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March 13, 2013 at 6:53am

5 Things To Do Today: Scrabble Rabble, Crotch Rockets, art receptions, Moustache Bandits and more ...

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13 2013 >>>

1. It may be grayer than Bea Arthur's pixie cut outside, but not so inside King's Books at 6 p.m. The Tacoma bookstore's Scrabble Rabble tournament will allow participants to establish their own skill levels and compete with others for glory. The Weekly Volcano has always enjoyed hanging onto the "Q," where it hangs there on our rack like some ultimate weapon of destruction, waiting for that all-enabling "U" tile to unleash its point-mongering wrath upon our opponents. Anyway, if your job sucks or you have a strange rash, join the tournament and those problems will, if only for a few hours, ease back into the recesses of your mind. Oh, and read Kristin Kendle's feature on Scrabble Rabble on the Weekly Volcano's blog Spew.

2. Since its introduction in 1894, the motorcycle has spawned a variety of cultures and uses. As basic transportation, as leisure activity or as a die-hard lifestyle, millions of people have a love affair with Choppers, Crotch Rockets, Thumpers and all things two-wheeled. The action-packed exhibit "Let's Ride! Motocycling The Northwest at the Washington State History Museum is a celebration of the region's never-waning motorcycle culture - will include interactive exhibits, videos and impressive displays of machines from 1906 to the 21st century. Check it out from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

3. Sometimes, it's best to go small. Other times, going big is the thing to do. From 5-8 p.m., it's highly suggested you do both. Kittredge Gallery on the University of Puget Sound hosts two opening receptions. In its Small Gallery, you may enjoy "You Are Here," an installation of a new series of work by University of Puget Sound professor of art, Michael Johnson. The exhibition encompasses a group of three-dimensional drawings, a melding of Johnson's sculptural practice with technology. In the Large Gallery, the long-titled "Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A-Start," an exhibition of new work by Seattle painter Cable Griffith, embraces the influence of early video game imagery, systems and themes. The exhibition includes drawings, paintings, sculpture and an interactive video game/painting collaboration with Brent Watanabe. Both exhibitions will close April 13.

4. Saxophonist Kareem Kandi's sound is virtually unrelated to the roomy traditions of soul saxes, honking saxes or deep-chested boudoir ballad saxes. It derives from the classic, free, often enthusiastic tradition of Joshua Redman as filtered through Dexter Gordon and Sonny Stitt, all of whose shadows can be traced-Redman in Kandi's funky organicism, Gordon in his dynamic harmonics, Stitt in the intensity that coats his every note with a Gritty City finish. Kandi has been hanging with organist Delvon Lamarr and drummer Adam Kessler, which has added groovy innovation to Kandi's sound. The Kareem Kandi Band heads back to The Swiss at 7 p.m. for another Wednesday open jam session.

5. Bozeman raunch 'n' rollers The Moustache Bandits will bring its high intensity performance and tongue-in-cheek cow-punk songs to Le Voyeur at 9 p.m.

LINK: Wednesday, March 13 arts and entertainment events in the greater TAcoma and Olympia area

March 13, 2013 at 8:01am

Market Report: Artisan market experience in University Place

HARBOR GREENS: High-end produce and meat, gourmet chocolate and carefully sourced wine and spirits has crossed the Narrows Bridge.


When it comes to grocery shopping I have become more aware of what goes into my food and how unhealthy it can be. I have begun to strive toward a healthier lifestyle that includes whole foods and local produce. A few artisan markets in the South Sound make this lifestyle achievable on a daily basis, including the recently opened Harbor Greens in University Place.

Located just off Bridgeport Way and 27th Street West, sandwiched between a Walgreens and AutoZone, Harbor Greens is a lovely, upscale shopping experience.

I've never seen so much beautiful, natural produce - a lot of it bought from local farmers. Smart to place the colorful array at the entrance.

Also on site is an impressive wine, liquor and beer selection, and by impressive I refer to the stock choices. I took note of many local, small batch distilleries and breweries including Heritage Distillery and 7 Seas Brewing. Harbor Greens, founded in Gig Harbor, is clearly a supporter of local vendors.

