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March 8, 2013 at 1:03pm

Steampunk Vapory Lounge to open next month in Tacoma

STEAMPUNK VAPORY LOUNGE: The stairs leading up to the lounge will be a decorative focus. Photo credit: Pappi Swarner


Last weekend, after a long, grueling day of floor sanding, JoAnna Farr fell into a chair, lifted the remote as if it weighed 10 pounds and pressed on. The show Modern Marvels welcomed her home. The episode featured "The Marvel of Steam" stating "the largest steam explosion known to modern man was Mount St. Helens."

A smile erupted on Farr's face.

She sat up, threw her hand into the air knowing the next giant steam explosion is going to occur at Steampunk Vapory Lounge on St. Helens Avenue in downtown Tacoma.

Farr and business partners Jim Oliver and Natalie Durflinger will open the vaping/beer & wine lounge next month, if all goes well. The shop will sell electronic cigarettes and e-cig accessories, in addition to providing an environment for vaping e-cigs backed with local beer and wine.

An electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, does not contain tar or carcinogens that can harm the body like typical cigarettes, but does contain nicotine. The nicotine is turned from liquid to vapor by a lithium battery-operated heating element inside the e-cigarette. It is then inhaled and exhaled simply as water vapor. The nicotine is absorbed into the system and the exhaled water vapor does not leave lingering odors or anything in the air.

"E-cigarettes satisfy not only the nicotine crave, but the entire habit and addiction of smoking cigarettes," told me as I toured the shell of the future Steampunk Vapory Lounge. "Many long-time smokers use vaping to quit smoking."

Farr says their vaping juices are made locally - many of which are organic. They are working with several local juice creators, including, Banzai Vapors in Tacoma, which will introduce a steampunk juice flavor for the grand opening of the Steampunk Vapory Lounge.

The Steampunk Vapory Lounge is the brainchild of Oliver and Durflinger. Farr met the two at her former business venture, the SideBar Bistro.

"Their office was literally next door to the restaurant and they were also our best customers," explains Farr.  "Natalie's daughter even worked with me at the restaurant.  Jim, Natalie, and I had plenty of time to talk - as the SideBar was usually empty - and they had mentioned they were in the process of opening their own firm.  Fast-forward a year. ... The Bistro had closed, and Natalie called me out of the blue to offer me job in their thriving law firm - Durflinger, Oliver, and Associates, on St. Helens Avenue. We found that we really enjoyed working together and soon after I started, they asked me to be part of Steampunk Vapory Lounge. So once we found this great new space, right down the street from the firm, we went straight to work."

Farr explains the SideBar failed because of "a terrible location, tanking economy and outrageously high rent. It was a business owner's worst nightmare. It cost me my marriage. Needless to say, I was more than leery to ever open another business."

The cozy space will easily morph into the trio's Neo-Victorian antique theme. Expect ornate tin ceilings, rich dark hardwood floors and plush leather seating. The color scheme will vary from beiges to velvety maroons - all laced with black trim to match the amazing original staircase that curves up to the upstairs lounge. Dotting the walls will be unique signage and artwork.

Unbeknownst to the trio during planning phases, The Tea Works - a few doors down in the St. Helen's Ave. Mercantile - carries a steampunk theme. Tea Works will add a few elements to the Steampunk Vapory Lounge's interior, including assisting the trio with signage.

While local beer and wine contracts are in the initial phases, it looks as if Pacific Grill will cater SVL's food, making proposed vape meetings and wine tastings more desirable.

If you have been dreaming of vaping e-cigs and sipping a local brew in a post-apocalyptic, neo Victorian parlor, keep an eye on this blog for more details on the Steampunk Vapory Lounge's opening.


March 8, 2013 at 1:34pm

Weekend Hip-Hop: Yak Nasty's birthday, Faraca, Xperience, Graffiti Garage Cyphers ...

GRAFFITI GARAGE CYPHERS: Robert Djiceman Anderson and Adam Munoz at The Northwest MC League sponsored event every Sunday in downtown Tacoma. Photo courtesy of Facebook

The weather is starting to turn! No matter what I tell ya to do this weekend, ignore it if it's sunny. If ya see the sun, just drop everything ya doing and run outside and play. If it is gray though, here is what to do. ...

Friday night starts things off with Yak Nasty's birthday party at The Loch's in Tacoma. The shindig starts at 10 p.m. with a $10 cover. First of all, when did it start to be OK to charge $10 to for local hip-hop show? It does not go down like that in Seattle, where folks have more scratch than we do! Now, maybe you are like me, and seeing a bunch of white people running around calling themselves "Nillas" is not yo thing. Well, there still is a chance to see King Scrub, Abom, Motamouth Jones, Second Family and Illizm; so do not totally write this show off.

Saturday night there is a hip-hop showcase at Studio 7 in Seattle. Catch local artists Faraca, PME (Power Moves Ent), Influential Minds and others. This show is all-ages and begins at 7 p.m. Lots of shows at Studio 7 are jam-packed pay-to-pay bills. I usually would send caution yo way if ya planning on trying to attend - but this show looks more legit than normal. So, hopefully you will go and have fun.

Perhaps the best show is also Saturday night in Seattle at the Vermillion Art Gallery. This venue has some cool, eclectic shows. Catch Xperience, Sonny Bonoho, Man Danno and other at this one. Show starts at 9 p.m. and is FREE!

End the weekend Sunday at the Graffiti Garage Cyphers at 1 p.m.

Peace Family!

LINK: Josh Rizeberg discusses Sonny Bonoho in this week's What's the Word? column

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March 8, 2013 at 2:52pm

South Sound Sidekick: How to become more scenesterish

JABI SKRIKI: He's an Olympia scenester. Press photo

South Sound Sidekick series offers advice from experts living in the, well, South Sound. It posts every Friday. Today, Olympia musician and "scenester" Jabi Shriki asks the Olympia community to support local music.

Jabi Shriki writes,

There was tough competition this year in the category of "Best Scenester" in the Weekly Volcano's 2013 Best of Olympia issue. I can't tell you how much pride I feel in knowing that I'm scenesterer (more scenestery (?)) than any other scenesters out there.

To be honest, I'm still not sure what a "scenester" is. When I got the award of "Best Scenester," I wasn't even sure that it wasn't a pejorative term. But for some reason, after winning this award for two years in a row, I've come to embrace this recognition, despite my lack of certainty as to what the term "scenester" means. Maybe I'm embracing it because of the irony that it entails in the context of my life. To me, a "scenester" is someone who fits or at least tries to fit into a certain scene. For at least one, brief phase of my life (from the age of 0 to the foreseeable future), I've had the experience of being too socially awkward to even try to make any scene.

When I was a high school kid, I once made a graph of how likely other kids were to have their lunch money stolen, based on their proximity to me in the cafeteria. I was at the peak of the graph.

I didn't realize until later that the construction of graphical representations of my predicament were probably only exacerbating said predicament. I would think that this kind of biographical experience would disqualify me from being a scenester in any setting.

But my goal isn't to explain why I've embraced my scenesterosity. Instead my goal for this article is to aspire others around me to become more scenesterish. I'm a musician too, and I'm very proud of my music, but Olympia doesn't just need musicians, it also needs scenesters.

Since my move to Olympia, I've heard countless, original songs by my fellow, local musicians that I can only call manifestations of musical genius. I've had songs from my fellow Olympians stuck in my head for weeks on end. I've been consoled by the music on homemade tapes and CDs that folks have handed to me at their shows.

But as often as I've been impressed by the musicians I've met, I've just as often been shocked to be among audiences of only a couple of other fans. I've watched many passionate, moving performances, from nearly empty rooms. This leads me to a conclusion that makes me a little sad: the Olympia music scene is languishing.

