Saturday Morning Joe: Military ethics enforcer, extra missile defense funding, how to beat Flappy Bird...

By Northwest Military News Team on February 8, 2014


Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel hints at hiring an ethics enforcer for the military.

Hagel also officially announced the president had nominated Robert Work as deputy secretary of defense.

The incoming No. 2 American commander in Afghanistan said today that his immediate focus is on supporting upcoming Afghan elections - not on the possibility of U.S. troops remaining after the NATO-led combat mission ends.

The Syrian civil war "has become a matter of homeland security" as authorities seek to identify any foreign fighters who might be a threat to the United States.

State Dept. update: No specific threat in Sochi.

War took an increasing toll on Afghanistan's civilians in 2013 as fighting intensified between the government and insurgents, the United Nations said in a report today, with total casualties rising 14 percent.

The U.S. Defense Department plans to ask Congress for $4.5 billion in extra missile defense funding over the next five years as part of the fiscal 2015 budget request.

Legislation that would repeal caps on annual cost-of-living adjustments for military retirees younger than 62 will be considered Monday by the Senate.

President Barack Obama has nominated Air Force Gen. Paul Selva to be the next leader of US Transportation Command (TRANSCOM).

A Marine staff sergeant stood on the front line of medical science, becoming the first patient to receive an implant that allows him to operate his prosthetic arm with his upper arm muscles.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel handed out a curious-looking award in a curious setting to the Marine Corps for being the first of the services - ever - to get an audit of its annual budget.

POW receives medal seven decades later.

Jimmy Fallon exits stage (just) right.

Pussy Riot on The Colbert Report: Not only are these women tough as nails, they have an awesome sense of humor. Don't miss the first and second parts of the entertaining chat.

If you have been frustrated with the hugely successful and extremely difficult game Flappy Bird, here's a tutorial that will teach you how to beat the hell out of it.

A massive avalanche violently invaded the Passeier Valley-in South Tyrol-yesterday. In this video it looks harmless until you get to the 1:30 mark. Then things start to get scary and weird.

A few of the nerdiest Lego tattoos that are sure to appeal to your inner toy architect.