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January 1, 2013 at 8:45am

5 Things To Do Today: Polar plunges, movies, New Year's Dance and more ...


TUESDAY, JAN. 1 2013 >>>

1. Here at the Weekly Volcano we take our showers warm. We're kind of wimps. But there are plenty of tough, adventurous, rosy-cheeked folks out there who live on the edge, no doubt partaking in activities like today's Polar Bear plunges at Long Lake in Lacey (noon) and Point Defiance boat launch in Tacoma (11:30 a.m.). According to hype, the New Year's Day cold-water fiasco presents a chance to get 2013 off on the right foot.

2. If you have yet to check out the ice skating adventures in currently being offered in Tollefson Plaza, today might just be your chance to do so. With its stay recently extended through Jan. 6, The Franciscan Polar Plaza, located on the corner of Pacific Avenue and South 17th Street, is a covered outdoor rink is about half the size of a hockey rink. It will have real ice and hold about 150 skaters at a time. And it's pretty awesome.

3. Nursing a hangover? Find your way to The Grand Cinema in Tacoma for a great movie in a dark room. Anna Karenina, Hitchcock, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook and The Big Picture are currently playing. In Olympia, the place to hit is the Capitol Theater, where Side By Side and The Perks of Being A Wallflower are playing.  

4. There's a ton of football on today. New Year's Day is synomous the pigskin. Browse the Weekly Volcano's bar listings and find the perfect place to watch whatever game interests you.

5. So far, it's a pretty nice day. And since one of your New Year's resolutions undoubtedly involves being healthier (read: less fat), try an enjoyable walk through one of Tacoma's parks or along the Ruston Way waterfront. In Oly, a jaunt around Capitol Lake is always a good time. Or, if you're looking for more than just a walk, in Tacoma get in on at the Metro Parks New Year's Day Dance inside the new STAR Center.

LINK: Tuesday, Jan. 1 arts and entertainment events in the South Sound

January 1, 2013 at 9:46am

CLAYTON ON ART: "Jackson Pollock: Works from the Museum of Modern Art"

JACKSON POLLOCK: "Blue Poles, Number 11." c. 1952. oil on canvas. National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.


If I had planned on recommending a book for art lovers for Christmas I would recommend the one that was given to me: Jackson Pollock: Works from the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and from European Collections by Volkmar Essers.

If you're a Pollock fan you're probably thinking you already know all about him and you've seen just about all of his paintings - in reproduction if not in the original. Besides, all those drip paintings look alike.

Wrong. I've seen only a handful of his original works, but I have seen a lot in reproduction. I've watched the famous Jackson Pollock film by Hans Namuth and the movie with Ed Harris. I've also thumbed through stacks of books about Pollock, and I read Jackson Pollock: An American Saga, the biography by Steven Naifeh and Gregory Smith, which is generally acknowledged as the authoritative biography.  But there were paintings reproduced in the modest-sized hardback book that I had never seen. Especially a lot of very interesting pictures of some of his early paintings that were heavily influenced by American Indian art, Surrealism and the psychoanalytic writings of Sigmund Freud and C.J. Jung.

The text is slim but well written with most of the essential information you might want and the most important quotes from Pollock's interviews. The most famous of his quotes was when he talked about why he prefers painting on raw canvas on the floor. "On the floor I am more at ease, I feel nearer, more a part of the painting, since this way I can walk around in it, work from the four sides and be literally ‘in' the painting."

The idea of being in the painting had huge reverberations throughout the art world for years to come. He also talked about how he starts a painting without any clear idea of where he's going - a getting acquainted period - and how he then responds to the painting in a kind of artistic give-and-take. The perfect description of what was called action painting or gestural abstraction, two common synonyms for a branch of Abstract Expressionism that put great emphasis on energy and gesture.

It's been more than half a century since Pollock's heyday, but his impact on modern art has not waned in the least.

So, if you didn't get this book for Christmas, maybe you can buy it for yourself. It retails for $30 but copies are available from Amazon from $9.60 to $12.99. Not bad for an outstanding art book. It is a catalog book first published on the occasion of a noted exhibition at the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen in Düsseldorf, Germany. It presents important paintings from that exhibition as well as graphic works from the New York Museum of Modern Art and from several European collections. The writeris curator at the museum Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen in Düsseldorf.