Toward the back of the house are fresh meat, seafood and an in-house butcher. I've never seen meat trimmed quite so beautifully as the steaks, chops and loins laid out on display. The butchers can do special orders.

The hearty, inventive sandwiches range from Chad's Fav ($6.99) includes chicken breast, provolone cheese, sundried tomato mayo, veggies, on a Rustique roll to The Gobbler ($6.99) - a Thanksgiving on a Rustique roll that includes turkey, bacon, pepper jack cheese, cranberry and cream cheese, chipotle mayo and veggies. Or, make sandwiches at home with Harbor Greens unique selection of local cheeses, as well as cheeses from around the world. Gourmet hot dogs may be devoured in its cafe setting or taken back to the office.

A couple of pleasant surprises included a plethora of Harbor Greens branded pickled delights, jarred jams and dressings and canned fruits - all made in Gig Harbor - as well as an outdoor greenhouse featured a large assortment of potted trees and house plants.  

Harbor Greens provides a shopping experience similar to farmers markets, Tacoma Boys and Trader Joes, with loads of local, edible treats.


March 13, 2013 at 8:52am

Olympia Memes is about community ... and making jokes


In mid-December 2012, a new Facebook page was born - a page that appears on the surface to be one of mirth with a smattering of 'tude, a page that takes a cheeky look at life and times in Olympia. But Olympia Memes offers more to its community than JPEGs emblazoned with comical white text. Olympia Memes tries to do a little good for the world.

A person that remains anonymous heads the Olympia Memes Facebook up. We shall dub him or her Memester.

"My agenda is simple," says Memester. "Show Olympia as the great city it is. It's all comedy. But, if I'm really being honest with myself, for me, it's more than the laughs. It's the connections made. People come together here in a unique way. They take their nostalgic walks down the paths of their memories together and our stories intertwine to make up the fabric of Olympia."

The page enjoys taking steady digs at the rivalry between Shelton and Olympia as well as Oly stereotypes. Hippies and hipsters, anyone? But as Olympia Memes comes into its own, it's also reaching out to try and make the community a better and cooler place.

"There have been some surprising/exciting things to come off the site," says Memester. "At the very top of my list would have to be when one of our own, Jackie Waltrous, posted how she was looking for her biological parents. The page went to work sharing more than 700 times that night."

Within days, Waltrous located the family of her biological parents and Olympia Memes instantly became more than your average meme-engine.

If the page could help one person, why not help others? For Valentine's Day, the page invited singles to send in a picture with some general information and get posted on the page. While Memes has not heard of any weddings, at least a few dates came about.

Also in February 2013, the Memester got a whim - why not see who would show up for Olympia's own Harlem Shake? Memester invited people to meet upon the steps of the Capitol for the ultimate shakedown, but due to technical difficulties the video quality was meh. Memester was not daunted. A second Harlem Shake took place at the Heritage Park fountains and turned out bigger and better than the first.

"To those who scoff, I say sure, it's just a stupid dance in costumes, but I saw something amazing that weekend," says Memester. "I saw some of the very best of our town. Kids, parents, teens and adults all playing together in the fountains in the freezing middle of February. How cool is that? It's really cool, that's how much."

The page is even branching into partnerships with local businesses, most recently Eastside Big Tom. Olympia Memes ran trivia questions about the Olympia burger joint and Big Tom offered free meals as prizes. The result? Fifteen winners received free meals, and a burger boom at Big Tom.

Oly Memes hopes to continue to grow and provide some benefit to its community. Recently, the site took on a second person to help with the meme-ing. The page also benefits from several regular contributors. Coming up April 18, Memes will team up with local businesses and host an Oly Memes Meme Yourself Costume Party at Big Whisky Saloon; proceeds will go to SafePlace Olympia.

"I think there is a level of responsibility that goes into running a platform as big as this one, and for that reason my mind is constantly working to come up with the perfect way to support our town," says Memester. "I really like the idea of helping the small businesses of our community like we did with Big Tom. I hope to continue finding ways to build community and help people in the future." 

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March 13, 2013 at 11:04am

Plan Ahead: AKA and The Heart Hurt Goods' last show before tour

AKA & THE HEART HURT GOODS: The Olympia band has released its debut album, "Heart Hurt Good."


