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December 11, 2012 at 7:29am

5 Things To Do Today: Everything Is Terrible, ugly sweater party, Metronome Open Mic and more ...

EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE: The touring show will fill Le Voyeur with holiday weirdness tonight. Photo courtesy of Facebook

TUESDAY, DEC. 11 2012 >>>

1. The seven monsters (they're not people, they're monsters in costumes, just go with it) that make up Everything Is Terrible are taking their holiday DVD and live show across the country, including an 8 p.m. show at Le Voyeur in Olympia. EIT chops up a millennium's worth of VHS memories of misplaced sentimentalities, fist fights over toys for tots, erotic Santas, Nazi elves, and an endless parade of singing kids, smashes it all together and creates a narrative.

2. Tasteless holiday sweaters, holiday alco-beverages, 7 Seas beer and reindeer wings are on the docket tonight at The Crown Bar in Tacoma. Well, that's several parts fun, funny, ironic, unironic, and balls-sweet. Schweddy balls-sweet. Ahem. Well, friggin' look it up; there are prizes involved.

3. Buried deep down in the very core of most people's hearts is the passion to perform. Doesn't everyone secretly want to dress in 1960s get-up, strap on a ukulele, and do Tiny Tim covers? No? Maybe that's just us. The hard part (besides mustering up the courage to show the world our undeniable talent) is finding a comfortable, acceptable and supportive audience. That's were Metronome Coffee enters the picture. Every Tuesday night from 7-10 p.m. the modern coffee house close to the University of Puget Sound presents an open mic hosted by Andy Wambem, bassist of A Leaf. The talent at the Tacoma School of the Arts regularly attends. Coffee, beer are wine are served.

4. The Tacoma Community College Jazz Band presents a variety of jazz favorites at 7:30 p.m. inside the TCC Auditorium. It's a free show.

5. Social Studies and Visiting Nurses perform an 8 p.m. all-ages show at Northern in downtown Olympia.

LINK: Tuesday, Dec. 11 arts and entertainment events in the greater Tacoma and Olympia area

December 11, 2012 at 8:19am

What's shakin' Shake Shake Shake?

SAKE SHAKE SHAKE: Can't wait until it opens, opens, opens.


There are many unanswered questions in this world. For example, why don't heavier things fall faster? How did Dale Washam stay in office so long? How do I stop the kid from reaching puberty? Why have they not given the guy (duh, you know it was a guy) who invented HDTV the Nobel Prize? Why isn't TMZ called TBZ (The Bikini Zone)? Why was I searching TMZ (to find something clever for this paragraph - BTW no Xmas rap album from DMX this year)? And finally, when will the Shake Shake Shake burger joint finally open in Tacoma's Stadium District?

For the last five months brothers Steve and Gordon Naccarato (Pacific Grill) and partner Robert Stocker have been shake shake shaking a hammer remodeling the space that will host their retro-style burger joint Shake Shake Shake. We grabbed a look of its aqua blue set against electric orange interior during the Stadium Art & Wine Walk. We grabbed another look at its oversized sign that reads "Eat" during last weekend's Dickens Festival. And yet, the '40s vintage diner remains quiet at 124 N. Tacoma Ave.

When can we chow down on hamburgers, fries and shakes on a regular basis?

"We will open after the first of the year," says Stocker.

I guess the only thing we'll be shake shake shaking before Christmas will be gifts.

December 11, 2012 at 8:55am

CLAYTON ON ART: Mian Carvin celebrates queer artists

QUEER ARTISTS + THEIR ART: Keep near the talented queer on Facebook.


Mian Carvin is a painter and a writer and a filmmaker from Olympia. She lives on a farm just out of town with goats and chickens and cats and her life partner of many years. Her abstract paintings, which I happen to like very much, have been displayed at Matter Gallery in Olympia; although there are none shown on Matter's website at the present time. What can be found there is a nice little statement about her paintings:

"I began painting as a means of distraction during an emotionally difficult period in my life.  Before long, it became a form of meditation.  When I paint now, it is more like a dance.