Music is important in any community, but in Olympia in particular, the pride that local folks feel is deeply rooted in the music that gets created here. Even people who have no involvement in the Olympia music scene boast about how wonderful it is, although many of them haven't been to a show in years.

As a result of this passive form of pride, the music scene is growing increasingly asthenic from under-nourishment. Some of the best venues are closing, and other venues are becoming more interested in selling cheap beer than supporting great music.

Last year, I met Jeff Campbell, a gifted singer-songwriter from Northern California. He's toured the Pacific Northwest dozens of times to play shows in Portland and Seattle. When I met Jeff, he told me how he had driven through Olympia dozens of times without ever doing a show here. A few months ago, I booked Jeff at his first Olympia show, with Elbow Coulee and AKA and the Heart Hurt Goods. Last week, Jeff won the national Guitar Center Singer-Songwriter competition, out of thousands of musicians who submitted their music.

This Friday, March 8, the Family Crest, from San Francisco, will be playing their first show in Olympia at the Metcalf Manor. They're one of the best, live, acoustic bands that I've ever seen anywhere, ever. But they've also driven through Olympia dozens of times without ever booking a show here. The fact that other, regionally well-known musicians are increasingly skipping over Olympia to do shows in Portland and Seattle is further evidence of the growing anemia of our music scene.

And what is the cure for this anemia? The cure is scenesters.

The musicians in Olympia need folks at shows. Instead of posting on Facebook that there's no good music being made anymore, take a few hours out of every couple of weeks and take in a show. Pick up a CD. I promise, there's enough good music in Olympia that your investment of time and a few bucks will be repaid with music that will become a part of your heart and soul.

So shake off your passive pride. And stop complaining about the sterile pop churned out by the corporatized national music industry. Most of the bands on the radio couldn't find Olympia on a map. But Olympia is your town. It's where you live, and your emotions are echoed in the music that's being created all around you by your neighbors and friends. Go see a show. There's plenty of room for more scenesters in Olympia.

As much as I would love to three-peat winning the prestigious Best Scenester title, I would be more than willing to cede my title to the legion of would-be scenesters that could pump new blood into the heart of the Oly music scene. Thanks to the Weekly Volcano for this recognition, and for asking me to write this article!

LINK: How to be a bartender

LINK: How to manage a band from your office cubicle without getting fired

LINK: How to tell if you're clown material

LINK: Make film gore with household items

LINK: Parenting advice for punk rockers

LINK: How to improve your photography skills

LINK: Get fit the Dungeons and Dragons way

LINK: More South Sound Sidekick advice



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March 8, 2013 at 5:43pm

Night Moves: Damien Jurado, Dirty Birds, Robbie Walden, Trees and Timber, Big Wheel Stunt Show, Curtis Salgado and others ...



Amocat Cafe Tacoma - Triangle District. Amocat Live! featuring the Amocat House Band. All Ages. 7 pm.

Backstage Bar & Grill Tacoma - Sixth Avenue. Fieldly. 9 pm. $10.

Forza Coffee Fircrest. Larry Luvaul. All Ages. 6 pm. NC.

Harmon Tap Room Tacoma - Stadium District. Jeanlizabeth Band, Cottonwood Cutups, Yevtushenko. 9 pm.

Jazzbones Tacoma - Sixth Avenue. Curtis Salgado. 8 pm. $15.

  • For those looking for blues in our area need look no further than Friday's show at Jazzbones, when Portland-based Curtis Salgado takes the stage. As far as Northwest blues legends go, they don't get much bigger than Salgado, who served as the inspiration for John Belushi's creation of the Blues Brothers, and spent time early in his career fronting Robert Cray's band - including holding down the main vocal duties on Cray's debut album. Salgado has the blues swagger, the vocal chops and the harmonica magic to put him on a level few musicians' reach. It's the reason he's been able to maintain a long career in the music industry, the reason why he's up for four 2012 Blues Music Awards to be awarded this May in Memphis and the reason fans all over T-town are once again overcome with excitement at the prospect of seeing Salgado on stage. Born in Everett and birthed on blues-worn stages up and down the West Coast, Salgado is the type of musician you don't get a chance to see on a Friday in Tacoma. - Bobble Tiki

Le Voyeur Café and Lounge Olympia - Downtown. Metameric, The Absent Light, Tatarus. 9 pm.