If you've seen AKA and The Heart Hurt Goods perform, you've seen how much the band loves its art. You can see it in the band member's fist pumps and facial expressions; in their hip shakes and smiles and in the way they administer their music, be it through a microphone, keyboard, guitar or turn table.

Seven years in the making, Heart Hurt Good, the debut album from Olympia's AKA and the Heart Hurt Goods has 12 fresh songs featuring special guests Double B, Brad Bowman, Nicatine of Free Whiskey, Qstorm, Skyler Blake and Nathalie Elam. The album was produced by Smoke of Oldominion.

"I think of the album as a triumphant album," says Mark Bowen, or AKA. "I lost my mother and my grandfather a year apart from each other followed by cancer in the family and the burning down of my sister's house during the writing of this album - each event dramatically reshaping the album.

"It's like a tutorial on how to draw from the powers of love when shackled by personnel grief, sorrow and pain," he continues. "I hope it helps during the late nights when left to your thoughts. This album has acted as a teacher for me. ... I'm very proud of it."

Catch AKA and the Heart Hurt Goods before the band rakes its album on tour March 18, and get a little of that Oly hometown lovin'.


March 13, 2013 at 7:15pm

Tournament of Sandwiches voting begins March 21

It's March ... meaning Madness is once again in the air. Soon, 64 Dagwoods will tip off and do battle as part of an annual South Sound tradition - working their way through the tediously-constructed bracket and toward ultimate supremacy.

We speak, of course, of the Weekly Volcano's Tournament of Sandwiches, which kicks off March 21 right here on Spew. This year's Tournament of Sandwiches marks the continuation of an epic winning streak that began in 2010 with the Volcano's Tournament of Tacos, continued in 2011 with the Tournament of Pizza and, of course, last year's Tournament of Breakfast. Let's give a round of applause to the three winners: Moctezuma's Mexican Restaurant, Kate Downs and Moon Rise Café, respectively.

This year, the Volcano has the South Sound's best sandwiches in its crosshairs, and it's up to readers to decide who walks away the winner.

Through April 8, and keeping pace with the national excitement on the college basketball courts (though far more tasty), sixty-four area sandwich joints will compete in the Volcano's 2013 Tournament of Sandwiches. These meat-slicing and mustard-spreading establishments were selected and seeded by readers throughout February, and now the time has come to see who's best. MSM Deli, Eleven Eleven, Babblin' Babs or Pho King in Tacoma? French Hen or Sparks Firehouse? Meconi's or 5th Ave Sandwich Shop down south?

Only one can be crowned king - so vote early, often and DAILY on this blog beginning March 21. Use the bracket inside the print version of the Weekly Volcano to guide you through the daily matchups.

Then, on April 8, join us at Masa on Tacoma's Sixth Avenue for the Official Tournament of Sandwiches Party - our winner will be announced during halftime of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game.

See you back here Thursday, March 21.

The Tournament of Sandwiches is sponsored by ...

March 14, 2013 at 7:36am

5 Things To Do Today: Little Open House on the Prairie Line, Pi(e) Day, speed dating and more ...

SPEED DATING: Find your future spouse tonight at Doyle's.

THURSDAY, MARCH 14 2013 >>>

1. Up until 2003, trains pounded the historic Prairie Line rail corridor from the Thea Foss Waterway to the Brewery District, passing rickety warehouses and dens of iniquity. In the fall of 2011, some $5.83 million was earmarked to turn the half-mile Prairie Trail corridor into a living and breathing interpretive trail connecting the waterfront with downtown Tacoma, which will also include a storm water purification system for the polluted runoff from Hilltop. Then reality hit. The University of Washington redesigned its portion. The storm water filtration ponds are now subtle. The pedestrian and bike paths are more functional. The price tag much less. Now it's the city of Tacoma's turn to fall in line. It's segments of the Prairie Line - south of campus into the Brewery District and north as it crosses Pacific Avenue and heads toward the Thea Foss Waterway, the end of the line for the transcontinental railroad of yesteryear - needs to meld with UWT's design. See the city's proposed designs for its portion of the Prairie Line Tail at an open forum from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Tacoma Art Museum. Yes, open forum. You may chime in with your own design thoughts.