"All my work is done using recycled wood upon which I layer various types of paints (also recycled), as well as oil pastels.  I do a lot of sanding and priming with clear shellac.  This method allows the painting to present itself to me.  I prefer not to title most of my images, leaving the viewer to see them without preconceptions."

But I didn't set out to write about her painting. I set out to write about how Carvin is an out and proud queer woman and she celebrates queer artists. She has made a great little short film called This is What QUEER looks like. It consists of lots and lots of queer folks - lesbians, gays, transgender, bi-sexual, genderqueer, the whole alphabet soup of queerness, saying, each in their own delightful way, "This is what queer (or lesbian, gay, etc.) looks like." The film played at the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival and recently was screened at Capitol Theatre in Olympia. You can see the final theatrical version at http://youtu.be/LAUkKNVLgVM or at FINAL THEATRICAL RELEASE VERSION : this* is what QUEER looks like. Full disclosure: I make a brief appearance in the film.

Carvin's latest project is posting bios and photos of queer artists on Facebook. She has created a Facebook group called queer artists + their art. Anyone can go to the group page for information or to join. In order to see the images, you need to join the group.

She uses a broad definition of artist to include visual and performing artists, writers, filmmakers. You'll find information on many artists you may have never heard of as well as many famous artists whom you may have never known were queer. Frida Kahlo, for instance, who was married to a man but loved to cross dress and had affairs with other women - most notably Josephine Baker, as depicted in the film Frida.

For other examples go to the group on FB and scroll down. You'll see choreographer Alvin Ailey, painters Frances Bacon and Jasper Johns, composer Steven Sondheim, singer Bessie Smith, actor Raymond Burr of "Perry Mason" fame, and many more along with some terrific photos.

Check out all the queer artists. It will be fun and educational.

LINK: Other Facebook pages to follow for updates on the arts

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December 11, 2012 at 9:59am

Bandito Betty Lou Who back in Hilltop

BANDITO BETTY LOU WHO: She found the peudo garage-pub with an impressive collection of canned brews that also serves as a bike shop.


Bandito Betty Lou Who isn't a huge fan of jingtinglers, floofloovers, trumtookas, blumbloopas and the other wack musical instruments her fellow Whos bang during the holiday season. Every two years she gets the hell out of Whoville and spends the holiday season in the South Sound.

She's back. The Weekly Volcano secretly attached a GPS device to her whocarnio. We're tracking her. Apparently, she's in Seattle causing a ruckus at the Seattle Weekly for not making this list.

In Tacoma, we caught sight of Bandito Betty Lou Who hanging out at the new Broken Spoke Tacoma tavern on Hilltop Tacoma. The working bike shop/tavern was featured in the Weekly Volcano this past week. Bandito was just about to pop open a can of Tacoma's Underachiever Beer when she caught sight of us and blazed. Don't fret. The Weekly Volcano is hot on her trail. Expect more Lou Who action tomorrow.


LINK: Bandito Betty Lou Who jumps archive

LINK: Weekly Volcano loves the holidays, cats and crafts, so we joined Pinterest.

December 11, 2012 at 11:20am

TOMORROW: Local author launches book online


What story were you told about how babies are born?

This is the question local author Rebecca McCarthy posted on her Facebook page to facilitate a conversation about sex. 

"Out of the mother's tummy, I was puzzled how I got there."

"From a seed of some type."

"The cabbage patch."

"Mom and dad rolled around naked and tickled each other."

"The stork."

These are some of the answers, and a few of the many reasons McCarthy wrote her new book, Writing the Diaphragm Blues & other Sexual Cacophonies

McCarthy has organized an online launch party for her book Wednesday, Dec. 12 at noon. Yes, 12-12-12 at 12 p.m. The online launch includes a Google hangout, live streamline from Youtube and Facebook.

There are no barriers on who can be there," she says. "From Mississippi to Japan, all areas can participate."

Choosing to do an online launch is significant to McCarthy because she feels like it's a safe place for people to say what they want. 

"To use social media at that moment in time is important," she says. "We're usually talked at, or we react. It allows woman to talk about these things without feeling unabashed. It's a resource."

The book rolls humor, playwriting, sophistication and science into an accessible book for everyone.

"You can't speak for all woman," says McCarthy, "but can speak about your own experiences and open the door for other woman to speak about theirs."

