Tale of the Disappearing Forest Haunted Hike

By Kristin Kendle on October 19, 2012

Halloween activities abound throughout the Sound region-haunted houses, creepy costume contests, and Halloween parties. If you want to celebrate, but none of that is exactly your style, then a hike through Priest Point Park might be right up your alley.

Tale of the Disappearing Forest is a "haunted" hike through Priest Point Park at 2600 East Bay Drive in Olympia. Guided hikes take you through a forest haunted by forest creatures that might be a bit quirky, but remain completely family friendly (don't expect any zombies to jump out at you). Collect clues about how to save the dying forest along the way. Kids ages 6 and up are welcome and costumes are encouraged.

There are hikes every 10 minutes to join in between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m., but show up a little early so you can sign in at the Rose Garden and secure your spot. If there's a wait to join your hike, there are plenty of arts and crafts and other activities to keep you busy. Hikes last about an hour and are a half-mile long.