Tacoma's Andersons to turn trash into treasure at Tinkertopia

By Kristin Kendle on February 15, 2013


When you think of fighting pollution and harmful waste, the images that come to mind are often of oil spills; nuclear meltdowns and bottlenose dolphins caught in tuna nets. Typically, you don't think of bowling pins, magnets, beanbags and tops.

The Andersons do.

Ms. Darcy and RR Anderson, wife and husband, want to help the planet, but they also wanted to encourage art. The couple found a way to do both. With their new venture Tinkertopia, they want to repurpose junk for potential art projects.

Tinkertopia will be a destination unlike any other in the South Sound. Once it finds and sets up a storefront, it will be a hub for cheap and locally sourced repurposed items, ideal for use in artwork, home renovations or whatever floats your boat.

"Our mission is to divert as much reusable artsy/crafty materials from the waste stream as possible and the response so far has been very positive," says R.R. Anderson. "They have these stores in Vancouver B.C., Portlandia and Lynnwood, but not in Tacoma."

Tinkertopia is searching for a storefront, both in partnership with Spaceworks and on its own. Anderson is banking on the word of a live psychic phone network that the store will be open in the next month or so.

On the flip side, if you have old stuff that you really feel could have a future in someone else's project, the Tinkermobile is there for you. Call 253.778.6539, email rerun@tinkertopia.com or tweet @RerunTinkerCrab to schedule a pick up. The Tinkermobile will arrive, decked out in what Anderson likes to call "unbridled cartooning skills."

A full list of types of materials accepted is on Tinkertopia's website.