Rebecca McCarthy is a writer, educator, artist and roller derby skater with Tacoma's Toxic 253 League. She holds a PhD in Comparative Studies from Florida Atlantic University. Her published works include the influential Origins of the Magdalene Laundries: An Analytical History (2010), which traces women's plight in the laundries from the Middle Ages to modernity.

You can also add author of a compelling perspective on modern sexuality.

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December 12, 2012 at 9:06am

5 Things To Do Today: Maia Santell Holiday Show, jazz jam, CLAW White Elephant and more ...

MAIA SANTELL: She'll get you the spirit tonight at Jazzbones.

WEDNESDAY, DEC. 12, 2012 >>>

1. Maia Santell and House Blend perform its traditional holiday jazz and blues show at Jazzbones at 7:30 p.m. The band plays an upbeat brand of R&B with a little jump blues and big band jazz thrown in for a party second to none. Santell has been called the Northwest's queen of swing for her high-energy shows and boisterous vocals. Yet, unlike so many female singers, she is not a screamer rather possessing exceptional vocal control that is rich and warm.

2. Two authors from Fox Island will sign books at 6 p.m. inside the Full Moon Art Gallery in Gig Harbor. John C. Robinson, Ph.D, D. Ministry will be signing his two latest books, The Three Secrets of Aging and Bedtime Stories for Elders: What Fairy Tales Can Teach Us About the New Aging. Charron Plumer will be signing her debut novel, Missing Mothers.

3. Calling all jazz aficionados, virtuosos and wannabes. At 7 p.m. inside The Swiss, it's a free-for-all jam session for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Led by saxophonist Kareem Kandi, organist Delvon Lamarr and drummer Adam Kessler, you are invited to jam the night away. So all you noobs with stars in your eyes, here's your chance to shine.

4. Join the Cartoonist's League of Absurd Washingtonians for its fourth annual White Elephant Gift Exchange at 7:30 p.m. inside King's Books. You are invited, even if you can't draw or don't own a fez. The rules for the White Elephant Gift Exchange are as follows: 1. The gift must be "absurd." 2. If you buy the gift, you must not spend more than $20. 3. Your gift must be wrapped, or at the very least fully concealed in a festive bag. 4. Those who bring get to participate. 5. Numbers will be drawn from a fez to determine order. 6. You can select a gift from a table or steal a gift from a person who already chose a gift. 7. A gift can only be stolen three times, at which time it becomes locked-in. 8. A gift doesn't have to be unwrapped until all gifts are selected. 9. Once all gifts are locked-in, those that have not been unwrapped should be unwrapped. 10. The Trading, purchasing, bartering or auctioning of gifts after the exchange is allowed. www.kingsbookstore.com/event/CLAWdec

4. Makkk Hussien, Shorte Ru and Cally Reed will celebrate Sunny Red's birthday at 9 p.m. inside The Loch's club. There will also be a $50 cash battle between D Fly Da Monsta and Boogie4Briz. Expect some surprise hip-hop artists too.

LINK: 12-12-12 arts and entertainment events in the greater Tacoma and Olympia area

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December 12, 2012 at 9:37am

The Joshua Cain Band records a Christmas song for the kids



The Weekly Volcano has said it many times. The Joshua Cain Band delivers swampy, gospel-inspired roots rock at its best.

The band also delivers toys.

It's true, but not in a delivery truck or Santa situation. They deliver the goods in a more rock star fashion.

"We have released a Christmas song and are donating the proceeds to a charity called Toys For Kids," says singer and bassist Josh Ott.

The band wanted to help kids have a better Christmas, and Toys For Kids is a local charity, which is important to The Joshua Cain Band. The band has a love affair with Tacoma.

"We originally recorded this song for a licensing deal but decided why not use it for good in the city we love," says Ott.

The song is "O Holy Night," which is one of Ott's favorite Christmas songs. He's always wanted to record it.

"I think the message in the song would represent charity well in that it talks about love for our brother, which is what Christmas should embody," he explains.

Arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered in an impressive three-day span by Jason Ott at Grit City Studios, the song is vocal forward with strong harmonies.

