Bandito Betty Lou Who enjoys car insurance news!

By Volcano Staff on December 17, 2012


Bandito Betty Lou Who isn't a huge fan of jingtinglers, floofloovers, trumtookas, blumbloopas and the other wack musical instruments her fellow Whos bang during the holiday season. Every two years she gets the hell out of Whoville and spends the holiday season in the South Sound.

She's back. The Weekly Volcano secretly attached a GPS device to her whocarnio. We're tracking her. Apparently, she attended her first same-sex marriage ceremony Saturday in Tacoma.

This morning, we caught Bandito Betty Lou Who jumping with joy at LeMay - America's Car Museum over the news it finalized an agreement retaining State Farm, the museum’s largest and longest-running corporate supporter, as presenting sponsor through 2014. Joyous news, indeed. She was also a bit tickled that Lemay will award ACM collector's ceramic mugs to those who join the museum's membership before the end of the year. However, she zoomed off before we could discover her favorite classic car. Don't fret. The Weekly Volcano is hot on her trail. Expect more Lou Who action tomorrow.

LEMAY - AMERICA'S CAR MUSEUM, 10 A.M. TO 5 P.M. DAILY, 2702 E. D ST., TACOMA, 253.779.8490

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