Words & Photos: Steve Stefanowicz and Stephanie Anne Johnson in a tent

By Ron Swarner on January 18, 2014

It only took moments to lose a sense of context. Less than five minutes into Steve Stefanowicz's set last night at The Hub in Gig Harbor, any normal sense of time and place had already started to melt away. No, it wasn't because of too much Harmon beer - that surreal and otherworldly feel came from the sobering scope and scale of Stefanowicz's guitar performance, the fact the show was held outside in a tent and the packed crowd of 40- and 50-year-olds came to party. Oh, and Stephanie Anne Johnson joined in and belted it out as if it was her last performance.

Every element of the show fit, whether it was the 1,000 selfie shots I witnessed, the impromptu dance performances, people loosing their shit when Johnson sang "You Shook Me All Night Long," or standing in an elbow-to-elbow crowd near the stage to watch Stefanowicz channel Jimmy Page. It was a night of amazing classic rock covers.

It all lent for the kind of feel one would expect from a great New Year's Eve party.

The Hub has, indeed, pitched a tent on its side patio. With the ability to raise and lower side flaps, 10 tall heat lamps, a wood stove and chimeneas, donning short sleeve 12th Man jerseys works. Hub co-owner Pat Nagle says the all-ages tent will stay, even in the summer to provide shade. Since it only spans half the patio, and the side flaps can be removed, it will work. Expect regular outdoor concerts year-round at The Hub.

Johnson announced she, Stefanowicz and a few other friends would perform an hour before kickoff in the Stadium's beer garden at Sunday's Seahawks game. Consider the video below - which I shot while jarred multiple times - a preview for Sunday's performance.