Eat This Now: Seaside Crab Cake Benedict

By Jackie Fender on January 6, 2014

Downtown Sumner's retail and antique stores align in a row, providing a lovely stroll. Snuggled in the row, Cafe Bellis boasts a charming small town vibe that fits. It's an intimate interior - with the server station on full display in the tiny dining area, which is nice because the gals on staff are uber friendly and conversational.

What really had me popping in was the breakfast. Cafe Bellis' "We serve breakfast all day" motto holds the key to my heart. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Though the menu is full of fabulous sandwiches and entrees during lunch, its breakfast menu is where it's at with hobo hashes, omelets, hotcakes and more - all made in house with the special ingredient that can only be assumed to be love.

Recently, I tried its Seaside Crab Cake Benedict ($11.95). Holy wow, was it tasty! These crispy on the outside, tender meaty goodness on the inside crab cakes were spot on, served on English muffin or house made biscuit, with a poached egg and swimming in generous amounts of rich and creamy hollandaise sauce. As any Benedict true lover will tell you, it's about the egg. Being one, I can't tell you how many joints miss the mark - under poaching the egg and leaving white gooey egg stuff or over poaching transforming it into road turtles. A Benedict poached egg absolutely must fully cook the whites but allow the tasty yolk to ooze and mix with the hollandaise with the cut of the fork.

Cafe Bellis knows how to poach perfectly.

This dish is accompanied with a side of hashbrowns or generous serving of fruit, which includes cantaloupe and melon.

CAFÉ BELLIS, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily, 1012 Main St., Sumner, 253.447.8208