The Loch's Tacoma - Downtown. Yak Nasty's birthday party featuring King Scrub, Abom, Motamouth Jones, Second Family and Illizm, 10 pm. $10.

Louie G's Pizzeria Fife. The Hardcount, Big Wheel Stunt Show, Ranchero. All Ages. 5 pm.

The New Frontier Lounge Tacoma - Dome District. Red Jacket Mine, Trees and Timber, the Variety Hour. 9 pm.

  • By the time "Amy," the lead-off track on Red Jacket Mine's latest album, reaches the totally over-the-top organ breakdown, I'm completely sold on whatever Red Jacket Mine is doing. That organ solo hearkens back to the ballsy pop-mindedness of old guards like Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe. At a time when punk was reestablishing simplicity and authenticity in music, people like Costello and Jackson were doubling down on the old ways - hitting them harder and more precisely than what was expected. Red Jacket Mine continues that tradition. Instead of running from pop music, the band's way of standing out is to do it better and tighter than its peers. The rest of the band's album is filled with equally outstanding and effortless-sounding moments. Every brilliant addition of a honky-tonk piano or crisply hand-clapping refrain just reeks of professionalism. - Rev. Adam McKinney

Northern Olympia - Downtown. Broken Water, LAKE, Karl Blau. All-Ages. 7 pm. $5-$10.

  • At the opening for the art installation, "It's Alright To Cry," there will be performances from three Olympia mainstays who have nothing but killed it for a long time: Broken Water, LAKE and Karl Blau. I can't impress upon you enough just what a powerhouse lineup this is. In particular, it's a thrill to see Karl Blau on the bill. A perennial innovator for more than 15 years, Blau has remained unpredictable for his entire career, incorporating elements of just about every genre - world music, drone, folk, hip hop and just out-and-out weirdness. You never know what you'll get with Blau, both on record and in a live setting. In the past couple years, he's done less and less live performances, so you shouldn't miss the opportunity to catch him on this outstanding bill. - Rev. AM

Rock the Dock Pub & Grill Tacoma - Downtown. Robbie Walden. 9 pm.

The Royal Lounge Olympia - Downtown. Brent Amaker & The Rodeo, The Dirty Birds. 9 pm.

  • Comedic country/western punk musicians Brent Amaker and The Rodeo are galloping into Olympia this Friday to turn The Royal Lounge into a corral of fun-lovin' rockers with the help of local  bad boys, The Dirty Birds. Amaker and crew have just been signed to Fin Records and will be releasing their fourth full-length record, Year of the Dragon, June 4. - NM

Uncle Sam's American Bar & Grill Spanaway. Crazy Texas Gypsies. 9 pm.

Urban Grace Church Tacoma - Downtown. The Warehouse Presents: A Candle Lit Show with Damien Jurado, Jake Hemming and Amelia Saakian. All Ages. 7:30-11 pm. $10-$15.

  • Friday, at Urban Grace Church in Tacoma, The Warehouse kicks off its 2013 Candle Lit series with the super dynamic and super talented Damien Jurado with guests Jake Hemming and Amelia Saakian. "Damien Jurado is quite possibly one of the best singer/songwriters many of us get the pleasure of experiencing," says Doug Stoeckicht, marketing director at The Warehouse. "His music moves us personally and we believe it's worth sharing with those who are connected to The Warehouse. Also, to have an artist such as Damien make himself accessible to us, and this event, is an amazing privilege we couldn't pass up. People are in for a treat." Music combined with atmosphere is one of the many aesthetics that The Warehouse aims for. The Candle Lit series is another way to highlight the unique visions of these Tacoma creatives. Read Nikki McCoy's full feature on the Candle Lit series in the Weekly Volcano's Music section.