LINK: South Sound art reviews by Alec Clayton

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January 1, 2013 at 10:50am

Health Fair: Free and low cost health assessments in Tacoma

RANKOS STADIUM PHARMACY: Bright and shiny on New Year's Day.

After a holiday season filled with cookies, cakes, candy and over-indulgent meals, why not find out how your health is doing? Really, there's no better way to start the year off with a bang and snap you out of your holiday health madness. That's right. No more fruitcake breakfast extravaganzas for you!

Jan. 2 to 4, Rankos Pharmacy - Stadium District's favorite historical pharmacy - is hosting a Health Fair and Open House. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day, attendees can enjoy free health screenings and more.

Don't have insurance? No problem. Screenings, tests and vaccinations are all free or cheap for all.

"Rankos Pharmacy is offering Health Fairs to address the need for free and low cost health assessments in the community," says Liz Rankos, pharmacy manager. "We are excited to provide these services on an easily accessible, walk-in, professional and confidential setting. Many people are under- or uninsured. At Rankos, we provide free and low cost health screenings to the Tacoma community in the hope that we can reach people who would like to know more about their current health status."

Tests on tap include $25 cholesterol tests and $26 flu shots. Pneumonia and whooping cough shots are also available. Completely free health screenings include bone density tests, blood pressure, blood glucose, foot exams and diabetic shoe fittings.

Rankos will donate $3 for every flu shot given to either Stadium High School Booster, First Presbyterian School or Central Church. Get poked and help the community.

For the first 50 people who show up, there will be free gift bags loaded with health-oriented freebies.

The event also promises plenty of prizes and snacks during the event. People who get one of the free or low-cost screenings will be entered into a raffle to win a Crabtree & Evelyn body product gift basket worth $100.


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January 2, 2013 at 8:17am

5 Things To Do Today: Tallhouse Arts Consortium, health fair, open mic, Our First Brains and more ...

TALLHOUSE ARTS CONSORTIUM: Folks will be looking up tonight at The Brotherhood Lounge in Olympia. Photo courtesy of Facebook

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 2 2013 >>>

1. After two-and-a-half years, the Tallhouse Arts Consortium is back in full swing with its first Wednesday of the month free performances at The Brotherhood Lounge in Olympia, which is tonight at 8 p.m. The aerialists, whose Facebook profile states, "Farting rhinestones since... ah, we can't even remember," will delight audiences with its strong and sturdy flips, flying and artistic trapeze. The group brings in interesting songs, unique performances, flirty fun and guest trapeze artists - all for free.

2. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Rankos Pharmacy - Stadium District's favorite historical pharmacy - is hosting a Health Fair and Open House. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day, attendees can enjoy free health screenings and more. For the first 50 people who show up, there will be free gift bags loaded with health-oriented freebies. The event also promises plenty of prizes and snacks during the event. People who get one of the free or low-cost screenings will be entered into a raffle to win a Crabtree & Evelyn body product gift basket worth $100. More details can be found here.

3. Bundle up, pinch your cheeks until they glow and strap on a pair of silver skates, Hans Brinker, for a glide across the frozen expanse at Tollefson Plaza. The Franciscan Polar Plaza, located on the corner of Pacific Avenue and South 17th Street, from 4-9 p.m.

4. The Northern Pacific Coffee Company is the quintessential college hangout. Located on Parkland's Garfield Street - one block away from Pacific Lutheran University - this coffee shop hosts an open mic every Wednesday at 8 p.m. Weekly Volcano all-ages music columnist Rockford Rowley recommends it.

5. Our First Brains, We Play Quiet and Adam France will rock the all-ages venue Red Room beginning at 7 p.m.

LINK: Wednesday, Jan. 2 arts and entertainment events in the greater Tacoma and Olympia area

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January 2, 2013 at 9:28am

Spotlight on Gray Lumber Company

GRAY LUMBER COMPANY: It's where Tacoma Food Co-op would buy its wood. Photo courtesy of graylumber.com


Tacoma Food Co-op is a nifty member-owned food destination - a haven for those seeking all things local, organic, allergen-free, non-GMO and beyond.

