Gay marriage ceremonies to be held on Bill of Rights Day

By Nikki McCoy on December 12, 2012


Hands clasped tight, a journey longer than most. Tears of joy and relief rolling down the cheeks of hundreds of witnesses, hoots and hollers and hugs, all felt in collective consciousness of civil rights. This will be the scene at 12:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec 15 when 16 same-sex couples unite in holy matrimony at the State Capitol in Olympia. A reception and potluck with drinking and dancing will follow the ceremonies inside The Urban Onion in downtown Olympia. The date chosen for the monumental event is more than appropriate - it's Bill of Rights Day.

Tina Roose and Teresa Guajardo, together for more than 13 years, are the spearheaders of the event, choosing to make their wedding day an open invitation for the public to join in marrying their partner, or celebrating as a witness.

Long-time friends of the couple Wendy Morissette and Cam Combs plan to attend the ceremonies.

"Though we opted out of being one of the ‘getting marrieds,' we still wanted to go to support our friends - to take the kids and just get wrapped up in the celebration of it all," says Morissette, also stating that her and Combs wanted to preserve their 20th anniversary date next September to say their vows. 

"I look forward to just being able to soak it all up," she says, "to revel in all that queer joy at finally being able to marry - and being a part of history is always amazing."

LINK: Ceremonies schedule