2. From 4-7 p.m. Tacoma's Crescent Moon Gifts will take the bake sale to a new level. Its Dessert and Divination offers baked goodies, shop and snag sweet swag like bracelets, tees and uh, more baked goods - with all proceeds going to support the Central Puget Sound Pagan Pride Day (say that three times fast). Crescent Moon knows how to throw a fundraiser. Also with every $10 dessert purchase attendees will receive a free 10-minute reading.

3. There's a lot of bickering and disagreement in this world, but one thing anyone with a soul can agree on includes the value of pie. At 7 p.m. King's Books celebrates Pi(e) Day, featuring the release of the book Pieography: Where Pie Meets Biography and a Pie Baking/Recipe Contest open to all. Tacoma artist Sarah Beth Smith will be there as she is one of the contributors to Pieography, the new book that features 42 pie recipes that encapsulate the lives of 39 women. The pie contest is open to all with the winner receiving a free copy of the book and a ribbon.

4. O'Blarney's Irish Pub in Olympia is so freakin' excited about St. Patrick's Day that it can't wait any longer. At 7 p.m. it will host an Irish-themed trivia contest with prizes, Guinness discounts, $7.99 steaks and all hosted by someone named Jimbo.

5. It's a fast-paced world we live in today, and we don't seem to have time to do anything anymore from plant watering to floor resurfacing, it all takes time we don't necessarily have, so we end up giving up the important stuff like meeting the opposite sex because how can you have time to toss your hair and work your smile if you're always late for your next meeting and your iCal doesn't have space for that in your schedule anyway so you have to make time and the best way to maximize the benefits your pheromones provide is to join in an organized event something like Speed Dating at Doyle's that allows you to meet people in less time than it takes to reheat a frozen chicken pot pie - a food you will never have to enjoy alone or at all again if you walk through Doyle's door at 7:30 p.m. because you'll finally have a life. Bring $20 and a smile knowing you're helping HopeSparks charity.

LINK: Thursday, Match 14 arts and entertainment events in the greater Tacoma and Olympia area

March 14, 2013 at 8:10am

Outdoor Addict: Stun cranky Seattle-ites at Chambers Bay

CHAMBER BAY: Take time to absorb the beauty. Photo credit: Whitney Rhodes


Y'all I have got to rant about something for a minute. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the country, and yet all I hear about from my friends who don't live here is how awful the rain must be. How could anyone live in a place that gets rain 485 days per year? And don't get me started on the Seattle-ite bias toward Tacoma. I love Seattle. I love my friends who live there and I love spending the day there. But good lord, getting them to come down here to visit or even say something nice about it is challenging. So, whenever I do get someone to co me visit me I do my best to leave them speechless. I could go on and on about a whole itinerary, but for the outdoors addicts among us, I'll stick to how I wow them. On a nice day, I take them to Chambers Bay.

Officially known as the Chambers Creek Properties, Chambers Creek Regional Park - or the more popular name Chambers Bay - is comprised of more than 950 acres located along the shores of the Puget Sound, in University Place. It includes a world-renowned golf course (Chambers Bay Golf Course, thus the commonly used name), enormous central meadow, miles of paved trails, beach access, and off leash dog area, playground, soccer fields and some of the most stunning views in Pierce County. Everyone I've ever taken there on a sunny day has the same reaction, "holy cow!" It's a stunner ladies and gentlemen. And in my experience shuts up even the biggest critics.

Over the last 200 years, the entire Chambers Creek Properties area has been used as a location for a paper mill, a proposed match company, a major industrial center, multiple lumber companies, a railroad center and a gravel mine. The gravel mine left the largest imprint with the hillside having been carved away, and large concrete structures left dotting the landscape. Pierce County purchased the property to house its wastewater treatment plant. Yes, on the part of the property not open to the public there is a sewage treatment plant. But the beauty of their plan was that the plant only takes up a fraction of the property. The rest is for the public to enjoy.

