This is Your Brain on Dubstep. Any Questions?

By Rock Tiki on October 5, 2012

Friday night in Tacoma, does Rock Tiki need to say anything else? Rock Tiki wants to know, were you born yesterday? If not then you must know Tacoma is full of magical stores dispensing wonderful mixtures of alcohol and other, less important liquids. This night is what Rock Tiki spends all week training for, so let's get down to brass tacks and Jaeger Bombs. Speaking of Jaeger Bombs, stop by O'Malley's for $5 Mini Bombs and $7 Turkey Bacon Phillys, then stay for the live bands at 9 PM. Head over to Charley's Pub for $5.50 Jaeger Bombs and stay for the no buy-in Texas Hold ‘em Tournament at 6 PM.

Rock Tiki's favorite place on 6th Ave. is the Backstage Bar and Grill. Live music, great drinks, and plenty of space to go wild on the dance floor, the Backstage Bar and Grill is perfect for a night of drunken fun and dancing. Furthermore, if you get a little too drunk, as Rock Tiki is sure to do, the Backstage Bar and Grill is open until 4 AM on Fridays and Saturdays for Breakfast, because there is nothing Rock Tiki enjoys more than getting drunk and pigging out on pancakes. Not only is there no cover charge, but military get 10% off entire tab with ID, and if military mentions this website at the door, Lunch or Dinner is buy one get one free: