Words and Video: Fight during The Hoot Hoots's Squeak and Squawk show

By Ron Swarner on September 16, 2013

Oh sure you've got your Japanese artifacts and your epic dragon sculptures and your steampunk laser guns, and every single thing everywhere smells like some combination of grandpa and grandma. And sure there's your writhing dancing and improvised kitchen-sink costumes and thunder and lightning outside. And of course there is always, always an incredible line-up of regional indie bands. This is pretty much a given. Just another night at a Squeak and Squawk Music Festival all-ages show in the Library at Sanford and Son Antiques in downtown Tacoma.

Last night during day four of SQSQ, the above scenario was topped off by the glory of a shark vs. alligator fight during The Hoot Hoots's set - a Seattle power-pop band that combines fuzzy guitar, fuzzier keyboard lines, cheerfully crashing symbols and fun.

We captured the fight below. Bless you all.

LINK: Tonight's Squeak and Squawk Music Festival shows