Found On Craigslist: Tiny house, DUIs, fish that walk and more

By Nikki McCoy on May 22, 2013


Ladies and gentlemen, here it is - another installment of weird shit you find on Craigslist. Last time, we found 80 free toilets, marijuana and hobbit feet. (Told you it was weird.)

This time we have a tiny house, DUIs, fish that walk and more. Enjoy!

In case you need a place to put your mother-in-law, grow operation or meth lab, here is a tiny house just for you - only $500.

And speaking of illegal stuff, here's this guy, pleading for a witness to a car accident he was involved in. Two drunk chicks left you at the scene of the crime? C'mon Randy, just fess up and take the DUI.

For a little more weird, how about adopting a walking fish? Here's a quote from the ad, "They are a great conversation piece in your home. I mean, who has fish with feet?!" Creepy weirdos participating in some unholy evolutionary process, that's who. 

Speaking of unholy evolutionary processes, here's someone looking to breed what looks like a gremlin.

But, this installment's weird award goes to this 21-year-old overweight girl with a kid, whose ad title is ... "Join me for some walking & awkward conversation."  Click on her link to discover more gems suchs, "I like to make homemade Cheez-its because theyre awesome,"  "No crazies please, they ruin my mood" and "Ok I have done this before and it was by far one of the most awkward things ever. But hey I geuss thats what happens when you meetup with random strangers you met on the internet." Please, someone get this girl on Tosh.O.

Until next time, and happy craigslisting!