Lounge in Puyallup.

OK, let's dive into today's First Round burger battles. Vote for one burger joint per game. Voting for today's burger battles ends at 11:45 p.m. 

Tomorrow's First Round Burger Games

Game 1: NetShed No. 9 (3313 Harborview Dr., Gig Harbor) vs. Harmon Brewery & Eatery (1938 Pacific Ave., Tacoma)

Game 2: Five Guys (5605 Lakewood Towne Center Blvd., Lakewood) vs. Engine House No. 9 (611 N. Pine St., Tacoma)

Game 3: Meconi's Pub Tacoma (709 Pacific Ave., Tacoma) vs. The Hub-Gig Harbor (1208 26th Ave. NW, Gig Harbor)

Game 4: Tatanka (4915 N. Pearl St, Ruston) vs. The Swiss (1904 S. Jefferson, Tacoma)

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