The song is also public domain, which means no lawyers around the Christmas table.

Make your way over the river and through the woods to The Joshua Cain Bandcamp page, purchase the song for $1 and help a child have a merry Christmas.

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December 12, 2012 at 10:34am

Bandito Betty Lou Who jumps on 12-12-12

LEGENDARY DOUGHNUTS: The joint crafts the craziest makes and models.


Bandito Betty Lou Who isn't a huge fan of jingtinglers, floofloovers, trumtookas, blumbloopas and the other wack musical instruments her fellow Whos bang during the holiday season. Every two years she gets the hell out of Whoville and spends the holiday season in the South Sound.

She's back. The Weekly Volcano secretly attached a GPS device to her whocarnio. We're tracking her. Apparently, she was search for gourmet marshmallows in Bonney Lake.

It's a known fact Bandito Betty Lou Who has a sweet tooth. Being that's its 12-12-12 — a day that screams buy a dozen doughnuts - we found Bandito leaping inside the new Legendary Doughnuts on Sixth Avenue. She almost had her box filled with raised doughnuts covered in chocolate glaze and topped with peppermint whipped cream, mini marshmallows and a chocolate shaving when we came charging in with our camera. She freaked and darted away. Don't fret. The Weekly Volcano is hot on her trail. Expect more Lou Who action tomorrow.


LINK: Bandito Betty Lou Who jumps archive

LINK: Weekly Volcano loves the holidays, cats and crafts, so we joined Pinterest.

December 12, 2012 at 10:55am

How does The Lemon Grass Restaurant grow?

THE LEMON GRASS RESTAURANT: The Weekly Volcano likes the swanky side of Lemon Grass. Sorry kids.


There isn't a shortage of Thai restaurants in the South Sound, especially in Olympia. Choosing from quality options, you must factor in a key ingredient - ambiance.

Every place has a different vibe and The Lemon Grass Restaurant in downtown Olympia offers a lovely ambiance for a business lunch or family dining on one side of th erestaurant and a little bit of swagger for date night or cocktails on the other. It's not often an establishment can feel like two different places from one section to the next.

Lemon Grass prepares traditional Thai cuisine with bonus specialties such as an apple curry or their Lemon Grass Garden - a stir-fried dish with choice of protein amidst fruit and veggies swimming in a garlic sauce. Lemon Grass has moderate prices, lovely presentations and a full bar.

For you Lemon Grass Heads, the news of new Lemon Grass in Lacey isn't news. I'm sure you're marking it off a calendar in some sort of Advent calendar countdown system. Visions of the former giant Ruby Tuesday building converting into another Lemon Grass dances in your head.  

This news might pop a vision or two. The original opening date of mid-December has been scraped for sometime in mid-January.

212 FOURTH AVE. W., OLYMPIA, 360.705.1832
5801 CAPITOL BLVD. SE, TUMWATER, 360.705.0055

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December 12, 2012 at 12:12pm

Gay marriage ceremonies to be held on Bill of Rights Day


Hands clasped tight, a journey longer than most. Tears of joy and relief rolling down the cheeks of hundreds of witnesses, hoots and hollers and hugs, all felt in collective consciousness of civil rights. This will be the scene at 12:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec 15 when 16 same-sex couples unite in holy matrimony at the State Capitol in Olympia. A reception and potluck with drinking and dancing will follow the ceremonies inside The Urban Onion in downtown Olympia. The date chosen for the monumental event is more than appropriate - it's Bill of Rights Day.

Tina Roose and Teresa Guajardo, together for more than 13 years, are the spearheaders of the event, choosing to make their wedding day an open invitation for the public to join in marrying their partner, or celebrating as a witness.

Long-time friends of the couple Wendy Morissette and Cam Combs plan to attend the ceremonies.

"Though we opted out of being one of the ‘getting marrieds,' we still wanted to go to support our friends - to take the kids and just get wrapped up in the celebration of it all," says Morissette, also stating that her and Combs wanted to preserve their 20th anniversary date next September to say their vows. 

"I look forward to just being able to soak it all up," she says, "to revel in all that queer joy at finally being able to marry - and being a part of history is always amazing."

LINK: Ceremonies schedule

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