Washington Center for the Performing Arts Olympia - Downtown. Ki'Ho Alu Foundation Slack Key Guitar Festival, with LT Smooth, Stephen Inglis, Bobby Moderow, Walter Keale, Paul Togioka. All Ages. 7:30 pm. $10-$27.

LINK: More live music tonight in the greater Tacoma and Olympia area

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March 9, 2013 at 8:31am

5 Things To Do Today: Masked Mexican wrestling, Proctor Farmers Market, RAGS, Dockyard Derby Dames and more ...

LUCHA DE SOUND: Lucha Libre, locally. Photo Credit: Jose Medina of Jose Medina Photography

SATURDAY, MARCH 9 2013 >>>

1. You may not be familiar with the wrestling phenomenon known as lucha libre, but it's all the rage in Mexico, where its popularity lags only behind that of soccer. For the second year in a row, costumed warriors will flex and destroy under the tutelage of José Luis Gómez, over 20 years a luchador in Mexico. His troupe, Lucha Libre Volcánica, hails from Renton, but they're performing at the Lucha de Sound event inside the University of Puget Sound's Memorial Field House at 7 p.m. to benefit a student group, CHispA, the Community for Hispanic Awareness. This event features commentary in both English and español, and you can't beat the price, amigo: it's free! (Since it is a benefit, however, a $5 donation is suggested.) So round up su familia and root for Puget Sound técnicos El Fénix, El Hero, and Rey Jaguar in their never-ending quest for justice against rude boys Chicano, Peligro, and Prófugo. There's a técnica, too: Vancouver, Washington's own La Avispa.Que viva los luchadores!

2. Today marks the final monthly version of the Proctor Farmers Market, which goes down between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. You can expect garden plants and local produce from Cottage Gardens, tasty smoked salmon from Wilson Fish and the musical stylings of John Hoover and the Quinns, in addition to its regular farmer market awesomeness.

3. Sure, Tacoma celebrates its status as an arts community.  Sure, Tacoma loves to band together for a good cause.  With the YWCA RAGS Guild Wearable Art Sale and Juried Gallery, continuing for its 19th year, it does both. RAGS started as a fun way to raise money for the YWCA, whose mission statement is all about honoring diversity and creating opportunities for women’s growth, leadership, and power in order to attain a common vision: peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all people. RAGS offers guests an opportunity to view and acquire fabulous handmade clothing, jewelry and accessories created by artisans from across the country. Check out RAGS from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. inside the Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma new showroom at 1701 Alexander Ave. East in Fife.

4. Wait ... you have a vision. You plug into the area’s collective unconscious. In a flash, you remember that you — and those of your ilk — don’t need the cathode ray tube and the remote control to flip through images of far-flung places. You’re telekinetic. Telepathic. Otherworldly. And — irony of all ironies — you almost blanked on today’s Psychic Fair at the Meeker Mansion Psychic Fair from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. But then, in the nick of time, your sixth sense kicked in. It always does.

5. Grab the nearest mouth guard, roller derby is back in Tacoma. Actually, it has been here for some time. And, it's in Lakewood. That said, the Dockyard Derby Dames open its season Saturday night at the Pierce College Health Education Center at 6 p.m. For the uninitiated, the all-female flat-track roller derby team has been blocking and lapping like mad for six seasons. The Femme Fianna, Hellbound Homewreckers, Trampires and season six defending champions Marauding Mollys will throw on the elbow pads, kneepads, helmets, fishnet stockings for two bouts. Grab a spot on the bleachers, or if you're really up for it, hang in the beer garden, where your own protective gear is probably a wise idea, and enjoy a night of good ol' fashion bruising.

LINK: Saturday, March 9 arts and entertainment events in the greater Tacoma and Olympia area

March 9, 2013 at 12:03pm

Tweets of the Week: March 2-9


Whether you've been on Twitter since its beginnings in 2006 or you're a Twitter neophyte, you know keeping up on important tweets can be overwhelming. If you follow everything and everyone that you find interesting, you can end up with hundreds and hundreds of Tweets showing up in your feed on a daily basis.