If you are a golfer, I will warn you the green fees are a little steep, and no golf carts allowed, but the Scottish style links course is one people dream of playing. The 2015 US Open will be played on it. And it's in your backyard! For the rest of us non-golfers, I could write several weeks worth of columns for all there is to do. I promise to revisit it. But for now just the highlights:

  • A large off leash dog area - let the puppies run!
  • Miles of trails. Just the loop around the golf course is approximately 3 miles.
  • The Central Meadow. A seemingly permanent kite flying breeze, perfect Frisbee tossing grass, picnicking possibilities, and really I could go on. Anything you would want to do on a wide-open expanse of grass.
  • Beach access. Terrific beach for finding treasures, tossing rocks in the water and watching the sunset.

The breath taking view of Puget Sound, Fox Island and the Olympic Mountains is my favorite part. Inevitably, after taking an out of town guest there they say, "Now I get it." And even the most critical Seattle-ite has admitted there is something nice about Tacoma/Pierce County. So really folks, go fall in love with your hometown a little more.


Take Exit 130 off of Interstate 5 to South 56th Street West.  Take the Tacoma Mall Boulevard ramp toward South 56th Street West. Turn Left on Tacoma Mall Boulevard. Then right onto 56th. Stay on 56th for approx. 3 miles when 56th becomes Cirque Drive West. Get out of your car and stretch. Get back in your car and continue on Cirque Drive West to Grandview Drive West. Turn Left at Grandview Drive West. Pass through one roundabout. Chambers Bay will be on the right.

LINK: The Foothills Trail

LINK: Owen Beach

LINK: Scenic Beach State Park

March 14, 2013 at 11:28am

Volcano Music: Deathfix supergroup, keyboard concert, hip-hop venue returns, Dear Rabbit and so much more ...

DEAR RABBIT: Try not to dance Saturday night at Northern. Impossible. Photo courtesy of Facebook


Sure, it was a little harder than usual to concentrate this week around Weekly Volcano World Headquarters, what, with the Tournament of Sandwiches hype. For the last three weeks sandwiches have piled high in our office cafeteria inside Building 3. To be truthful, it has been a little gassy around the office.

But, lucky for you, the highly trained monkeys tasked with producing the Volcano's music section each week soldiered on, pumping out another fine example of music-oriented literary awesomeness that hits streets today, inside the tasty Volcano.

Here's a peek at the musical goodness waiting for you in print and online ...

INTERVIEW: Brendan Canty of Deathfix

The supergroup will be bringing its blend of '70s power-pop, guitar wizardry and explosive punk to Northern March 20, but first Timothy Grisham had a chance to chat with founder Brendan Canty on the new group.

FEATURE: Evening of Keys IX

Thursday, March 21, Maurice the Fish Records presents an evening of Keys IX, highlighting six great artists - including Brooke Lizotte, keyboardist for Dreamwreck and Dan Reed Network. Expect other local talented keyboardists Doug Skoog (Blues Redemption and The Crazy Texas Gypsies), Mark Bittler (Bump Kitchen), Anthony Ciarochi (Tin Man, The Aury Moore Band and Stone Age Thriller), Raymond Hayden (Raymond Hayden and the Monsters in the Dark) and Derek Whitaker (Heartless, and occasionally, Heart to Heart and Heart.) - Nikki McCoy

WHAT'S THE WORD?: El Potrero is back on the hip-hop scene

The owners of the California Club have packed it up and moved their operation to El Potrero. The spot is literally across the street from the Salishan at 44th and Portland Avenue. It has a mom and pop nightclub feel to it - except maybe the stripper pole - with billiards, a spacious bar, plenty of room and a very nice stage, perfect for hip-hop shows and mariachi bands. - Josh Rizeberg


Dear Rabbit has the sleazy accordion and weirdo swaying energy to make your Saturday self finally open up and be somebody for once in your dance-less life. It's the least you can do to make yourself a complete and freaky person. - Rev. AM

MUSIC CRITICS' PICK: AKA and The Heart Hurt Goods

If you've seen AKA and The Heart Hurt Goods perform, you've seen how much the band loves its art. You can see it in the band member's fist pumps and facial expressions; in their hip shakes and smiles and in the way they administer their music, be it through a microphone, keyboard, guitar or turn table. Seven years in the making, Heart Hurt Good, the debut album from Olympia's AKA and the Heart Hurt Goods has 12 fresh songs. ... - NM

ROCKFORD FILES: Our all-ages column profiled Olympia's Hot Tears

BETTER LIVING THROUGH MUSIC: Dwell Hole, The Saturday Giant, Golden Grrrls ...

