Words & Photos: Sasquatch! Festival 2013, Day Four

By Volcano Staff on May 29, 2013

Ed. Note: The Weekly Volcano sent Olympian Red Williamson of newspinphoto.com to Sasquatch! Festival 2013. For four days in a row he submitted amazing photos from the festival. Williamson brought his wife, Rachel, and friend, Matt Guile, along. Rachel files the report below on the final day of the festival, Monday, May 27, from The Gorge.

We are wrapping up day four of our incredible weekend at Sasquatch 2013, and we're coming home feeling a little wiser. We've learned a few things - people will actually buy $3 water and $9 chicken strips, honey buckets are not full of honey and rainy skies won't deter passionate people away from a kickass music festival.

Newspin Photo team member Matt Guile summed up the Sasquatch experience nicely. "It's the epitome of mixing business and pleasure," he said. "At the best of times, work is euphoric; at the worst, you are lost in a sea of fans, artists, security guards and sun - but you are here."

Well, in our case today, the rain was pouring down without mercy. Fans around us found comfort in hot food and warm hoodies, and were packed like sardines underneath covered spaces. Our team felt grateful to spend the morning diligently working, sheltered from the rain in the media area - a space at Sasquatch that has begun to feel like our home away from home.

>>> Barr Brothers fans, photo credit: Red Williamson/Newspin Photo

>>> Wet crowd, photo credit: Red Williamson/Newspin Photo

>>> P.O.S., photo credit: Red Williamson/Newspin Photo

The afternoon arrived, and we made our way over to our first show - an energetic hip-hop set with live instrumentation. Nissim (formerly D.Black) wears a cap that, like his changed name, reflects his new journey as an Orthodox Jew, "to make music that inspires and elevates this world."

We wandered over to the Honda Bigfoot stage to see spunky, electro-pop band CHVRCHES first, then P.O.S, who really inspired us with the way he pumped up the crowd. His energy made us forget about the rain for a while with lyrics like, "This is for everybody who carries the world's weight, but stands up straight."

We were impressed again by Elliott Brood, three guys and a bunch of instruments who use music to tell historic, century-old stories. Dirty Projectors rocked us with its incredible arrangements and the duo ODESZA's live show did not disappoint the excited fans. While waiting for its sound to get sorted out, The Barr Brothers, called "the best live band in Montreal," showed their personalities by drinking and smoking cigarettes on the Yeti stage. Band members were creative with many different instruments; one moment that stood out to us was when three band members played guitar together, using a string!

>>> Barr Brothers, photo credit: Red Williamson/Newspin Photo

>>> Death Grips, photo credit: Red Williamson/Newspin Photo

>>> Elliott Brood, photo credit: Red Williamson/Newspin Photo

Theoretics' high energy, funky hip-hop show really came to life with a full band, and Death Grips' performance was rowdy and off-the-wall. As the set started, the microphone was having problems, and rapper MC Ride suddenly threw it on the ground and left the stage! For a moment the crowd wondered if he would come back; luckily for us, he did, and Death Grips put on an incredible show. Imagine Dragons headlined over on the Sasquatch stage, and rocked a sopping wet crowd full of colorful ponchos and garbage bags. Lead rocker Dan Reynolds thanked the crowd at the end of the show and said with pride and gratitude, "this might be the best festival we've ever played."

Portland duo Menomena stood out to us right away with its smooth saxophone skills, insane rhythms and personal lyrics. The crowd size over at Grieves was the largest we had seen all weekend. Grieves apologized about "hiding under a rock for a while," saying, "I had to get some shit together." The audience met him with enthusiastic approval as he started his first song. Twin Shadow brought the electric, 80s power pop and put on a swanky, lively show. Unfortunately, we left for our 4-hour drive home, back toward reality, work and responsibilities, and had to miss out on late night shows like The Lumineers and The Postal Service. However, what we heard from our sources back at The Gorge confirmed what we suspected. As we've seen so many times, the music is alive at Sasquatch 2013, and even a rainy day can't cloud our good times.

>>> Grieves, photo credit: Red Williamson/Newspin Photo

>>> Nissim, photo credit: Red Williamson/Newspin Photo

>>> Twin Shadow, photo credit: Red Williamson/Newspin Photo

Team Newpin saved one of its favorite Sasquatch interviews for last; we were excited for the opportunity to chat with P.O.S., and we found it fitting when he said, "One thing that festivals teach you is that there's room for everybody."

Yes, truly there has been room for all walks of life and all forms of expression here at Sasquatch Music Festival. Many things can't compare with this special and beautiful way that good music has the power to bring humanity together.

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