5 Things To Do Today: Holiday boat parade, Spider Ferns, Muh Grog Zoo and more ...

By Volcano Staff on December 13, 2013

FRIDAY, DEC. 13 2013 >>>

Ed. note: This show is actually Saturday, Dec. 14: 1. Working our way through Modern Kin's self-titled debut, the word that kept swimming around in our heads was "skeletal." Though the songs are adorned with expansive reverb, what you really pick out and identify are the three people behind the songs: Drew Grow, Kris Doty and Jeremiah Hayden. Even though Modern Kin's sound is big, the songs remain testaments to the tight musicianship of the trio. Modern Kin is a remarkable surefooted debut for the band, and one of the reasons may be that it's actually not a debut - not really, anyway. Modern Kin began life in 2007 as Drew Grow and the Pastors' Wives, an acclaimed folk-rock band that incorporated elements of soul and spine-tingling gospel. Recently, with the loss of a member, the decision was made that a change was needed. Catch the band with Not From Brooklyn and Us Lights at 8 p.m. in Grit City Grindhouse. Read Rev. Adam McKinney's full feature on Modern Kin in the Music & Culture section.

2. So many times during the holiday season, there are great events that last just a day, and, if we're lucky, maybe two days. However, LeMay America's Car Museum, a South Sound, state and national automotive loving treasure, takes it 12 steps further. Enjoy 12 days of Christmas at this iconic museum with awesome giveaways, Santa Claus, kid and family activities and all the rad transportation goodness that you can possibly take. Visit the website for the activities of the day. 

3. Don your festive cool weather gear and pop down to the Foss Waterway Seaport on the esplanade to see festive boats from the Tacoma Yacht Club all decked out in holiday lights and displays as they make their way to the Foss Waterway from 7:30-9 p.m. Enjoy a little holiday treat and cocoa (provided by Goodwill's Neighborhood Bistro) by the sea as you watch the boats cruise on by. Do good and bring a non-perishable food item to help out the St. Leo's food drive.

4. The Spider Ferns are a duo that aim to hypnotize. Made up largely of just electric guitar and bass, with no drums, there is very little to prevent you from getting lulled into their bubbling tones. Without percussion, the sounds tend to just wash over you, lively though they may sometimes get. The band performs at 9 p.m. with Oh Dear! and J. Martin in The New Frontier Lounge.

5. Tonight is the first show from Muh Grog Zoo, a four-man improv group that creates an improvised one-act play, starting only with a single word from the audience. Shout the word at 9:45 p.m. in The Lakewood Playhouse.

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