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April 4, 2013 at 9:52am

Outdoor Addict: Where to take kidnapped dogs


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Well dear readers, my outdoor addiction has stopped to a new low today. The weather gets nice and everyone brings out their dogs and I get dog envy. So, like any good addict, I decided to get my fix by whatever means necessary. Yes dear readers, I kidnapped a dog today. He was a squirrelly one to catch. Skiddish, shy, and completely adorable. Tiny too. An easy target.

You see, I needed a dog so I would fit in at the dog park. Dog park people are very particular. They bring their doggies to the park to frolic and socialize, but spend a lot of their time eyeing other dog owners. I couldn't exactly wander in dogless and ogle their dogs. My weakness is the big, happy, slightly dumb ones. But it's kind of like going to a playground to watch kids play when you don't bring one of your own. Slightly creepy.

After nabbing my four legged companion, we hit the road. First stop, Point Defiance. The off leash area is near Fort Nisqually and shaded by large trees. Wandering around the forest floor, the gentle change in elevation meant that even with other dogs it didn't feel crowded. It also provided what I love about Point Defiance - trees, birds chirping, etc - but in a form where my pooch could go nuts too. It was quiet on a weekday morning, but I liked that. Too many dogs can get a bit unruly. We wandered a bit before he started trying to escape so we headed back to the car for some treat bribery and moved on.

Our next stop was Wapato Lake. I've been here previously and enjoyed all the dog watching on the path around the lake, but the dog park is pretty fantastic. It has multiple areas, one for small dogs only, one for all dogs that's open, and one up on a hill that's got a few teeny trails. The all dog area has a large grassy area perfect for chasing balls and another slightly separate area to get away from the pack. My little buddy enjoyed the small dog area immensely. He ran in circles, sniffed everything and everyone, and had to be caught all over again when it was time to leave. Although, I think the Stockholm Syndrome was starting to kick in at this point because when I was nearly mauled by a pack of chihuahuas on my way out the gate he was not happy with them. Thankfully they left my ankles intact and we hit the road for our next stop.

Our last stop on the tour of dog parks, was Chambers Bay. This area is considered "temporary" because eventually it will be moved, but for now it's just off the Central Meadow. It's a fairly large area, completely flat, and all sand. It was his least favorite stop because the sand just gets EVERYWHERE (oh the drama a little dog can convey!) and the big dogs get so excited chasing balls he almost got run over a few times. But for me it was great. The view was fantastic, as usual, and I got to observe some adorable dogs.

You'll be pleased to know I did return my little victim. He and his mommy were thrilled to be reunited and he spent several minutes trying to relate all that had happened, why he smelled of French fries, and why he seemed sad when I disappeared around the corner. Never fear little buddy. Me and my intoxicating fries will be back for you someday.

Point Defiance, 5400 N. Pearl St., Tacoma

Wapato Lake Park, 6802 S. Sheridan, Tacoma

Chambers Creek Properties, 6320 Grandview Dr. W., University Place

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