Cody Foster Army gets small for new video

By Nikki McCoy on July 24, 2013

Tacoma's favorite stonercore rock band is at it again. Cody Foster Army, also known as C.F.A., has just released its second music video in a series of four. "Sons of the Soil" is now available on The Ripple Effect's website as part of a worldwide release.

C.F.A. called in the troops for this one, with filming by Jack Saffle, better known for shooting pro skaters for the past 10 years. Saffle brought with him Addie Stonack and Jaynee Schmidtke to capture multiple perspectives, adjusting lighting and camera angles and hanging from the ceiling.

The effect is Cody Foster and bandmates - Dave Takata and "Reno" Dave Marseillan - portray little people on stage with crazy corpse paint and sweet dance moves.

Did CFA need a Kickstarter campaign to pull this off? Nope, just $13 and a few sore appendages.

A chat with Foster reveals he is still recovering (knee braces and all) from the filming of the video, which happened to coincide with his 40th birthday.

"I shit you not - I could not walk for two days," said Foster. "But, it was a lot of fun. We're always tongue-in-cheek, and it's working for us."

"Kick Rocks" was the band's first video and Foster says to expect live footage on their third release, including candid shots with friends at local bars.

P.S. Catch CFA live at Olympia Hempfest, Sunday Funday and Music and Art in Wright Park.