Comment of the Day: People are going to be living off state government assistance

By Volcano Staff on March 7, 2013


Yesterday's comment of the day was from Bethann Garteiz in response to our coverage of Pierce Transits restructuring, including a focus on those with disabilities, tax issues and the public forums.

Garteiz writes,

Nobody likes tax increases; I get that. But thousands of people becoming unemployed all at the same time because they lost their transportation is crushing to the economy of any city. A larger unemployment rate is not a desirable option under any circumstances. The failure of Proposition 1 last November and the subsequent bus cuts means that countless thousands more people in Pierce County are going to be living off state government assistance, and that is going to be much more expensive than simply giving Pierce Transit the reasonable amount that they were asking for. Thinking in terms of short-term savings is easy to do when the economy is rough, like it is now; ignoring the long-term view for the short-term savings is the worst way anybody can base his economic plans on, no matter what the situation is.