On Fridays, this community-centric shop shines its Local Friday Business Spotlight onto other local companies, hoping to give them a boost and to raise consumer awareness of the businesses in our area. Businesses that the Co-op especially likes are featured in their newsletter, but they also enjoy mentioning other local businesses on its Facebook page.

"It is great if the business is doing something forward thinking, whether it be environmentally or otherwise," says Luke Byram, outreach member of the Co-op.

Friday, Jan. 4, Tacoma Food Co-op will feature Gray Lumber Company - a Tacoma-based lumber and building products company founded in 1903. Gray Lumber Company receives the spotlight because it participates in the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, which signals that the company buys its wood products from a certified source, backed by a rigorous, third-party certification audit, according to Gray Lumber's website.

Beyond this, Gray Lumber is a big proponent of buying local to strengthen local economies and community development. Forward-thinking for the win!

The Tacoma Food Co-op welcomes business suggestions. For especially forward-thinking businesses, email the newsletter editor at newsletter@tacomafoodcoop.com. For the Facebook feature, email Byram at media.tacomafoodcoop@yahoo.com.

January 2, 2013 at 10:46am

SOUND SANDWICHES: MSM Deli's Mike's Deluxe

MIKE'S DELUXE: Grab one and a beer and head to the back room where there are tables and a television. It’s the strangest vibe. Photo credit: Dutch Randall


I know it's a bold move to visit Tacoma's Magical Sandwich Makers so early in this sandwich series, but I can't resist the MSM Deli. Yes, that's what the acronym means. Yes, it wins the Best Sandwich year after year in the Weekly Volcano's Best of Tacoma issue. Yes, its reader board that's been messed up for years. And make no mistake; it's a deli - full ham, roast and cheese bricks in the case, a few tables scattered throughout and a refrigerator case full of beer and soda.

In addition to a creating your own sandwich option, MSM creates 17 signature sandwiches. Although I've tried nearly every one of them - from the French dip to the Philly steak - more often than not I choose the Mike's Deluxe ($6.95). I'm not alone. "Mike's Deluxe" requests echo throughout the deli while you wait.

The Mike's Deluxe has roast beef, turkey and ham piled - and I do mean piled - high. It then approaches Everest altitude when the cheddar and Swiss, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and sprouts climb in the 9-inch French roll. A deli sized dill spear waits as the base. 

I confess. I leave the sprouts off. The lettuce and pickles meet my maximum sandwich green needs. I focus to what counts - the meat and cheese.

A word of warning - call ahead. The MSM Deli is not a "hidden" jewel.


LINK: Antique Sandwich Company's turkey sandwich

LINK: Meconi's Hot Italian Sub



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January 2, 2013 at 11:44am

Catch more TV Tacoma programming online


The city of Tacoma just sent this exciting news to the Weekly Volcano World Headquarter:

TV Tacoma, the City of Tacoma's government access television station,  is now utilizing web streaming technology and services provided by Granicus Corporation.  This technology provides support for PC and Apple users, as well as support for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  And it provides closed captioning online on programs where closed captioning has been made available, for viewers who are hearing impaired. ??The City of Tacoma began utilizing this technology Jan. 1 for TV Tacoma's live web stream, and will also use it moving forward for all newly produced TV Tacoma programming content that is made available on tvtacoma.com.

TV Tacoma is carried on both the Click! Cable TV and Comcast Cable systems. TV Tacoma can be seen on Channel 12 in the Tacoma City limits and in Pierce County on Click!, with the exception of University Place, where it can be found on Channel 21. On Comcast, TV Tacoma can be seen on Channel 12 in the Tacoma City limits and on Channel 21 in Pierce County. For programming information or program streaming, visit tvtacoma.com.

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January 2, 2013 at 3:12pm

Olympia Coffee Roasting Company to open new cafe

OLYMPIA COFFEE ROASTING COMPANY: It's opening a new cafe in the South Capitol Neighborhood. Photo credit: Daniel Thompson of Button Down Photography


Olympia Coffee Roasting Company - one of Olympia's favorite coffee roasters and winner of the 2013 Micro Roaster of the Year - will open a third location in the South Capitol Neighborhood in Olympia.

"I'm really excited to be in this neighborhood," says Sam Schroder, co-owner.