LAST WEEK'S MUSIC ISSUE: We talked to Hannah Levin, profiled Le Voyeur and Swoon Records and gave props to THE FAME RIOT.

REVIEW: We were in the front row at The Warehouse's Candle Lit show

PLUS: This week's live music calendar

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March 15, 2013 at 7:17am

5 Things To Do Today: Mosquito Hawk, Wrist slam, drag comedy, Future Bass and more ...

MOSQUITO HAWK: The Olympia band just flat out rocks. Photo credit: Steve Dunkelberger

FRIDAY, MARCH 15 2013 >>>

1. Olympia's Mosquito Hawk joins Tacoma band Mahnhammer - the band's first show with guitarist Mike Crum from Mico De Noche - Portland's Dark Country and Seattle's Gang Cult for a house show in Tacoma. "We have some new songs, and some re-vamped old tunes since our new addition," says Mahnhammer's vocalist Micah Hembree. "We are very happy to know that there are great people like Chuck that will open up his home to support the music scene." Sean Lanksbury (vox/guitar) chimes in. "I'm personally stoked because Friday's lineup spans the I-5 corridor and all kinds of heavy music. Varied night of killer music in a great atmosphere? Doesn't get much better." Agreed.

2. Wrist Magazine provides an outlet for the literary minds of Tacoma, for self-expression and for writers to seek true connection to the masses. At 7 p.m. inside Bluebeard Coffee, the magazine's published contributors will read their works followed by a poetry slam.

3. Talented Tacoma photographers command the Madera Architectural Elements Showroom once a month, illuminating their work and creativity with the visually aided enhancement implied by the name of the series, TRIPOD Slide Shows. Created by Tacoma artist Lynn Di Nino, the night of digital slides features three local photographers and one creative theme.  The next TRIPOD Slide Show slides into Madera from 7-8:30 p.m. featuring 15-minute slide shows by photographers Dave Warner, Wendy Gilson and Theresa Tavernero under the theme "Travel, Near, Far and Farther!"

4. Drag show troupe New Queens on the Block has produced shows at the Urban Onion since September, dropping a themed show on Olympia every third Friday of the month. Tonight at 9 p.m., the troupe hosts a "geeked out" comedy show ala Comicon at the Onion. Read Nikki McCoy's full feature on New Queens on the Block.

5. DJs Broam, Mr. Melanin, Delicious Brown and Ninjamonik are back for another Future Bass night at 9 p.m. inside The New Frontier Lounge. The bass will throb. The sounds will ebb. The roof will definitely being raised. All under the hypnotic influence of the DJs' tight grooves. Expect a night of electroclash, EDM, hip-hop, disco, exclusive remixes and throwbacks.

LINK: Friday, March 15 arts and entertainment events in the greater Tacoma and Olympia area

March 15, 2013 at 7:49am

"UN-Tacoma" photography show brings attention to the city's un-ness

"UN-TACOMA": Photographer Gordy Lee's view of Dale Chihuly's show at Union Station.


You might not think about it on a day-to-day basis, but there is a lot of "un" in Tacoma. Local photographer Gordy Lee has thought about it, though, and seeks to bring some attention to Tacoma's underused, unrecognized and other un-ness through his photos, which offer a colorful and perhaps unappreciated view of T-town.

Lee's photos have a surreal look, created by use of three key elements - a tripod, a great camera, and hours of post-production computer work. Each photo takes 10 to 12 hours to create and sometimes consist of up to 20 individual images all at different exposure levels layered on top of one another. Photos are all shot in Tacoma.

"UN-Tacoma will hopefully spur some positive conversation from people," says Lee. "My hope was to offer more than just some guy's pictures hanging on the wall ... and maybe an artist's declaration that we have UN-finished business in our city, or maybe other artists have UN-fulfilled dreams ... I don't really have a particular agenda, nor do I think politics or corporate greed should have any kind of foothold in Tacoma. We really do need more free or low cost space for artists in Tacoma."

The work is display at Tully's at 9th and Broadway until April 4, at which time it will be un-accommodated unless another gallery or space takes it on. If not, Lee will be unhappy.


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