Don't despair. Every Saturday the Weekly Volcano shares important and pointless Tweets from South Sound Twitter accounts, and sometimes beyond, so you may stay on top of Vicci Martinez and Marcus Trufant news - as well as the latest action on the streets.

Follow the Weekly Volcano on Twitter. Because otherwise we're coming to your house, and while we will bring wine, we will not, under any circumstances, take off our shoes.

March 10, 2013 at 9:36am

5 Things To Do Today: "Spring Awakening," Foothills Trail, Kim Archer on a cliff, Bruce Molsky and more ...

"SPRING AWAKENING": Mature and stunning. Photo credit: Ross Mulhausen/University of Puget Sound

SUNDAY, MARCH 10 2013 >>>

1. What better to do with an afternoon out than see an oft-banned rock musical? Spring Awakening: The Musical follows a group of German students as they come of age and explore their sexuality - providing an afternoon or evening of entertainment for you. The content is explicit as it chronicles the consequences of oppressed sexuality so this is not your best bet for a family night out. In fact, it might just be your worst bet unless you want to fit in about four years of Sex Ed courses into one evening of song and dance. The show ends today at 2 p.m. inside the Norton Clapp Theatre at the University of Puget Sound.

2. Pack your bicycles! Grab the roller blades! Bring the dog and kids! There is a trail with infinite possibilities. The Foothills Trail. This trail is an more than 25 mile long trail that largely follows the old rail line. The Foothills Rails-toTrails colaition has diligently championed the development of this scenic byway and it is a gem in Pierce County. When it is completed, it will link with other trails and you will be able to travel from the shores of Puget Sound in Tacoma, all the way to the foothills in Enumclaw. While not fully completed yet, there are substantial sections done providing miles of recreational opportunity.

3. Saxophonist Kareem Kandi's sound is virtually unrelated to the roomy traditions of soul saxes, honking saxes or deep-chested boudoir ballad saxes. It derives from the classic, free, often enthusiastic tradition of Joshua Redman as filtered through Dexter Gordon and Sonny Stitt, all of whose shadows can be traced-Redman in Kandi's funky organicism, Gordon in his dynamic harmonics, Stitt in the intensity that coats his every note with a Gritty City finish. Catch the Kareem Kandi Band from 3-6 p.m. at Uncle Thurm's BBQ in Tacoma's Lincoln District.

4. Catch the awesome R&B powerhouse that is Kim Archer from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at The Cliff House Restaurant in northeast Tacoma.

5. Bruce Molsky plays a mean fiddle. In one YouTube video, he sawed the hair right off his bow! Speaking of shredding, he tears up a banjo and guitar with the same vigor. And when he throws his voice in the mix, the combination is a complete expression of old-time music. Solo, or with other musicians, his music is simple, effective and at times haunting. A blurb on his record label website, Compass Records - where Molsky has six albums under his belt - reads, "Bruce Molsky has been exploring traditional music from an astonishingly broad range of cultures over the past two decades - synthesizing them and refracting them through his own evolving sensibilities to the point where the sources of his inspiration transform themselves into a sound that is uniquely his." If It Ain't Here When I Get Back, his latest album, dropped March 5. Enjoy this world-touring master of old-time Appalachian at 7 p.m. inside Traditions Cafe in Olympia. 

LINK: Sunday, March 10 arts and entertainment events in the greater Tacoma and Olympia area

March 10, 2013 at 10:03am

First peek: Shake Shake Shake in Tacoma

SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE: Co-owner Robert Stocker will soon make shakes shakes shakes. Photo credit: Steve dunkelberger


Friday night, I was privy to a personal tour of Shake Shake Shake, the 40-seat, retro-themed walk-up Tacoma Stadium District burger joint that owners Steve Naccarato and Robert Stocker as well as Chef Gordon Naccarato will soon(!) serve roadside diner style burgers, hot dogs, fries and local fruit shakes. Grabbing the apron strings of several restaurant industry folks, including Dirty Oscar's manager Jennifer Johnson, I poked around the joint with my camera, as well as sampled its burgers, fries, shakes and malts. Wow.