Nestled between Desserts By Tasha Nicole and Spud's Produce Market in the historic Wildwood building, Olympia Coffee Roasting Company will have roughly 1,000 sq. ft. of café workspace. Schroeder says he and co-owner Oliver Stormshak are using reclaimed lumber from Windfall Lumber to build a wrap around bar. The two owners envision customers sitting and engaging with the baristas - and, of course, drinking lots of coffee.

Schroder says the new cafe will seat approximately 22 coffee drinkers. He expects many of his future patrons to be students and parents from the neighborhood, which is highly walkable. The new Olympia Coffee Roasting Company spot also sits at a four-way intersection that should bring plenty of cars.

Schroeder expects a March 2013 opening. He hopes the café will "be a hubbub of activity for the South Capitol Neighborhood."


January 3, 2013 at 6:31am

5 Things To Do Today: Compassion Gorilla, Tacoma Runners, Duane Goad, T-Town Thursday and more

COMPASSION GORILLA: We hope they car pool.

THURSDAY, JAN. 3 2013 >>>

1. Victoria B.C.'s Compassion Gorilla floats through its own little universe, a cultural synthesis held forcefully aloft by full-bodied vocals and a unique concoction of world beat, Latin folk, dub and psychedelic music rhythms. The band wraps audiences in a spell of dance, magic and melody with racy horn lines, brazen guitar harmonies, driving hand-percussion rhythms, and thick bass lines. However, it's always been about those incredible voices caught in the interplay of music and rhythm. Catch Compassion Gorilla with the Artesian Rumble Arkestra at 9 p.m. inside The Royal Lounge in Olympia.

2. Bundle up, pinch your cheeks until they glow and strap on a pair of silver skates, Hans Brinker, for a glide across the frozen expanse at Tollefson Plaza. The Franciscan Polar Plaza, located on the corner of Pacific Avenue and South 17th Street, from 4-9 p.m.

3. Think running and drinking don't mix unless there's a K-9 unit involved? Not true. For two years the Tacoma Runners - a group of T-town pavement pounders - have gathered at Tacoma watering holes at 6:30 p.m. to jog a 3-mile loop, followed by multiple drinks at the launch point. It's been a smashing success. This week's run starts and ends at Meconi's Pub in downtown Tacoma.

4. If it's laughs you're looking for find comedian Duane Goad at the Tacoma Comedy Club at 8 p.m. He's sarcastic.

5. If you're like most people, there's part of you that really enjoys shaking your ass without regret. Luckily, Masa hosts T-Town Thursday with Deejay Sessions. Sure there are $2 wells and $5 Jagers until midnight. And the ladies get in free. But, you don't care. You want to shake you ass to some Top 40 and hip-hop. It's cool.

LINK: Thursday, Jan. 3 arts and entertainment events in the greater TAcoma and Olympia area

January 3, 2013 at 7:25am

ISSUE NO. 582: Thirteen people getting it done in 2013, 400-year-old hip-hop, Loose Wheel grub and more ...

KEEP AN EYE ON THEM: Roderick Campbell, Nancy Balderas, Brian Wilson and Chuck Knigge have big plans in 2013. Photo credit: Winter Teems

THE WEEK OF JAN. 3-9, 2013 >>>

In this week's issue of the Weekly Volcano ...

It's the first week of the year, and you know what that means: crystal-ball time at weekly newspapers. Here at the Weekly Volcano, we have identified local people we expect to make headlines in the coming 12 months. Each one earned a spot on this list, but the Weekly Volcano is more interested in what they plan to do next. We asked each of our illustrious 13 to tell the South Sound what they intend to accomplish in 2013.

To reductively describe what Matt Wheeler - AKA Teardropcity - does, his music sort of sounds like a hip-hop/country hybrid with vocals that sound straight out of Beat Happening. Rev. Adam McKinney takes a closer look at what Teardropcity call "400-year-old hip-hop."

Jackie Fender could feign interest in NASCAR, football, baseball - sports in general to hang with friends at a sports bar. Sometimes, a sports bar works even without the sports. The Loose Wheel Bar & Grill in Puyallup is such a joint. During he visits, the clientele wasn't overwhelmingly motorheads or football buffs. She found an eclectic group. Read her thoughts on Loose Wheel's food.

PLUS: Josh Rizeberg asks Shao Sosa about Eastern Washington hip-hop

AND: Music critics' picks of the week

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