I'll let my camera do the talking.


LINK: More Shake Shake Shake photos in our Photo Hot Spot

March 11, 2013 at 7:19am

5 Things To Do Today: Maia Santell, comedy open mic, UPS history, Lowmen Markos and more ...

LOWMEN MARKOS: The band will blast Northern tonight. Photo courtesy of Facebook

MONDAY, MARCH 11 2013 >>>

1. Jazz and blues band Maia Santell & House Blend will be by Jho Blenis on guitar and special guests Jumpin' Josh Violette on guitar and Bob McCluskey on harmonica at 8 p.m. inside The Swiss.

2. Joe McGuire of Tahoma Audubon leads monthly walks from noon to 1:30 p.m. at Adriana Hess Wetland Park in University Place, which is home to dozens and dozens of bird species. McGuire digs it when people join him. No registration needed.

3. George Mills '68, M.S.'72 and John Finney '67 provide an overview of the University of Puget Sound's 125-year history with an illustrated presentation at 4 p.m. inside the Trimble Hall Forum on the Campus of the University of Puget Sound. Present day tea and cookies will be served.

4. Standup comedy hasn't evolved much since the glory days of ventriloquist and puppet. Every so often, there's a Gallagher smashing watermelons or a musical funnyman like Jack Black, but for the most part, comedy is a dude on a stage with a microphone, plodding through a joke-punchline-new-joke routine. You're funny. You need to change the course of comedy forever. Every Monday the Grit City Comedy Club opens its stage at 8 p.m. to the public for a comedy open mic. Explore the space. Head for space.

5. Lowmen Markos, Shadows and Vanguard play an all-ages show at 9 p.m. inside Northern in downtown Olympia. Lowmen Markos rock lengthy songs at ear-blasting levels.

LINK: Monday, March 11 arts and entertainment events in the greater Tacoma and Olympia area

March 11, 2013 at 7:52am

Grab the baggie from your closet's top shelf and shake it out at King's Books

ELLIOT SAWYER: The former Scrabble Rouser offers a Scrabble tribute to Tacoma.


When Words with Friends is not enough - never fear. When Deluxe Scrabble with your significant other loses its shine - don't you fret! The world of word games has much to offer you. Your wordy nerdiness is not at an end yet, young padawan.

Scrabble Rabble has come to King's Books. Whether you've never played Scrabble before or consider yourself armed and dangerous with a letter tile, you can join in, play a few rounds of Scrabble, and help raise funds for a good cause.

The event rises out of the ashes of a former event, Scrabble Rousers. Like Scrabble Rousers, raised funds still go to the Tacoma Community House. The group is now self-running, too.

The first fresh incarnation is at King's Books Wednesday, March 13, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. The goal is to have two timed 45-minutes games once a month, with up to 20, two-person games running.

"We try to march people on the basis of self-identified ability, but we'll also be keeping a score based ladder, so that a 300 point a game player doesn't get matched with a 100 point a game player," says organizer Richard Lovering.

The cost to play has also gone down from $10 in the past to $5 now. If you can't afford the $5, they still might even let you in.

"We used to have theme nights - bad poetry night, pirates night, murder mystery night," says Lovering. "Now we're just playing Scrabble, but as things roll out, we may do more. We donate to TCH because we always have, but we are open to other charities. In our re-infancy, big profits have yet to happen. When they do, we'll figure out a way to give 'em away to a worthy cause."

For future game times, check out Scrabble Rabble on Facebook.

KING'S BOOKS, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 6:30-9:30 P.M., $5,

ELLIOT SAWYER:  The former Scrabble Rouser offers a Scrabble tribute to Tacoma.

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